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ULMA english


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ULMA is one of the largest Business Groups in northern Spain, with a presence on the market spanning more than 50 years and a clear commitment to Innovation, Employment and Value Added. It comprises 6 co-operative companies and operates based on 8 strategic business units. It constantly follows a path of Expansion and Growth and its philosophy is based on human and social values. More than 4,000 people work in the Group, generating Total Sales in excess of 625 million euros.

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ULMA english

  1. 1. corporate presentation
  2. 2. agríagrícolaforklift trucks construcció construcción conveyor componets piping handling systems polymer concrete packaging precinox
  3. 3. ULMA Group ULMA GroupLocation The ULMA Group is located in Oñati, a town in Guipuzcoa with 11,000 inhabitants situated in the centre of the Basque Country in northern Spain and to the west of the French border.
  4. 4. ULMA Group ULMA GroupAveragepersonnel 4.751 4.638 4.130 3.493 3.182 2005 2008 2006 2007 2009
  5. 5. ULMA Group ULMA GroupDistribution ofEmployment by 2009 Basque Country Internationalgeographicalareas 1.896 1.752 482 Rest of Spain
  6. 6. ULMA Group ULMA GroupTotal sales 723 725 625 569 510 2005 2008 2006 2007 2009 Millions of euros
  7. 7. ULMA Group ULMA GroupInternational 381sales 346 323 270 214 2008 2009 2005 2006 2007 Millions of euros
  8. 8. ULMA Group ULMA GroupSales bygeographicalareas 63% 12% 15% 1% 2% 7% Europe Latin america North america Asia Oceania Africa
  9. 9. ULMA Group ULMA GroupV innovationAL participationU cooperationES competitiveness
  10. 10. ULMA Group ULMA GroupMission “We follow a group business project based on people and their all-round development which, through continuous customer satisfaction, group personnel, external collaborators and our social environment, enables profitable growth that creates wealth and employment in a cooperative framework of communication and active participation.”
  11. 11. MONDRAGON CORPORATIONMONDRAGON CORPORATIONThe ULMA Group is currently part ofMONDRAGON as a division of the industrialgroup.Since it began, it has taken part in its financial,educational and social security entities. Mondragón Unibertsitatea Caja Laboral / Euskadiko Kutxa Lagun-Aro
  12. 12. MONDRAGON CORPORATION MONDRAGON CORPORATIONTotal sales2005-2009 15.056 15.584 12.692 13.183 11.776 2005 2008 2006 2007 2009 Millions of euros
  13. 13. MONDRAGON CORPORATION MONDRAGON CORPORATIONInternationalsales 4.230 3.896 3.7912005-2009 3.136 3.231 2005 2008 2006 2007 2009 Millions of euros
  14. 14. MONDRAGON CORPORATION MONDRAGON CORPORATIONAveragepersonnel 93.841 92.7732005-2009 84.796 82.112 79.446 2005 2008 2006 2007 2009
  15. 15. Groupe ULMA Groupe ULMA Agrícola Hormigón Polímero Greenhouses Prefabricated Systems for Construction Forklift trucks Packaging Packaging Systems and Equipment Construcción Piping Industrialised Services Flanges and Fittings and SolutionsHormigón Polímero Conveyor Components Rollers Handling Systems Consultancy and Engineering
  16. 16. Agrícola Agrícola GreenhousesULMA Agrícola manufactures andcommercialises structures andsystems for crop-growing undercover.The lines of tunnel and multi-spangreenhouses include cutting-edgeclimate-control technology, datacollection and the automation ofmaintenance work, providing turnkeysolutions based on comprehensiveengineering aimed mainly at theagriculture and cattle-farmingsectors.
  17. 17. Forklift Trucks Forklift TrucksULMA Forklift Trucks provides logisticsolutions for all requirements from avariety of customers and sectorsplacing the widest range of thermaland electric, counterweighted andindoor forklifts at their disposal.
  18. 18. Construcción Construcción Industrialised Services and SolutionsA global company with yearsexperience providing industrialservices and solutions in constructionformworks, props and scaffolding.We offer products and solutions with afocus on customer service, technicalconsulting, installation and post-salesservices.We understand the unique problemseach site faces, resolving it withreliability, quality, safety and a lowcost.
  19. 19. Conveyor Components Conveyor Components RollersULMA Conveyor Componentsmanufactures and sells components(rollers, supports, drums andgarlands) for the transport of bulk andisolated loads.
  20. 20. Handling Systems Handling Systems Consultancy and EngineeringULMA Handling Systems providesintegrated logistics solutions throughthe design, development, assemblyand maintenance of automatic systemsfor logistics.It is in permanent professional andtechnological contact with Daifuku,world leader in its sector, providingtailored solutions and guaranteeing acomprehensive engineering processfrom the initial design of the project toits commissioning and maintenance.
  21. 21. Polymer concrete Polymer concrete Prefabricated Systems for ConstructionULMA Polymer Concrete designs,manufactures and commercialisesprefabricated systems for theconstruction sector in polymerconcrete.It develops the most complete rangeon the market in products for building,linear drainage and ventilated façades.
  22. 22. Packaging Packaging Packaging Systems and EquipmentAt ULMA Packaging, we give productsadded value, protection and a quality,attractive presentation.We provide the best solution for eachcustomer based on the extensivecatalogue offered by our six lines ofbusiness, together with a hightechnological value.We are recognised the world over forthe quality and reliability of ourproducts, for our constant innovationand for our exceptional after-salesservice.
  23. 23. Piping Piping Flanges and FittingsULMA Piping manufactures andcommercialises forged accessories forpiping, flanges and fittings for the oiland energy industries.Its production capacity makes it one ofthe world leaders in the sector,exporting 90% of its production tomore than 40 countries. It also holdsthe most demanding standardcertificates and approvals.