Accountability & Outsourcing Model For Business Success


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Accountability & Outsourcing Model For Business Success

  1. 1. Accountability and Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  2. 2. If you want to reach your business goals fast in the information age with your small business marketing, there are a couple important skills to develop.<br />One of those skills is the ability to take some kind of system or strategy that you learn and turn it into an action plan that you can delegate to employees or outsourced workers you can trust.<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  3. 3. And that is probably why we have been getting questions lately about creating new hires and delegating some of the ideas that we share on our blog.<br />So, in today's blog entry, I would like to talk about a simple way you can take a social media marketing strategy, or a follow up marketing tip or any idea you learn that can improve your profit...and develop it in your business.<br />Then, delegate it if it has a certain level of continual work flow for you to reach your business goal.<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  4. 4. This Outsourced Work Quality Assurance process is for anyone managing the work.<br />1) Write down the exact steps you are going to have to take for a team member or outsourced worker to complete the work flow.<br />2) Work through the work flow yourself or have a manager or someone you trust work it completely through.<br />3) Write the amount of time it took to accomplish this process.<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  5. 5. Include:<br /> a. variations in times (if they exist). Describe what those factors are.<br /> b. If there is a learning curve factor, include the times, how long the learning curve will take and the end result of time after they understand all the aspects of the learning curve<br />4.a ) Write down the bottle necks or potential bottle necks that could take place.<br />4.b.) Take a little time depending on the process and research or think through possible ways to overcome those bottle necks and test. Remember, their time is your money and profit your goal. So take the time to work through those bottle necks.<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  6. 6. 5) Write down any short cuts you discovered in the workflow process like software, etc...<br />6) List out how you will know if your strategy is a success. Plan out the accountability for the survival of this strategy in your business.<br />Now, what this means is that whoever is managing this outsourced work fully understands the new work flow and has already thought through and corrected most the challenges that could take place. <br />This stream lines the ability of the manager to understand where the outsourced team member should be along the process.<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />
  7. 7. What Ideas do you have about making sure your Outsourced Or In house work is quality assured? Feel free to leave them below.<br />Do you have any questions about this process? If so, feel free to ask them at the marketing Advice Tab at the top of the blog<br /> Other Services You Might Get Value From<br />Motivational Business Speakers<br />Accountability & Outsourcing<br />Model for Business Success<br />