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Business Goal Congruence


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Business Goal Congruence Exercise at this business goal congruence training was put together by Nathaneal Mohr as an answer to a Business Goal Questions at the Business Coaching Blog

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Business Goal Congruence

  1. 1. Business <br />Goal <br />Congruence<br />
  2. 2. I've noticed something as a Business Coach over the last few years.   You see, every Business-Owner and Entrepreneur who has ever become a business leader and created a following have all had one thing in common:<br />100% goal congruency.<br />They believed in themselves and had confidence in the importance of their Business Goals, Their Product or Service or Their Message.<br />These Goal-Congruent questions are designed to establish a high-level of congruency between who you are (Belief around yourself and your business goals) and the results you want to create.<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
  3. 3. Answering these questions clearly will give you a stronger unconscious influence of your Entrepreneurial Leadership.<br />Remember: Those who are 100% congruent with their goals and focused on a specific result without being focused on different results that are incompatible with your goal....are much more likely to be followed, given new opportunities and purchased from.<br />Goal Congruency isn't some abstract Idea, It's a FACT....Those business people no matter where they are along their trajectory, will have the world bend to them as they become more and more congruent.<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
  4. 4. Question: <br />Are you sure that taking action to reach this is what you want? _____________ If so, what makes you so sure?<br />Are you sure reaching this goal is what you want to be putting your energy into?  You could be putting your energy into so many other things with your time. <br />So why are you striving to reach this business goal and not something else?<br />Have you ever tried to reach a different business goal in the past (other than this one) and were unsuccessful?<br />If so, what will you do differently in the process this time around? What will you do the same?<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
  5. 5. What is the #1 purpose in having the business goal you described?<br />What is it going to take to fully reach that purpose?<br />Who else (besides yourself) will have to give something up or could gain something from this business goal once it's created?<br />What are two of your greatest successes in your life (these are the two things you have accomplished that you are the most proud of)?<br />What is it about those successful moments that were most meaningful to you?<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
  6. 6. What have you learned from those successful moments that you can bring into the present and future as you create this business goal?<br />What do you see as your biggest "failures" in your life?<br />The truth is: there is no such thing as a failure.  <br />Each result of an action is “feedback” for your personal and professional evolution.  Actions you take are the best choices you know to take at that given time.  That’s why, over the months to come, I will be giving you so many more choices to have both internally and externally when it comes to making better decisions for your business results.<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
  7. 7. Think this question through because when used correctly, it can be very powerful.<br />What is the biggest lesson you learned from the "feedback" of this so-called business failure?<br />Business Goal Congruence<br />
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  9. 9. Business Goal Congruence<br />