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I believe in myself and my skills, most of all in my abilities and ideas. Some see me as fickle minded, actually they don't understand how dynamic my mind functions and the tons of ideas (crazy, genius or stupid) takes birth in my brain. I am walking the path of a "Buccaneer scholar by James Bach". I want to change the world for better through my ideas.. I will not stop until I do!

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Giridhar Soundararajan

  1. 1. Giridhar Soundararajan GIRIDHAR.SRAJAN@GMAIL.COM +91 99869 26815
  2. 2. What to expect?  Freelance Innovation  Work Experience  Skills & Capabilities  What I Studied?  What I learned?  Awards & Recognition  Final Note
  3. 3. Freelance Innovation Turn Assist Lights Built a working model of turn assist lights and tested successfully on my car. Gadgets Anti-Theft using Bluetooth Others  Working on building an enclosed two wheeler concept to solve traffic congestion issues in India.  Suggested Anti-fraud measure for credit card misuse to Visa and Master card, however none responded.  Non work patent “best idea” award at HP
  4. 4. Work Experience  Channel Sales Analytics Consultant at HP Global Analytics (current)  Senior Analyst with HP (AOL) (20102012)  Senior Analyst with ISG Novasoft Technologies Ltd (2007 – 2010)  Process Automation Analyst with Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd. (2005 – 2007)  Soft Skill trainer with Relationships World, Bangalore (2005)  Ran a business at age 11 selling/ consulting people in my neighborhood for pet animals/ aquariums (1992-93)
  5. 5. Skills & Capabilities Sub whatgiriknows () Msgbox (“Hey he is skilled in advance excel, MS Access, basic SQL and of course a little of VBA  ”) End sub  Working knowledge in Business Objects, and Omniture.  Market Segmentation using D&B MI Tool.  Market Landscaping, Revenue mapping, Account profiling & Estimating Total Addressable Market using GartnerIDCIPR reports.
  6. 6. What I Studied? MBA DNIIT Bachelor of commerce Finance & Marketing Bishop Heber College 2 year Diploma in computers RV Institute of Management Bharathidasan University NIIT (Trichy & Bangalore) Bangalore University Trichy 2002-2003 2003- 2005 2002
  7. 7. What I learned? People Management Gap Analysis Market Segmentation
  8. 8. Awards & Recognition Best Non-Work Patent Idea at HP for Anti- Theft gadget using Bluetooth. [2013] Einstein award at AOL for process innovation. [2010] Kaizen Award at HP for high impact process improvement [2012]
  9. 9. Final Note I am in the quest for a work environment that will allow me to push myself to my full potential and try all the crazy ideas I keep getting in my mind. I love freedom and I am not a person running behind titles but I crave for interesting and innovative work. I am in the path of Buccaneer Scholar and I am ready to test the rough seas. I may not be a genius now, but I am surely working towards becoming one. It’s my commitment to myself.
  10. 10. I am willing to give nothing but awesome and if you need one in your company, all I would need is “take care of my family and I will be one of the 300 Spartan!” Now what are you waiting for?