Trend - HPC-29mai2012


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Trend - HPC-29mai2012

  1. 1. Performante extreme cu SuperCluster Tudor Fulga
  2. 2. Next Generation SPARC T4 ServersFaster. Optimized. Secure.SPARC T4-1 SPARC T4-1B SPARC T4-4SPARC T4-2
  3. 3. Introducing SPARC T4 Servers New Brain. Same Body. Unheard of generation to generation acceleration – Up to 5x per thread performance compared to T3 servers – Starts at $16K – Virtualization and Security included! – Up to $160K - 1TB of memory included! T4-1 T4-2 T4-4 T4-1B T4-1 T4-2 T4-4T4 Processor• 3.0 GHz with OOO execution T4 Systems• Dedicated L2 128KB cache • Up to 1 TB of memory• Shared L3 4MB cache • Built-in, no-cost virtualization with Oracle VM 9 World Records• 8 Cores with Private L2 Cache • High-bandwidth and high-capacity I/O• Dynamic Threading • Integrated 10GbE• Enhanced Built-in Encryption • Solaris binary compatibility• Built-in Virtualization
  4. 4. SPARC T4 Servers Product Line Overview SPARC T4-1B SPARC T4-1 SPARC T4-2 SPARC T4-4 SPARC T4 SPARC T4 SPARC T4 Processor 2.85GHz 2.85GHz 2.85GHz SPARC T4 3.0GHz Max Processor Chips 1 1 2 4 Max Cores/Threads 8, 64 8, 64 16, 128 32, 256 DIMM Slots 16 16 32 64 Max Memory 256GB 256GB 512GB 1TB Drive Bays 2 8 6 8 6 LP x 8 PCIe 2.0, 10 x PCIe 2.0, 16 x PCIe 2.0 EM, 2 x PCIe 2.0 EM, 4 x 1GbE ports, 4 x 1GbE ports, 4 x 1GbE ports, 2 NEM, 1 REM, 2 x 10GBE XAUI 4 x 10GbE XAUI 8 x 10GbE XAUI I/O Slots 1 FEM slots ports ports ports Form Factor/RU Blade Rack 2U Rack 3U Rack 5 UKey Differentiators of SPARC T4• 5x single thread performance increase over SPARC T3 processor while retaining throughput performance of SPARC T3• Expanded application workload fit to meet requirements for both multi thread and single thread applications
  5. 5. SPARC T4-4 T-Series Server Quad-Socket Enterprise-Class Datacenter Server for Consolidation & Mission Critical Applications• Compute – 4x SPARC T4 8-core 3.0 GHz CPUs – 64x DDR3 DIMMs, up to 1TB memory• I/O and storage – 8x 2.5” SAS 2.0 or SSD drives – 16x PCIe2 EMs – 4x 1GbE ports – 8x 10GbE XAUI ports• Availability and management – Redundant, hot-plug fans and power supplies – Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager Service Processor
  6. 6. SPARC T4 5x Per Thread Performance • 3.0 GHz • 8 Cores, 64 Threads • Dynamic Threading • Out of Order Execution • 2 On Chip Dual-Channel DDR3 Memory Controllers • 2 On Chip 10 GbE Networking • 2 On Chip x8 PCIe gen2 I/O Interfaces • 16 On Chip Crypto functions • Balanced high-bandwidth interfaces and internals • Co-engineered with Oracle software9 World Records and Counting
  7. 7. SPARC T4 Processor 6x 9.6GT/s Coherency Ports 2-4 Socket Scalability DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 BOB BOB BOB BOB• Replace 16 S2 cores & L2$ used on T3 with 8 S3 cores and new 4MB L3$ Memory Controller Memory Controller• Reuse T3 Coherence, memory controllers, and I/O interfaces Coherency Unit Coherency Unit• Features 4MB, 8 Bank, 16-way L3$ – 8 S3 cores, 8-64 threads @ up to Full Crossbar 3Ghz – Single or multi-threaded operation per core C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C1 – System scalability to 4 sockets• SPARC Core S3 – 1-8 Strand Dynamically NIU PEU PEU Threaded Pipeline – ISA-based Core S3 Crypto-acceleration 16KB I$ 16KB D$ 2 XAUI 10Gb Ethernet 2 x8 PCIe gen2 @ 5Gb/s• 4MB Shared L3$ 128KB L2$ 8 GB/s each direction FPU
  8. 8. Key SPARC T4 System Advantages Optimizing the Datacenter Feature Function Benefit Faster single threaded Shorter application boot times, rapid2.85-3.0 GHz frequency processing batch processing for quicker results Reduced cost for secure datacenter Integrated encryption Up to 3x faster security operation without a performance engines for data encryption penalty Multithreaded Preserve T3 system Time savings due to no application architecture levels of throughput changes for T4 systems Existing SPARC/Solaris Rapid time to adoption of new Binary compatibility applications run systems and new service deployment unmodified Flexible logicalBuilt-in Virtualization with Improved uptimes for critical services partitioning and liveOVM Server for SPARC and higher system utilization rates application mobility Reliable, secure and Faster system updates and reboots to Solaris 11 streamlined operation improve datacenter operations
  9. 9. SPARC T4 Innovations Drive Performance Proven throughput & single-thread leadership• Throughput beats IBM Power7 & Westmere – Direct comparisons on SPECjEnterprise, TPC-H and more – #1s on Unlimited Apps (E-Business, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards...) – #1s on Industry Apps• Single-thread beats x86 & mainframe – SPARC T4 batch leads on E-Business, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft – Dramatic improvements over previous generation – up to 5x!• Security architecture – Crypto beats best x86 cpu on performance & efficiency – Secure database, network & filesystem• SPARC T4 has many unique architecture, pipeline, instruction, & system optimizations!
  10. 10. World Record Java and Database Performance SPECjEnterprise2010 2.4x faster than Power7 with DB2 and WebSphere 7x better price performance for JavaIBM: One Power 780 T4-4 Servers$1,297,956 $467,856
  11. 11. World Record TPC-H Beats IBM’s Claims of 4:1 Core Performance Advantage$800K cheaper and 22% faster than Power7 & Sybase$125K cheaper and 3.6x faster than HP Superdome & Oracle 11gTPC-H @1000GBSee benchmark substantiation slides
  12. 12. SPARC T4 ServersMore than 50 impressed Beta customers “At Qualcomm, our testing on the SPARC T4 systems showed huge performance improvements and impressive results across the operating system and SunRay login server. With the T4s new CPU performance, RAM capacity and stability of SPARC Solaris, our ‘per system user limit’ will increase from 100 users on an M3000 to 200 users, while providing 4x CPU headroom.” Rob Mallory - IT Architect “Our benchmark testing of Oracle’s SPARC T4 system on our ERP System led to impressive results. We saw performance enhancements of up to 4x compared to our legacy server. Deployment was easy; just a drop in. Our planned worldwide rollout will take advantage of the SPARC T4’s very modest space, energy and heat requirements. In our production deployment we plan to use Oracle Solaris virtualization to implement containers and consolidate several workloads onto a single server.” Thomas Kleber, Department Lead IT, Kromberg & Schubert GmbH & Co
  13. 13. Engineered Systems & Appliances• Datacenter Transformation Through Innovation Purpose Built General Purpose Exadata Exalogic ZFS Storage Appliance SPARC SuperCluster Database Appliance Exalytics
  14. 14. • Extreme Performance• Lower TCO• Engineered for Datacenter Consolidation
  15. 15. SPARC SuperCluster• Built for Extreme Performance• SPARC SuperCluster – Fastest General Purpose Platform• SPARC T4 Servers – Biggest Single Generation Performance Boost in History• Oracle Solaris 11 – Breakthrough scale, virtualization and manageability
  16. 16. SPARC SuperCluster Architecture• A Complete Infrastructure Solution for Enterprise Apps Exadata Storage Servers • 1,200 CPU threads • 4 TB DRAM SPARC T4-4 Compute Nodes • 97 to 198 TB Hard Disk ZFS Storage Appliance • 8.66 TB Flash InfiniBand Switches • 1.2M IOPS • 42 GB/sec Storage Bandwidth • 896 Gb/sec InfiniBand Interconnect
  17. 17. Exadata Storage Cells• 10–50X Performance ImprovementsIntelligent storage Hybrid Columnar Compression – Smart Scan query offload – 10x compression for warehouses – Scale-out storage – 15x compression for archives + + + Data remains Uncompressed compressed for scans andSmart Flash Cache in Flash – Accelerates random I/O up to 30x – Doubles data scan rate primary backup Benefits test Multiply standby dev Compressed
  18. 18. SPARC SuperCluster Beats IBM• Better Performance.• Better Value.
  19. 19. • Extreme Performance• Lower TCO• Engineered for Datacenter Consolidation
  20. 20. Reduced ComplexityHardware and Software Engineered to Work Together VS.
  21. 21. Standardized And Simple To DeployLower TCO through Standardization and Simplicity • All engineered systems are the same – Delivered Tested and Ready-to-Run – Highly Optimized – Highly Supportable – No unique configuration issues – Identical to configuration used by Oracle Engineering • Runs existing database, middleware, and Ready custom applications to Run – Supports past 30 years of Oracle DB capabilities • Leverage the Oracle ecosystem – Skills, knowledge base, people, partners Deploy in Days, Not Months
  22. 22. • Extreme Performance• Lower TCO• Engineered for Datacenter Consolidation
  23. 23. Software Stack Engineered to Work Together Middleware Oracle Fusion Middleware Applications Database Optional with Exalogic Elastic Cloud 11g R2, 10g and other DB Operating System Applications Oracle Solaris 11 E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, SAP, for Exadata and Exalogic nodes Siebel, and much moreSolaris 10/11 nodes for applications + Management Oracle Ops Center and Enterprise Manager Grid Control Virtualization Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC Clustering Oracle Solaris Cluster Oracle Clusterware
  24. 24. Oracle Optimized Solution for PeopleSoft HCM on SPARC SuperClusterDelivers Cost Effectiveness, Scalable Performance, and Simplicity Fastest payroll processing 3x faster than IBMPeopleSoft Enterprise HCM 4x faster than HP Best response time (HR Self Service Apps) 2x faster than IBM Highest density solution SPARC SuperCluster 30% denser than IBM Oracle VM for SPARC Oracle Solaris Oracle Solaris ClusterOracle Support and Advanced Consulting Services
  25. 25. SPARC SuperClusterIn Conclusion SPARC SuperCluster provides: • An ideal platform to support full-stack applications • Offers all the benefits of an Oracle engineered system – Integrated compute and storage with an InfiniBand backplane • Offers a logical upgrade path for existing SPARC customers • Delivers a compelling & highly competitive alternative to IBM & HP – Superior performance at a significantly lower price – Sysadmin savings on initial installation and ongoing support – Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  26. 26. New | SPARC SuperClusterBusiness Value Extreme •Optimized performance for Oracle applications •Based on world record breaking SPARC T4-4 servers Performance •Exadata Storage performance •Reduced storage requirements Complete Lower TCO •Accelerates deployments •Leverages existing investments •Runs a mix of Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 Datacenter •Runs multiple databases Consolidation •Runs multiple application tiers
  27. 27. Va Multumesc