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A methodological handbook to involve patients in the context of the National Guideline Development Program in Spain (GuíaSalud)


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A methodological handbook to involve patients in the context of the National Guideline Development Program in Spain (GuíaSalud)

  1. 1. Vicente-Edo MJ, Salcedo-Fernández F,G-I-N Conference Berlin 2012 Diaz del Campo P, Gracia-San Román J. On behalf of the Working Group for the A methodological handbook to Methodological Handbook to Involve Patients in the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines. involve patients in the context of the National Guideline Development Program in Spain (GuíaSalud) GuíaSalud ( has begun to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) with the participation Background of patients. This practice, although increasingly widespread is still limited, which leads us to consider how to become a common reality in the development of guidelines.Provide tools, methods and strategies to facilitate professionals to incorporate patient’s participation in thedevelopment of CPGs to reflect their needs and preferences. Objectives A working group (WG) formed by 15 people with experience in patient involvement in the development of CPGs was formed. A scope document (following the phases of the National Methodological Handbook to develop Methods CPGs2), and the content (based on the best possible evidence and/or their own experience) that should be addressed in the handbook was produced by the group . Once the chapters were finalized the WG reviewed the final draft and then was sent to health professionals, patients and patient’s associations for external review. This process was monitored by the Editorial Board from GuiaSalud. • To propose orientation, structure and contents EDITORIAL BOARD (EB) • To propose authors GUIASALUD • To review the manual development MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKING GROUP 15 AUTHORS DEFINITIVE VERSION EXTERNAL DRAFT CHAPTERS PUBLICATION REVIEW DEBATE Nursing AUTHORS EB Sociology Full-text Handbook Psychology DEBATE Patients AUTHORS AUTHORS Medicine EB This handbook is divided into two parts. First part (chapter 2), which describes different strategies (qualitative and quantitative primary research techniques as well as a systematic review of patient- Results perspective studies) that can be used to identify patients’ relevant issues to be addressed in the CPGs (patient consultation). Second part (chapter 3, 4 and 5) shows how patients could participate as members of Index 1. Introduction the Guidelines Development Group in each phase of the development process, including as well in the 2. Patient’s perspective in the CPG: dissemination, implementation and development of patient information (patient participation). Consultation phase 2.1 Literatura review 2.2 Primary research with patients and professionlas Discussion Implications 3. Patient’s participation in the development of GPC 3.1 Identification, recruitment, resources and trainning to patients in the elaboration of CPG Patients and patient representatives can provide relevant This handbook could help to 3.2 Definition of scope and objetives of the information on their perspectives, preferences, and achieve a quality patient- CPG and developing key questions experiences with the illness, which can be very enriching for oriented CPGs and facilitate 3.3 Identifying, reviwing evidence and developing recommendations the guidelines. For that reason, this handbook contributes to adherence to their 3.4 External review process help guidelines developers providing strategies to incorporate recommendations. 4. Information for patients patient’s views in the CPG development process. 5. Patient’s implication in dissemination and implementation of CPGReferences1- Boivin A, Currie K, Fervers B, Gracia J, James M, Marshall C, Sakala C, Sanger S, Strid J, Thomas V, van der Weijden T, Grol R, Burgers J; G-I-N PUBLIC. Patient and public involvement in clinical guidelines: international experiences and future perspectives. Qual Saf Health Care. 2010 Oct;192. Grupo de trabajo sobre GPC. Elaboración de guías de práctica clínica en el Sistema Nacional de Salud. Manual metodológico. Madrid: Plan Nacional para el SNS del MSC. Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud - I+CS; 2007. 143 pp.(Guías de Práctica Clínica en el SNS: I+CS; nº 2006/1).