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Technica finals


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Business Quiz Finals @Technica, BIT mesra Patna Annual Fest. Conducted by Guess Infinity.

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Technica finals

  3. 3. Which “term” has its origin in the16th century Italian word“Bancarotta”, meaning a condition inwhich a person‟s “moneybench/table” was broken when hebecame unable to pay his debts. BIZ QUIZ
  4. 4. This widely used “term” traces its origin tothe informal name of books given to newlyenrolled students at the start of theacademic year by universityadministrations in the US. This was donewith the intention of helping students to getto know each other better. BIZ QUIZ
  5. 5. Henry Wellcome, a British chemist of(Burroughs, Wellcome and Co.) coinedthis term to describe a “Small tablet ofmedicine” he had created. But over theyear‟s, this word has to be come to beassociated to describe “sensational andlurid news, usually heavily illustrated”. BIZ QUIZ
  6. 6. In ancient times, Roman soldiers weresupposedly given an allowance known as “saltallowance” to buy salt as part of their income.This has led to the origin of which word/termwhich is liked by all. BIZ QUIZ
  7. 7. In the 1920s & 1930s, P&G used tosponsor a number of radio programs.As a result, these shows often becamecommonly known as _________? BIZ QUIZ
  8. 8. First coined by Harvard Business StudentTim Draper and his Prof. Jeffrey Rayport,marketing techniques that use pre-existingsocial networks for increase in brandawareness or to achieve other marketingobjectives such as product sales. What‟s theterm? BIZ QUIZ
  9. 9. “MILAWAT” - 1 BIZ QUIZ
  10. 10. In a quiz contest aired on Doordarshan inFebruary 1967, participants could easilyanswer questions pertaining to Greekmythology, but were unable to reply to thequestion "In the Ramayana, who was Ramasmother?”. This led this person to start whichcomic series in an attempt to teach Indianchildren about their cultural heritage. Whatwas started and by whom? BIZ QUIZ
  11. 11. This brand had a turnover of Rs 15.25 crorein 2011 from selling products like fromsweets and cookies to textiles and evenfurniture. The products, increasingly soughtafter across the city, go under the brandname TJ. The first shop was opened SelectCity Walk Mall in south Delhi. Name thisunique brand, perhaps one of its kind inIndia and the world. BIZ QUIZ
  12. 12. Named after the famous British author,Arthur Henry _____, the first outlet wasopened at Allahabad Railway Station in 1877.The chain was founded by Emile Moreau, aFrench author, and TK Bannerjee, an Indianbusinessman from Allahabad. Name thischain, the largest of its kind in India, which isgoing to have a make over very soon. BIZ QUIZ
  13. 13. “Sony Music Entertainment India” hasrecently filed for Trademark registrationunder Class 9 and Class 41 which will allowit to launch products like compact disks,cassettes and SD cards as well as film andnon-film entertainment content using________ and, more importantly, also restrictothers from doing it. BIZ QUIZ
  14. 14. The tradition of making this “product” isnearly 300 years old. It is prepared byspecial hereditary priests known asarchakas in special kitchen known as„potu‟. The ingredients are bought at theauction at the Commodities and SpicesExchange in Kochi. BIZ QUIZ
  15. 15. The name of this company is an anglicizedversion of the Sanskrit word for "space"or "sky“. It‟s the business and marketingarm of Indian Space ResearchOrganization (ISRO) which was very muchin news recently due to all wrong reasons. BIZ QUIZ
  16. 16. DEKHA SUNA
  17. 17. Connect these people BIZ QUIZ
  18. 18. Identify the voice. BIZ QUIZ
  19. 19. Why was this in news recently? BIZ QUIZ
  20. 20. Identify the Product and the brand. BIZ QUIZ
  21. 21. Connect these two videos. BIZ QUIZ
  22. 22. What is this person doing? BIZ QUIZ
  23. 23. “MILAWAT” -2 BIZ QUIZ
  24. 24. This “device” was built in 1978 by audio-divisionengineer Nobutoshi Kihara for companychairman, who wanted to be able to listen tooperas during his frequent trans-Pacific planetrips. The chairman hated the “name” of the“device” and asked that it be changed, but wastold by junior executives that a promotioncampaign had already begun using the brandname and that it would be too expensive tochange. Name the iconic “device”. BIZ QUIZ
  25. 25.  Which sports event of 1896 was financed by the sale of stamps, souvenoir ,medals & the donation of money from Greek Industrialist Georges Averoff? BIZ QUIZ
  26. 26. Originally this company was named asRelude. It was founded in 2003 after threestudents including cousin‟s Niklas Hed,and Mikael Heds, won a game-development competition sponsored byNokia Oyj and Hewlett-Packard CO. Namethe company and the game. BIZ QUIZ
  27. 27.  Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, it was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. The amount of data that can be stored depends on the character set, version and error correction level. More recently, the system has become popular outside of the industry due to its fast readability and comparatively large storage capacity. What is being talked about? BIZ QUIZ
  28. 28.  When Bob Circosta sold 112 units of can openers live on the air in an hour, station owner Bud Paxson sensed the vast potential and started a pioneering concept. What are we talking about? BIZ QUIZ
  29. 29. It was founded by Andy Rubin , Rich Miners,Nick Sears and Chris White in 2003. Theinitial internal releases go by the name“Astro” and “Bender”. The version‟s namesare in alphabetical order, and were allegedlychanged from robots to desserts to avoidtrademark issues. BIZ QUIZ
  31. 31. 1st Clue: London based Indian-originentrepreneur Sanjiv Mehta has re-launchedthis iconic company in the form of “FineFoods” in Aug‟2010. Mahindra Group hasacquired a minority stake last year. BIZ QUIZ
  32. 32. 2nd Clue: Established in 1600, the company was once one of the most recognized brands in the world. It once employed a third of the British workforce and was responsible for 50 per cent of global trade. BIZ QUIZ
  33. 33. 3rd Clue: It put the foundation stone ofthe British Rule in India. BIZ QUIZ
  34. 34. BIZ QUIZ
  35. 35. BIZ QUIZ
  36. 36. BIZ QUIZ
  37. 37. BIZ QUIZ
  38. 38. BIZ QUIZ
  39. 39. BIZ QUIZ