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Kids today tomorrows social entrepreneurs


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Kids today tomorrows social entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Kids Today – Tomorow´s Social Entrepreneurs Educational Campaign developed by: Speaker: Social Entrepreneur Gabriel B. Venegas
  2. 2. We want to start an educational campaign, giving workshops in schools directed to children aged10 to 12 and introduce creativity, innovation, leadership and social responsibility into class roomsusing the concept of a "Social Entrepreneur".Social entrepreneurship: To find creative and innovative solutions to society´s problems in orderto achieve social change. Develop social consciousness to create social and economic welfaresimultaneously.We want to enable kids to take responsible decisions, believe in themselves, their skills andtalents, so that they learn they can make a difference and become changemakers.“Kids Today – Tomorrow`s Social Entrepreneurs” an educational campaign, designed tointroduce the term and its meaning to kids in a participatory and easy understanding way. ¿Entre pre neur? ¿How?
  3. 3. To explain what is a social entrepreneur, what are his tasks and how does heperceive and assess his suroundings, by presenting real examples.Promoting social entrepreneurship, it`s importance and benefits to kids, seeking tomake an impact on them that they will want to follow.To encourage kids to become Honorary Social Entrepreneurs, highlighting thatNOW is the perfect moment to start and make a change in the world.
  4. 4. By introducing and promoting entrepreneurialspirit and social awareness among children whoare still in their psychological and emotionaldevelopment, will contribute to create a societythat will be able to face their problems withefficiency and effectiveness.
  5. 5. Reinforce in children the education of values ​ Initiative Creativity Drive to achievement Teamwork To look out for opportunities Self-awareness and self-confidence Responsibilty Autonomy To take actions Persistence
  6. 6. Reasons to advocate Social Entrepreneurship :The organic law of Spanish education picks up the proposal of the European Union ofconverged education. It considers the development of entrepreneurship spirit like one of theeight key capacities of life long learning.Social entrepreneurship depends on attitudes that can be taught and abilities that can bedeveloped.Developing in children capacities of social entrepreneurship fosters their individual welfare,strenghtens their self-confidence and provides possibilities in the future for their professionalcarrer, as well as reflecting benefits to their surroundings.The Ministry of Education and Cience of the Spanish Government proposes that thechallenge of education should be assumed not only by administrations and schools, but bythe whole society.In this sense TATEIJU España and TEGI, want to put their part to the individual and socialdevelopment of students, implementing the workshop: Kids Today – Tomorrow´s SocialEntrepreneurs
  7. 7.  Addressed to: 5th and 6th grade of Primary School (10 to 12 years) Duration: 60min. Shedule: According to prior agreement ¿Can I? Cost: Free of charge for the students Each participant receives a certificate as a Honorific Social Entrepreneur
  8. 8. SalaryHuman Resources Month Year 1 General Director of the project / Speaker 750 € 9.000 € 1 Specialized Instructor (logistical support) 450 € 5.400 € 1 Promtion and Diffusion 550 € 6.600 € Total Human Resources 1.750 € 21.000 €Technical Resources Expenses 1 Development of the educational program 450 € Disign of virtual promotional material 70 € 1 Creation and development of audiovisual support 220 € 1 Psychologist 250 € 1 Projector 450 € 1 Laptop 650 € Total Technical Resources 2.090 € 2.090 €Other Expenses Month Total Annual 2000 Printed informational Posters @ 0,35 cent. c/u 700,00 € Gasoline (2 deposits /month of 40€ c/u) 80 € 720 € 2700 Printed certificates @ 0,35 cent. c/u 945 € Total Gastos fungibles 2.365,00 € 2.365,00 € Total 25.455 €
  9. 9. We intend to give 3 workshops per week throughout the 9months of the active school year : In each workshop we estimate to attend 22 to 3 workshops x 4 weeks = 12 workshops/month 25 kids 12 workshops x 9 months = 108 workshops/year108 workshops x 25 kids = 2.700 kids/year Our estimated budget is 25.140€ per year in order to reach the following results : 25.455€ / 108 workshops = 235,69€/workshop 235,69€ / 25 kids = 9,43€/kids
  10. 10. Gabriel B. Venegas, born in Venezuela, raised in Florida, USA and is now living in Elche, Spain. By the end of 2008, when theeconomic crisis started to be noticed in Spain, he found himself unemployed but did not give up. That situation motivated himto become proactive and do good in society.In May 2009, he founded “The Immigrant´s Guide”, a social communication media which set the beginning of what today isknown as TEGI – Social Communication Medias which includes a printed magazine, a web page ( and anonline radio station ( of today, Gabriel has been honored with three awards recognizing the work he is doing and the impact he is having as asocial entrepreneur.:2009 – National Award by the European University of Madrid: “II Entrega de Jóvenes Emprendedores Sociales”2010 – International Award by the Starbucks ™ Foundation in cooperation with the International Youth Foundation, Shared Planet Program2011 – International Award by the International Youth Foundation: “Youth Action Net 2011 Global Fellow”Since 2012 Gabriel attends on a regular basis formation weeks and Social Entrepreneurs get togethers hosted by the EuropeanUniversity of Madrid. In October 2011, he travelled to Mexico D.F. where apart from receiving the last award, he participated ina formation week about leadership and received a letter of the ex president of the United States Bill Clinton, HonoraryChancellor of “Laureate International Universities (LIU)” , where he recognizes the innovative work of social entrepreneurs.
  11. 11. Your contribution will help us to have a share in the development of societyand education in our country.For example, by contribuiting with 10% of the general budget,270 kids can become Honorary Social Entrepreneurs. Kids Today – Tomorrow´s Social Entrepreneurs, an educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness, creativity and courage to solve problems, giving them all the tools necessary to start their carrer as a social entrepreneur.
  12. 12. 1. The benefit of contribuiting to social leadership development2. The satisfaction to make a positive impact in your community3. The logo of your company in all our promotion matertial4. To help educating our future leaders5. Our endless gratitude because thanks to your contribution we will be able to put into practice this campaign
  13. 13. Children are our future and we have to do our best to prepare them as good aspossible so they can face the social end economic heritage that expects them. We want to help constructing a better future for our children : Tomorrow´s Social Entrepreneurs.