Create More Profitable Marketing


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The Small Business Speaker at the Marketing Blog focuses on the top, the best Strategies to use in you Marketing to Grow Your Business Fast.

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Create More Profitable Marketing

  1. 1. Create More Profitable Marketing <br />
  2. 2. Create More Profitable Marketing<br />Pulling More Profit Out of the Marketing You’re Already DoingAs you may or may not know, our mantra at the marketing blog is to always find the best, the top, the most profitable ways to grow your business right now in today's market.Now that you know that a profitable marketing plan is the topic that gets my attention, I have to tell you I've noticed in this potentially overwhelming age of so much information and so many opportunities to grow our businesses we can spend so much time starting or learning new ways to grow our business.<br />
  3. 3. Create More Profitable Marketing<br />So much that we find ourselves not fully leveraging the opportunities that we have right in front of us right now.If you, like me, know that at the end of the day. Its the results that matter. Then it's time to start looking less at new opportunities if that has become a distraction in actually evolving our businesses. <br /> I know it might at first sound a little counter intuitive to building your business, but it's the discipline of less scattered attention becoming more real put in the bank profit potential.<br />
  4. 4. Create More Profitable Marketing<br /> Sure time should be spent on a progressive movement forward into new technologies and new ways to make it easier and more effective to grow our business, but not at the expense of our business not growing.I have sat down with a number of entrepreneurs and business owners over the last little while that seem to have “shiny object” syndrome when it comes to figuring out the best ways to grow their business. <br />
  5. 5. Create More Profitable Marketing<br /> It reminds me a lot of the story Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell that I first heard in a speech from Earl Nightingale many years ago.(I would suggest if this message speaks to you to listen to that talk).Anyway saying all of that, I would like to challenge you if you have been looking a lot of different ways to grow your business and not getting the results you could mean that your spreading your attention too thin and it's time for you to re-focus on what it is you are doing right now.<br />
  6. 6. Create More Profitable Marketing<br />That is, evaluate your business to find out if there are any other alternative ways you can do what you are already doing in your marketing to grow your business a little better, a little more effective, or in a way that gets you a little more of a leveraged result with your business as far as your time is concerned.Then, and only after you have leveraged all the opportunity that's right in front of you right now, then go and look for new and "better ways" to use all the new ways that you see to grow your business. <br />
  7. 7. Create More Profitable Marketing<br /> I would love to hear about what your doing now to grow your business and what you feel you could do better when it comes to that specific strategy or technique.Or, any insight you feel you have on this topic is welcome as well.Other than that, if you have any topic ideas that in your mind would make the marketing blog www.GuaranteedProfit.comthe top, best marketing blog as far as giving you easy to use ways to grow your business, let me know!<br />