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The Marketing Process


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Grupo Parada is a marketing consultant firm that specializes in connecting brands with the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American digital markets. Call us today and see how we can magnetize your brand! (877) 762-6322 Ext 801

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The Marketing Process

  1. 1. StrategicHispanicMarketing• Define Potential Markets• Keyword Research• Competition Research• Web AuditDigitalMarketingMix• Search Engine Optimization• Social Media Marketing• Search Engine AdvertisingAnalytics &Conversion• Traffic• Reputation Management• Conversion Strategies
  2. 2. MarketingEstratégicoDefinirMercadosPotencialesEncontrarFrases másusadasEstudio de laCompetenciaAuditoria delSitio WebMarketingMix DigitalOptimizacióndel SitioCampaña enMediosSocialesCampaña dePublicidadInteractivaMedición yControlTráficoMonitoreo dela ReputaciónSugerenciasde Cambio