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  • Today’s threat landscape is about volume and profit with the majority of threats coming from the Web. Cybercriminals are releasing 3 new threats every second in order to avoid detection. This shift is putting pressure on all vendors to improve their ability to source, analyze and provide protection from new threats faster than ever before. Their goal is to steal data and data is now everywhere – which means protection has to secure networks, endpoints, remote devices, data centers and virtualized environments. [Click to advance to Threat Tracker slide] At Trend Micro, we’ve spend the last 6 years developing our Smart Protection Network cloud-client infrastructure and we own all the technology. It sources threats from millions of sensors, honeypots, customers and partners around the world in order to gather the latest threat intelligence. The Smart Protection Network is integrated into all of our solutions and TrendLabs researches analyze terabytes of threat data every day. By correlating this information across multiple threat vectors – email, file and Web, we are able to provide proactive protection faster than anyone else in this industry. It’s blocking billions of threats every dayThe Smart Protection Network provides the latest protection immediately to all of our customers around the globe, no matter where they connect. How well is this working? [Click to bring up Labs results] Trend Micro consistently dominates in real-world tests from multiple labsReal-World tests evaluate a product's ability to detect threats coming from the Internet in real-time, whether they arrive in the form of a URL hosting malicious content, an email with a malicious link, or an infected file. (TrendLabsSM identified 92% of threats come from the Internet). Unlike traditional static detection testing which only detects infected files after they've landed on your computer, Real-World tests provide a more realistic assessment of the efficacy of security solutions today. They introduce the threat in its original form and allow multiple layers of protection to identify and block the attack. Trend Micro products, cloud-powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, are proven by multiple testing labs to protect better than our competition.
  • Trend Micro - 13martie2012

    1. 1. Trend MicroSecuring Your Virtual World Mihai Butu, Territory Sales Manager SEEUR Ondrej Kovac, Technical Sales Engineer EMEA Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    2. 2. Security That FitsTrend Micro innovation enables benefits of next-generation IT platforms Founded in United States in 1st Cloud 1988; Headquarters in 1st Integrated Computing Tokyo, Japan Virtualization Security 1st in Security Netbooks Security 1st Threat Employees: 4,846; Management 1st Gateway Solution (Network) Locations: 29 Offices Security Worldwide 1st LAN Server Security > $1 Billion Annual Revenue > $1.7 Billion Total Assets #1 in Virtualization & Corporate Server Security Top 3 in Messaging, Web and Endpoint Security A Leader in Cloud Security Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    3. 3. Security That Fits Trend Micro’s real-world protection validated by third-party test labs The Smart Protection Network infrastructure stops threats in the cloud, before they reach you New unique samples added to AV-Tests malware repository (2000- Consumer Consumer Corporate SMB Consumer Corporate products Corporate products products 2010) products products products products Jun 2010*1 Jun 2010*1 Jul 2010*3 Sep 2010*4 Oct 2010*2 Oct 2010*2 Dec 2010*33.5 NEW 20,000,000Threats Every Second 1 18,000,000 Dec 2 16,000,000 NovBlocking 3 Oct 14,000,000 BlockingBillions of SepThreats ofBillions 4 Threats 12,000,000 AugDaily Ranking Daily 5 Jul 10,000,000 6 Jun#1 8,000,000 MayReal-world 7 #1Online 6,000,000 AprReal-worldTesting 8 Online Mar 4,000,000 Testing Feb 9 4,040,017,176 39,408,960 5,751,120 2,000,000 Jan 10 0 11 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Trend Symantec McAfee Kaspersky ESET Micro 102,736,240 *1: Note: If multiple products from one vendor were *2: evaluated, then vendor’s vest performance is listed. *3: 4,085,177,256 *4: Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    4. 4. Trend Micro – Leader in Datacenter Security- #1 in server security, #1 in virtualization security- First and only agentless security suite built for virtualization- First company to offer security for the cloud- 2011 VMware Technology Alliance Partner of the Year Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    5. 5. Platform-specific Security RisksPhysical Virtual CloudManageability Performance & Threats Visibility & Threats• Glut of security products • Security degrades • Less visibility performance• Less security • More external risks • New VM-based threats• Higher TCOReduce Complexity Increase Efficiency Deliver Agility Integrated Security Single Management Console Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    6. 6. Security Inhibitors to Virtualization1 Resource Contention 3:00am Scan2 Instant-on Gaps  3 Inter-VM Attacks / Blind Spots4 Management Complexity Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    7. 7. Trend Micro Deep SecurityA server security platform for: Physical Virtual Cloud Deep Packet Inspection Anti- Integrity Log Firewall Web App. Application malware IDS / IPS Monitoring Inspection Protection Control Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    8. 8. Deep Security 8Agentless Security for VMware Trend Micro Deep SecurityIntegrates Agentlesswith 1 IDS / IPS VMsafevCenter APIs Web Application Protection Application Control Security Virtual v Firewall Machine S Agentless p 2 Antivirus vShield h Endpoint e Agentless 3 r Integrity Monitoring vShield e Endpoint Agent-based 4 Log Inspection Security agent on individual VMs Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    9. 9. Deep Security 8Agent-based Anti-malware Deep Packet Firewall Inspection Anti-malwareWEB REPUTATION SERVICES VDI Local Mode Hyper-V & Xen-based Integrity Log Virtual Servers Monitoring Inspection• New Agent-based form factor extends protection to physical operating systems – Windows and Linux• Agent-based AV also protects Hyper-V & Xen-based virtual servers, and virtual desktops in local mode• Web reputation services through integration with Smart Protection Network protects systems/users from access to malicious websites Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    10. 10. Deep Security Architecture Deep Security Single Pane Manager Scalable Redundant 1 Threat Reports Intelligence Manager 5 Deep Security 2 Agent 3 4 SecureCloudDeep Security Deep SecurityAgent Virtual Appliance Cloud IntegrationModules:• DPI & FW Modules:• Anti-malware • DPI & FW Modules:• Integrity Monitoring • Anti-malware • Data Protection• Log Inspection • Integrity Monitoring Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    11. 11. Increasing data security Servers authentication before being granted access to sensitive data Data is secured using strong encryption Protecting data at Rest and in Motion Combination of host-based security, encrypted data, and strong server authentication Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    12. 12. Trend Micro SecureCloudHow It Works Enterprise Datacenter or SaaS Offering Cloud Service Provider VM Corporate VM VM VM App Hypervisor Trend Micro SecureCloud Console Shared Storage Enterprise Key My Data Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    13. 13. Trend Micro SecureCloudHow It Works Key Management Encryption Support Deployment Options VM VM VM VM vSphere Trend Micro Virtual SaaS Solution Machines VM VM VM VM Private Clouds Or SecureCloud Data Center Console VM VM VM VM Public Software Application Clouds Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    14. 14. Trend Micro SecureCloudFitting Into a VMware Ecosystem Trend Micro SecureCloud vCloud Director VMware vCloud VMware vSphere Data Center Private Cloud Public Cloud VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Encryption throughout your cloud journey— data protection for virtual & cloud environments Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    15. 15. Deep Security 8: Key benefits Provides layered defense  Supports more PCI against sophisticated attacks DSS 2.0, NIST, HIPAA & other regulations Shields against known and unknown vulnerabilities Prevents Data  Detailed reports Breaches & Enables document Monitors system and Compliance prevented attacks Business hypervisor integrity & compliance Disruptions status Web reputation prevents malicious website access Supports  Prioritize secure Operational coding efforts  Agentless architecture Cost accelerates realize  Manage unscheduled Reductions virtualization savings patching  Integration to enterprise platforms &  Cloud-based event whitelisting & apps lowers costs Trusted events simplify FIM mgmt Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
    16. 16. Thank you for your attention! Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.