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Small Business Marketing Report


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This is the Small Business Marketing Blog Business Coach Nathaneal Mohr Releases one of his Small Business Marketing Reports for FREE along with a profitable strategy managing strategy for outsourced workers.

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Small Business Marketing Report

  1. 1. Small Business Marketing Report<br />
  2. 2. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Getting Guaranteed Profit for Your Business<br /> Dear Friend and fellow business -owner:<br />If you have followed me for any given period of time, you know that I am a very personable guy. But I am going to try and condense as much new, yet proven profit-getting information into this short report as possible so let’s skip any soft, warm and fuzzy introduction and get down to it. If you want a more personal introduction, just go to<br />Of course, if we want to grow a strong, stable profitable business in “today’s market,” we are going to have to focus on what systems we can put to work for you to get more customers, and leverage each relationship with each customer so your customers buy more, buy more frequently and refer their friends and family to you.<br />
  3. 3. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Saying that, if you follow this condensed, zero fluff outline for Guaranteed Profit, we will be able to put to work for you a superior customized system that will...<br /> 1. Attract a List of Ready Willing and Committed Buyers of your Products or Services<br /> 2. Build a Relationship with your list that puts a fence around them so you remain their go-to person when it comes to your industry<br /> 3. Easily Influence your list to buy more (increase purchase size)- buy more often (increase purchase frequency)and refer anyone and everyone they know to buy from you whenever you want.<br />
  4. 4. Small Business Marketing Report<br />The Most Profitable Place to Start Is Where You Are<br /> The Best way to get this system working for you is to determine where you and your business are right now. <br />For example, if you have a huge database of customers that haven’t made any purchases for a while, your lowest hanging fruit might be to put to work a customer re-activation campaign. The average re-activation campaign we do for our clients and members gets 20-51% of their past customers to buy something from them as long as they follow our ad copy formula for reactivation. <br />Then, you might want a another jump of profit at the point of purchase by designing a series of up-sells and cross sells. Our Average Client gets 32-42% of any prospect to buy their up-sell, cross-sell, or bundle offer as long as they follow our advice around supporting products and appropriate prices.<br />Or, if you don’t have a customer list that you can pull from, one of the first things you might want to focus on is building a list of prospects that would be interested in purchasing from you. Then, give them irresistible offers that influence them to come in and buy and refer to you.<br />
  5. 5. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Your First Step<br />One of the most costly mistakes business-owners like you and I can ever make is not intentionally developing a relationship with existing customers that puts you in their mind as the best option when it comes to your products, services and industry. <br />Doing this correctly is as close as you can get to easy money in today’s day and age.<br />
  6. 6. Small Business Marketing Report<br />But, of course, if you already have your customer’s complete loyalty so they get satisfaction about referring anyone they can to you. you may want to start by developing larger and more cost-effective ways to get new customers.<br />So in order to get the result you want, you have to know where you are and where you want to go. And that is what we are going to talk about on the next page...<br />Changing the results your business is getting is a two part process: What your business is changing from and what it is changing towards. And since fuzzy thinking about your marketing will create average, unprofitable results, take a quick minute or two now and give yourself a 360-degree focused approach to understanding where you are and where you want to go.<br />
  7. 7. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Review these 9 quick steps to get clarity:<br />1. First, bring to your conscious focus where your business is right now, in regards to your sales, and long term profitability.<br />2. In your ideal situation, describe as clear as possible where your company would be if you were successful in every goal you wanted for yourself and your business<br />3. How have you obtained the business you have gotten up until today?<br />4. In your estimate, what have you done exceptionally well when it comes to getting more business?<br />
  8. 8. Small Business Marketing Report<br />5. What has been your biggest surge of business so far, and why did that happen?<br />6. What was your largest failure when it comes to your attempt at getting more customers or clients?<br />7. Do you have a list of past customers or prospects that know who you are?<br />8. If you have a list: When was the last time you gave them something of relevant value?<br />9. If you have a list: When was the last time you gave them an opportunity to buy from you again or buy a supporting product or service to what you offer?<br />
  9. 9. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Each of the 3 steps on the first page are critical to your success in our current business terrain. You could start at step one and work on each one until you get to step five, but you might as well put your first focus on the one that is going to put the fastest result into your bank account. <br />So what is that going to be for you? Building your list, developing your relationship with your list so they buy from you when they are ready? Or, focusing on influencing them to buy or refer more customers or clients to you now?<br />
  10. 10. Small Business Marketing Report<br />The level of Influence and Power you create with the relationship you have with your list is either strengthened or weakened with each step of this 3-step formula. <br />Saying that, each step of the 3-step process is layered on each other part of the process. So keep that in mind as we go though each step.<br />I am going to give you a quick overview of each step now and then in later sections we’ll look at each step closer in more detail.<br />
  11. 11. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> 1. Building Your List of Ready Willing and Able Fans that Buy More, Buy More Often and Refer everyone they know to you and no one else.<br />The two most valuable assets of your business is your Relationship with:<br /> -Your list of people who have purchased from you in the past that know, trust and like you<br /> -Your list of people that fit the criteria of a good customer or client who haven’t purchased from you yet but know, trust and like you<br />
  12. 12. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Both of these lists are important because at the end of the day, these people on these lists are your boss. They are the ones that will pay your mortgage and your children’s education. <br />The very fact that you have your customer or potential customer organized in a list gives you the opportunity to communicate with them and lead them down a road.<br />If you structure your communications correctly, you will actually be able to train them to buy and refer whenever you want. I know how that sounds and what you may be thinking: “You are going to train them?” Almost like your list of customers are dogs at a dog obedience school. <br />Well...of course that’s not true. But with every communication you have with your prospects and past customers ,you are teaching them how to respond or re-act depending on how you structure your communication.<br />
  13. 13. Small Business Marketing Report<br />If you follow the specific formula for communicating with your list (we will go into that shortly), you will get surprisingly predictable, profitable results.<br />So when it comes to the people that are paying your light bill, you might as well learn how to get a response out of them that is mutually beneficial, right?<br />Our test proves that your list of customers can be about 10 times more valuable than your list of prospects as far as immediate return is concerned. <br />But your list of prospects is also the future of your business so treat them with care and you can gain enough commitment from your prospects that they will come to you when it is time for them to make a buying decision as well as refer you whenever anyone they know talks about wanting what it is you have to offer..<br />
  14. 14. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Geo-Logical Market Domination<br />Whether your marketing is focused geologically or in your local market, the prospect list becomes even more valuable because the celebrity success factor will start to work in your favor. <br />Let me explain: At a certain point when you’re marketing in a given geo-local area, people start to know you, who you are and when everyone trusts you, the aspect of doing business with you starts to become a “Local Expectation” and you can do that if you can build enough relationships in a small enough pond that position you as the most local buying decision.<br />
  15. 15. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> 2. How to Build Your List of Ready, Willing & Committed Customers<br />As we talked about earlier from a broad perspective, there are two types of lists to develop that are going to grow your business.<br />List number 1 is a list of prospects that you will convert to buyers as the prospects’ needs develop or as you take them down a sequence of communications that influences them to buy (we will talk about that sequence shortly).<br />List number 2 is a customer list or a list of people that have already purchased from you. We can build that by going through the people that have purchased from you in the past, or creating a campaign that gathers the information and generates a sale at the same time.<br />
  16. 16. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Since I don’t know exactly where you are with your business, I am just going to give you the fastest possible result no matter where you are. <br />I am going to go over that process of creating a list while you’re simultaneously getting your products or services purchased.<br />
  17. 17. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Poor and Unprofitable Marketing almost always happens just because the business-owner isn’t thinking like their ideal customer or client.<br />If you know how to ask and answer the right questions about your ideal customer or client, it becomes easy to create an offer that gets them to buy and simple to choose a form of media that when they see your ad, will make the decision to buy now.<br />Understand who your Perfect Customer or Client is instantly as if you were a best friend and mentoring them into buying and referring you. I know what I am about to say sounds obvious at first, but make sure you follow along with me because there are a few little secrets here that 90% of business-owners miss. And because they miss what I am about to say, they miss out on 90% of the profit they could have.<br />
  18. 18. Small Business Marketing Report<br />In order to attract a list, we are going to have to understand who your ideal customer is. <br />They are real people that have real fears, real worries, real hopes and real dreams. Your customers or clients want to connect with another person and/or an experience, not a business. <br />So seek first to understand and allow your customer to explain to you exactly what they need to experience in order to become your customer for life.<br />
  19. 19. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> “Your Most Profitable Customer” Exercise:<br />Questions That’s Most Successful Members Ask Themselves before they Create Marketing Sequence:<br /> 1. What is your customers’ Fears, Worries, Frustrations, they feel about buying something from your industry?<br /> 2. What do they desire as a result of buying a product or service you sell?<br /> 3. Describe some common experiences or trends that happen or will happen in their life<br /> 4. What are some of the common prejudices and biases around how they make decisions<br /> 5. What do they deep down inside want the most<br />
  20. 20. Small Business Marketing Report<br />So, the key here is to understand your customer and how they are viewing their world and how that affects the decisions they make, especially when it comes to buying your products or services. We want to understand what emotionally moves them to connect and commit to you as the best most rational buying decision. <br />Really knowing your best customer is the key to being able to motivate them into action. That’s why the questions above are so valuable to your ability to influence your list to stop and ignore all your competition, all their other life’s distractions, and all the other 300,000 advertisements that are all competing for your customers’ attention. At the same time, we want them to be happy, satisfied and maybe even ecstatic to hand over their hard earned money to you.<br />When you really understand the human needs of your customers, you have the power to influence your marketing and create fulfillment for your customer, yourself and your business.<br />
  21. 21. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Bonus- Simple Formula To Write an Advertisement that Separates you from all of your competition and influences your prospect to take action:<br /> 1. List out all the objections your prospects may have about buying from you or any of your competitors.<br /> 2. List out all the negative stigma around your products, services or industry.<br />
  22. 22. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> 3. Structure your marketing to answer all of the objections your prospects have and sell the fact that you are the opposite of the negative stigma around your industry (of course… be truthful). <br />Pay close attention because this is where the power is. If you find during this research that these negative stigmas are in your business, see what you can do to eliminate them and then move on to step 3.<br />
  23. 23. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Choosing the right media to give you the best ROI for your new Customer and List-Getting.<br />Yep, there are more locations to put your advertising than ever before. If you were to hold one against the other as if they were in a competition to see which media will attract the most profitable customers, you would notice a couple of things. <br />Certain media’s will have a marginal gain compared to another (for you specifically) while others will have HUGE results that will pay you for a lifetime.<br />
  24. 24. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Here are a couple of examples:<br />1. Brochures<br />2. SEO<br />3. Contest<br />4. Postcards<br />5. Public Speaking<br />6. Social Media<br />7. White Papers<br />8. Purchased/Rented Leads<br />9. Banner Advertising<br />10. Sales People<br />11. Sponsorships<br />12. Phone Blast<br />13. Classifieds<br />14. Strategic Alliances or Joint Venture Partners<br />15. Bag Stuffers<br />16. Email Broadcast<br />17. Place Based<br />18. Webinars19. In House Opt-In's<br />20. Online Article Marketing<br />21. Tele-Seminars<br />22. Print<br />23. Free Gifts<br />24. Direct Response Advertising<br />25. Fax Blast<br />26. Coupon Marketing<br />27. Tele-Marketing<br />28. Dimensional Mail<br />29. Pay Per Click<br />30. Physical Networking<br />31. Infomercials<br />32. Trade Shows<br />33. Endorsed Mailings<br />34. Press Releases<br />35. Directories<br />36. Samples<br />37. Providing Content for Local media<br />
  25. 25. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Of course, this isn’t all of them and some of these can be broken down even further into sub-categories.<br />The three main concepts that will short cut your success when choosing the media that is going to give you the highest return on investment is:<br />If you are one of our members or a consulting client of ours, sure we will open the doors to new media’s that create new ways for you to dominate those new media’s even if no one in your industry has done it before you.<br /> But if our calendar is full or if the training that you want to participate in has a waiting list, I want to give you a little short cut to choosing a media that will be successful for you. And that's....<br />
  26. 26. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Choosing a Media has proven itself successful for others in your field:<br /> Then choosing a location that inside that media that isn’t over crowded:<br />Example: Look in all the places outside of your geographical area for someone that has a level of results with business that is similar to what you want. Call them up and ask them or do some competitive intelligence by researching all the places they run direct response ads and model them in your geographical area.<br />Put yourself in their sales funnel, study their ads, find out what makes them so successful and model it the best you can. Of course you can’t get it all by doing this but you can get a measurable result that could make this one technique worth 6-figures to your next year.<br />
  27. 27. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> As a Bonus to that customer-getting strategy, you can locate the media’s that other supporting companies are using (those who sell to your customer but don’t compete with you). <br />By doing this, you can strongly increase odds that you are heading down the right track. Plus, you get a list of potential Strategic Partners that could promote you to their customers. <br />But we are going to have to leave finding strategic partners and getting them to promote your products to another report or training.<br />
  28. 28. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Two Simple Techniques for choosing a media that will immediately increase your new customer attraction:<br /> 1. As simple as it sounds. Ask your customers where they go to make informed decisions about your buying products and services like the ones you offer.<br /> 2. Do the Reverse Customer Trajectory Exercise: I am going to be candid here. I accidentally came up with this exercise in the moment with a client, but since then, they have gotten astounding results when they do what I am about to outline for you (along with many more of our clients).<br />
  29. 29. Small Business Marketing Report<br />Find a quiet place to relax after you do, “Your Most Profitable Customer” Exercise and you’re still in the frame of mind of your customer. <br />Look from their eye and sit in the environment where they are voting for you as their product or service provider with their wallets. <br />Describe it on paper then ask yourself, What happened right before this? Keep asking yourself that and outlining on paper your experience as your customer until you get back to the place where your customer doesn’t even know they want or need your product or service.<br />
  30. 30. Small Business Marketing Report<br />When you do this, make sure to outline the customers experience with as much detail as possible including what they felt, saw, and the questions and insecurities they had in their minds and of course the places that a direct response ad could have reached out to them and influenced them to take a step closer to doing business with you.<br />Some would say that I’ve been credited for some pretty amazing jumps in business. I personally know it wasn’t just me or my ideas that helped my clients succeed. I know our results were a direct reflection of how well we all worked as a team. <br />Saying that, almost every time we did this exercise, we found hidden opportunities that ended up creating huge jumps in sales. So even though all this “mental marketing stuff” might sound silly, give it a try. It works when you work it ; )<br />
  31. 31. Small Business Marketing Report<br />As a side note on choosing your media, I have nothing against sales people (trust me, I am one and I train them). I believe the sale person is the cornerstone of all business. But I am going to give you a WARNING as a business owner.<br />The guy or gal that walks into your business to pitch you the next latest and greatest place you should be putting your advertising most likely doesn’t care even a little if you are successful or not. <br />In fact 95% of the time they can’t even tell you how to judge if what they are selling is successful for you. So make sure when you are choosing what media’s to use, that you are going to attract customers:<br />
  32. 32. Small Business Marketing Report<br /> Test and scale: Their is never a need for large failures, just small pieces of feedback that help take a minimal marketing investment and turn it into a long term stream of profitable customers.<br />I hope one day I can meet you personally and learn how this and the rest of the formula’s, systems and in-depth conversations change your life and the life of those you serve. <br />That includes your customers with your products and services and those that work with you in your business and your family that benefits from the fruits of your success.<br />