Guava - TFM&A 2012 Presentation


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Leveraging integrated search marketing campaigns for International organisations

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Guava - TFM&A 2012 Presentation

  1. 1. Leveraging IntegratedSearch For InternationalOrganisationsMartin DinhamMatt Whelan
  2. 2. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited12 years market leading digital marketing experienceFull-service Digital Performance Marketing Agency • Search Engine Optimisation • Paid Search • Display Advertising • Web Analytics • Facebook Advertising • Social Media MarketingPart of the NetBooster Agency Group • Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency • 500+ employees worldwide
  3. 3. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Our Global CoverageOffice Locations
  4. 4. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedOur clients
  5. 5. Things you should consider to successfully implement a multi-territory, integrated search marketing strategy
  6. 6. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited The challenge› Structure› Language› Market differences› Technology› Campaign Integration› How do we deploy across multiple countries effectively?
  7. 7. Structure
  8. 8. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Localised Centralised
  9. 9. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedCentralised or localised?› Where is the marketing resource located?› Who is paying for the activity?› Will your technology support this structure?› How much of a hybrid structure do you need?
  10. 10. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Domain structure deployment options› Separate country TLDs vs. central site with country subfolders› Use one site with sub-folders for each language (ie. .com/language)› Use a separate country tld for each country (.fr .be .de .ch)
  11. 11. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedLocal TLD’s (, .fr, .de etc.)Pros Cons Instantly relevant for the Can create duplicate content appropriate Google search (.fr .be .ch) engine Cannot benefit from The domain could potentially centralised link trust (links go be hosted in the specific to each separate domain) country Can create a negative impact if In some locations a local TLD a German speaking Belgian has a demonstrable increase lands on your .be site written in in PPC ad CTR French
  12. 12. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedCentral domain (.com/language)Pros Cons All inbound links build The .com is not instantly relevance to one site, recognised as relevant for the maximising authority different country search Limits duplicate content (ie. engines French in .fr, .be and .ch) The server/IP can only be Avoids nationality issues located in one country (flags) and concentrates on For geo-located services this language can pose a problem (A car hire page in German may have to serve many markets)
  13. 13. Languages
  14. 14. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Develop quality content› Quality content is central to an effective integrated search strategy › For Organic Search, develop a content strategy: › On site content targeted at longer tail keywords › Creative off site content targeted at higher volume, link building keywords › High quality content means it is helpful to the user, not simply written for search engines. › For Paid Search, Ad copy should be: › Compelling enough to differentiate your business and drive relevant traffic › Regularly refreshed and rotated to identify the ads with best performing CTRs› Delivery requires native speaking creative resource who understand the principles of search marketing
  15. 15. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Content creation - localisation vs. translation› Keyword research must be carried out independently in each market – do not rely on translation Breakfast déjeuner Lunch dîner Evening Meal
  16. 16. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedCopy creation - localisation vs. translation› Site & ad content must originate from search savvy, native speakers or the opportunity to maximize its impact is compromised.› Colloquialisms are inherent in search. › The most effective ads often use quirky phrases when appropriate for the brand, if you aren’t a native speaker you just won’t be able to get this right.› Some messaging will have no direct translation at all › “10% off” cannot be directly translated into Polish, the localisation would be “10% less”
  17. 17. Local technology adoption
  18. 18. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Local technology adoption› Technology adoption - not all markets will have the same level of technology support.
  19. 19. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited This is true for the web itself› Differing levels of web sophistication & usage require different approaches › Effective link building strategies differ from country-to-country › AdWords product roll-out is impacted by where your account originates› Using someone with expertise in what already works and what does not will save time and maximise budget efficiency.
  20. 20. Market Differences
  21. 21. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedYour search engine priorities will vary by market
  22. 22. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Optimise content accordingly. Paid & natural listings will appear differently
  23. 23. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited
  24. 24. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited
  25. 25. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited
  26. 26. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited
  27. 27. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedUnderstand local market seasonality
  28. 28. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedUnderstand local market seasonality
  29. 29. Integration
  30. 30. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedIntegrated Search Beware “last click” attribution Don’t look at channels in isolation Try and find “one version of the truth”
  31. 31. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedWho’s conversion? Display Generic Remarketing Natural Branded CONVERSIONImpression PPC Click click Search Click PPC Click
  32. 32. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited...ask your agencies? Display PPC Display SEO PPC Agency Agency Agency Agency Agency Display Generic Remarketing Natural Branded CONVERSIONImpression PPC Click click Search Click PPC Click
  33. 33. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited...ask your technologies? Display PPC Display SEO PPC Agency Agency Agency Agency Agency Display Generic Remarketing Natural Branded CONVERSIONImpression PPC Click click Search Click PPC Click Display Ad Server PPC Bid management tool
  34. 34. ‹#› | Copyright Guava LimitedLook at cross-channel interaction
  35. 35. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Integration will give you a competitive edge› Integrate the creative execution of search & display› Let one channel inform another, from keyword discovery to CRO› Integrate reporting to find the incremental uplift provided by INTERACTION › NOT about finding an attribution model 9% 45% 46% No integration Some integration Full integration EconsultancyGuava UK Search Engine Benchmarking Report 2011 Benchmark Report Econsultancy / / Guava UK Search Engine Marketing
  36. 36. Agency/partner selection
  37. 37. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited Agency/partner selection› Select partners who have the infrastructure, experience and expertise to add the most value.› Ensure your partners understand the complexities of multi-country projects. › Make sure they’re not simply proposing a one off translation exercise of your English keyword portfolio. You can’t optimise effectively in this way i.e. search query reports.› Ensure your agencies/partners are communicating with each other regularly in each country.› Make sure your search agency has relationships with the relevant local search engine offices.
  38. 38. ‹#› | Copyright Guava Limited The Proof • Traffic increased by 600% for the campaign period • 8 million unique visitors accessing 47.9 million pages • 80,000 + referrals every month across social media channels • A consistent natural search growth of WINNERS: 10% every month during the Innovation in campaign period SEO The Proof • October 2010 – October 2011 keywords in the top 10 search results increased by 246.4%, with 62% of those keywords achieving a top 5 ranking. • Strong growth in rankings for Argos’ technology based items such laptops, mp3 players and big ticket items such as beds, garden furniture and sofa beds.
  39. 39. Thank you!