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TEGI Magazine 2010 anual report


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TEGI Magazine 2010 anual report

  1. 1. A R 2010 nnual eportTateiju España Guía del Inmigrante (TEGI)
  2. 2. The “Immigrant Guide “is a social mass media, which is published in a quarterly basis. Contents are orientatedto contribute to the integration of newcomers into the Valencian Community. Year 2010, has been a gratifyingyear, full of challenges and also, of many satisfactions; our social intention as well as the need to exist have beenratified and definitively the project is accomplishing initial objectives.During the months of May and September, we experienced positive signs of growth. In the last quarter of theyear, the Campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” reinforce its objective by being very well accepted as anintegration program into public schools.Also, this year, we have participated in training courses, fairs, and civic walks, activities which contribute in agreat way to our integration into the community, and at the same time, help us get closer to Spaniard publicinstitutions that orientate most of its activities towards topics of social integration.Our sponsors have ratified their support. We continue arousing interest in public institutions that already knowsus for our work, for our dedication, credibility, and continuous interest to help the immigrant’s community.As per having set up our goals on supported growth, we have accepted the challenge of generating newopportunities for young university students to do their “field work” with us.JanuaryWe initiate 2010, by assisting at a training course at the European University of Madrid, with the former groupof the 10 winners form the 2009 Young Social Entrepreneurs Edition.Related links: celebrate 2010 as the International Year of approaching Cultures, with the Development of the Campaign"Integrating the Concern All of Us”, which we projected in an essential loom, by refreshing fundamentalaspects of cultivating good habits of universal conviviality, as follows:  Promotion of good citizenship habits  Encourage use of wastebasquets  Ease integration by accomplishing good citizenship habits Published in Edition Number 4
  3. 3.  Encourage proper care of our pets Collect waste from our pets Contribute to keep green areas free of pet waste Published in Edition Number 5 To promote integration and acceptance in school age kids Published in Edition Number 6 To awaken that the abandon of pets is not the solution Published in Edition Number 7
  4. 4. MarchDuring the month of March we work and edit our first documentary video with the purpose of demonstrating toyoung students, how a simple initiative with a very practical application, can be developed and place to work,only by having a “fundamental and clear idea” with the objective of incentive young people to develop theirown ideas. We reinforce in the video, values such as believing in one self and how an idea can become a “lifeproject” by dedicating time and effort.In the documentary, personalities of the public life and businessmen of Elche, took part in a very active way,demonstrating the acceptance of our social magazine in the daily life of Elche. The video was sent to differentcities of Spain, The United States and Venezuela. We begin this way, a growing stage of this project and ourprojection to other cities, such as Madrid, Valencia, Caracas and Orlando, Florida. Later on, we publish it inVimeo platform.Related links:
  5. 5. Well known Artists and related people in Caracas, Venezuela
  6. 6. AprilWe had the honor of being invited to publish our campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” in the web pageYouth Action Net Marketplace. This opportunity gave to us presence in Internet worldwide for over 2 months.Related link:
  7. 7. MayIn May we arrived to our First Anniversary. The growth was noticeable. We grew in contents and extended from40 pages to 56. We also grew in distribution from 18 towns to 24, including Madrid and Valencia. We increasedthe printing of copies from 6.000 to 10.000. Also we decide to refresh the image of the magazine, newcollaborators joined, proceeding from several parts of the world, from whom we receive very good inputs andwe gave them our support by publishing their articles. We ratify that promotion of new talents, such asimmigrant artists, gave us major web flow, and we decided to include “faces” of our collaborators into theirarticles, enhancing the personality of our social magazine.
  8. 8. We were invited to participate in a major civic walk, such as “III Marcha Cívica” celebrated in Alicante and alsowe participated in Expo Ecuador 2010, intercultural fair celebrated in the city of Murcia.We received a call from a journalist to make a personal interview. To our surprise, the history of my beginningsas a young immigrant who started a project during times of crisis impacted very positive to the founders of theinitiative, a web launched with the objective of built confidence intimes of crisis, and support Spaniards to believe that all together can get out of this crisis in a better way. So wehad our first publication in a diary with national coverage, the newspaper DNA on date May 3, in the section“Historias de confianza”
  9. 9. JuneIn the development of our campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us”, we have got published in the Internet,on the web page of the American organization Youth Action Net Marketplace, who continued interested in ourlabor as of social change: organization makes an impact with a wide nation TV campaign,with the objective of re-built confidence during the crucial times of crisis in Spain, making public personal storiesand testimonials of people that in any way have overcome difficult times, and make out of them, positivesoutcomes., a intercultural blog coordinated by the Alicante Council published our Anniversary Number,supporting our presence in Alicante. of the year came with very good news. It was like to gather the first harvest of the year, after having sowwith a lot of work. It was pleasing to receive an invitation from the General Director of Immigration of theValencian Community at his office out of Valencia City. Also, we contacted public mass media channels and hada brief mention, by the UNIVISION Channel of Central Florida, as an "initiative of a Venezuelan immigrant youngsocial entrepreneur in Spain, which is constructing bridges between nationalities", as a result that GabrielBastardo grew up in Orlando area.AugustMonth of vacations for almost every person in Spain, nevertheless, our labor does not get a hold and ourcampaigns of diffusion meet again reflected in the web page of the organization Youth Action Net Marketplace:
  10. 10. SeptemberThe month brought much news that confirmed that the diffusion and promotion labor was being accomplished,the Guide of the Immigrant starts preparing actions oriented to stimulate initiatives in order to promote self-employment among university students.Being known as a Social Project, the organization Chévere España invited us to take part in the I Encounter ofVenezuelans Businessmen and Entrepreneurs in Spain organized with the objective to start a social network,where we had the opportunity to announce a bit more closely the project of our magazine to otherentrepreneurs and Venezuelan businessmen who live in the Community of Madrid.In our offices, we received with supreme cheerfulness the news that the Guide of the Immigrant is among 21youth-led programs in 15 countries selected by Starbucks and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) toreceive support through the Starbucks Youth Action Grants program, a key component of the Starbucks™Shared Planet™ commitment to communities. In Spain, Starbucks™ has 75 stores, in main cities such asMadrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla.
  11. 11. # of Winner Continents Countries Projects África Kenya (2) Zimbawe (1) 4 Ghana (1) Asia & Pacific Australia (1) 3 India (2) Europe Francia (1) Portugal (1) 3 España (1) Latinoamérica & El Caribe México (2) Perú (1) Brasil (1) 7 Argentina (1) Honduras (1) Colombia (1) Norteamérica United States (4) 4Related webs: the month of September, we also initiate the active broadcast of a new project named: 1 Day ofIntegration Didactic Circuits, as part of the Campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” and with the supportof the Education Council of the Town Hall of Elche, we have been contacting Elche public schools, and nearbycities to broaden the Integration Circuits. In order to know more about this project, please visit the followingweb links: Radio Elche: Diario Las Provincias: Diario La Verdad: Fundación Juan Peran Pikolinos: Integra Local: Diario Información:
  12. 12. Material promo used to to announce the Circuit of Spanish America, based on the “Culture of the Maíz " (CornCulture)This project was presented, as part of our yearlong campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” to theVicerrectorado of Cultural Extension of the University of Alicante, in order to request financial support to realizea pilot program, and our goal was to give this integration talks to 1.500 kids, during the first semester of year2011. The University, determined to support our program and we work out in a joint venture this program toperform activities to 3 cities, where the University has campus. As an outcome of this project, we set up datesto attend 355 kids in a nearby city, named Villena for March 2011.We are planning to invite some other institutions to join in order to achieve our goal.La Guía del Inmigrante Web Page- www.laguiadelinmigrante.orgWe launched our web page on September 7, 2010 and as per Googles statistics we can observe that in a periodof 60 days we have had 7.159 visits. The web page is generating big opportunities to join efforts worldwide with other associations: Are conforming an local and international association´s network Creation of new sections, with collaborators of all parts of the world, who are joining the project, contributing with their knowledge, writing articles in different topics. The musical theme written for " The Guide of the Immigrant, for a musical producer from Houston, Texas, under the name of "ALL”:
  13. 13. Meeting with Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH - Elche)We were invited by the University Miguel Hernández de Elche to sign a collaboration agreement, and as ofresult, we can join ventures with the University and obtain support from all the departments of the University.So, we contact the Occupational Observatory of the UMH in Elche to invite Journalism and Administrationstudents to perform practices with us in our social project. We started to build our work-team.
  14. 14. OctoberKeeping up with our yearlong campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” we coordinate in a join venture,with some of the companies that support us, such as Tempe (Zara´s Group) Foundation Juan Perán-Pikolinos,Folders library, and the Concejalía of Education and Immigration of the Town Hall of Elche, a school donation of120 lots of generic material, which were hand delivered to families declared with non-availability to purchasetheir kids, school supplies. On the same order of ideas, 16 lots were delivered to “The Little house of Rest " ofthe Diocesan Foundation San Jose, and a total of 29 lots were distributed among the Immigrants Associations,in order to help immigrants families. Presencia de la Concejala de Bienestar Social e Preparación de los Donativos entre el Personal de Inmigración del Ayuntamiento de Elche y Gerente de la Tempe y de la Asociación Fundación Juan Perán-Pikolinos con personal de la AsociaciónAdvise to a Paraguayan Immigrant: We are advising an immigrant from Paraguay, in the process of writing a book, and already we have completedthe design, the review of texts, and are working for the following step, which is to search a sponsor whoprovides the necessary resources to print 1.000 books. The intention of this project is to contribute with Angel Mario Campos, writer of the book, to help him tosharing his history. He thinks that sharing his experience of life can help other immigrants.
  15. 15. 2010 Fair Participations: IFA Interplural DiversAlacantThe participation in Intercultural FAIRS has allowed us to strengthen our network with other associations, wewere able to promote our activities and broadcast our services to the Alicante Community, a nearby city fromElche.Web links: Web links:;view=article&id=106:el-2-y-3-de-octubre-se-llevo-a-cabo-la- =com_content&view=article&id=117:12-de-3era-edicion-de-la-feria-ifa-interplural- octubre-se-celebro-la-fiesta-de-la-diversidad-dentro-&catid=1:sociales&Itemid=62 de-las-actividades-de-diversalacant- 2010&catid=1:sociales&Itemid=62NovemberDuring November we issue our seven edition of the Magazine Tateiju España Guides of the Immigrant. Since theyear and a half that we have been out on the street with our social magazine, we realize that we have had acontinued and a sustainable growth, which comes to complete two fiscal years since the initial idea, was placeto work. We have obtained new sponsors, and this fact will allowed us to provide continuity for 2011, and helpus to maintain high motivation to face challenges for next year.During this month we began to collaborate with the Venezuelan young entrepreneur Edgar Rodriguez of theWeb Page, who tried to start a project similar to ours, focused for the Venezuelancommunity residents in the Madrid area.The vicerrectora of Institutional Relations of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche, Maria TeresaPerez Vázquez, visited our HQ on Wednesday, the 17th of NovemberThe intend is to optimize the collaboration between both entities and to get to know us more closely, as well asour projects which our association is presently carrying out with the campaign “Integration is Concern of all”.We ratify that Tateiju España has obtained the recognition of social programs from Corporate SocialResponsibility of different companies and international institutions
  16. 16. With November ending, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the promotion and diffusion of aVenezuelan Singer currently living in Madrid, Alex Quendo to whom we have chosen as our immigrant artist foredition number 8th. (February to April, 2011)Alex visited the city of Elche, and we join forces to promote interviews at radio stations and mass media withthe purpose of announcing the promotional theme song of his first single CD.
  17. 17. DecemberIn December we began with interviews to journalism and marketing students of the University MiguelHernández of Elche to launch our “in the field” working practices, in the order to provide opportunities tostudents who desires to start developing themselves in the social journalism area. Our objective is to build awork team to perform social journalism addressed to private companies and institutions developing CorporateSocial Responsibility programs.As an outcome from the interviews performed, we have taken the decision to decide on one journalism studentand one advertising and marketing student. We have now, a work team of 5 people, covering areas of:1 Director, 1 journalist, 1 advertising and marketing, 1 graphic designer, 1 sales and marketing representative.On December 2, we saw our efforts come into reality, on the project launched during September, under ouryearlong campaign "Integrating the Concern All of Us” performing Integration Talks to 33 kids visiting from thepublic school Ricardo Leal from Monovar, a nearby city.1 Day of Integration Didactic Circuits Welcome to TATEIJU Working area for a group of 10Kids’ learning differences about flags from Spain A kid painting the flagsAnd Venezuela
  18. 18. Dancing typical music from Venezuela:Getting ready to dance latin music Dancing “merengue venezolano”MíniCine:When we like something very much, In Spain, it is said Ready to watch a movie on the “Culture of Maiz”MOLA, in Venezuela it is said CHEVEREChristmas Baskets DonationsOur Association helps to coordinate a Christmas Basket Donation to 25 immigrant families, in a commendablelabor, organized by Foundation Juan Perán-Pikolinos who joined efforts with some private companies of Elcheand Alicante for the first time ever, gathered under the motto "companies with soul " to help a total of 700families on Christmas time. Our volunteers delivered Christmas Baskets to families in needy situation.
  19. 19. Under the Christmas spirit, our Association took part in several events for children: TATEIJU ESPAÑA Staff - Fiesta de Apsa, December 18, 2010
  20. 20. Thank you for trusting us! Thanks to you we can continue working and contributing putting our little grain of sand to ournew homeland and ease integration process.Our Sponsors:
  21. 21. Fact Sheet:Magazine Name: Tateiju España Guía del InmigranteDirector: Gabriel Bastardo VenegasInitiative created: 2009Printed copies and distribution: 10.000 mil copies per Editión / FreeDistribution: 24 towns & cities from Provincia de Alicante.Distribution Periods: Daily during 12 weeks / weekly per areaDistribution timing: QuarterlyIncome of the magazine: Institutional and private Sponsorships Advertising inserts Responsible advertising from companies developing C.S.R.Legal Information: TATEIJU ESPAÑA – GUIA DEL INMIGRANTE CIF: G54124433 Postal Address: C/Marqués de Asprillas, 77 03201, Elche Teléfonos: 608 860 590 / 966 174 479 Email: / guiainmigrante@gmail.comAwards: 1.- Premio de la Universidad Europea de Madrid “II Entrega de Jóvenes Emprendedores Sociales” 2.- Semifinalista en el Concurso Internacional de la “Youth International Foundation” 3.- Starbucks “Share Planet” Youth Action GrantsSponsors: