Stefan bargaoanu we're agile. and now what v1.1


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Stefan bargaoanu we're agile. and now what v1.1

  1. 1. gile. And n ow what?Were A , CSMȘtefan Bârgăoanu, PMPAgile Coach
  2. 2. About meLiviu-Ştefan Bârgăoanu Iaşi, România Married, father of two In software development since 1998, entrepreneur since 2002The road I took From Project Manager (PMP), to Scrum Master (CSM), to Agile CoachFounding member and key facilitator of/contributor to PMI Romania Moldova Branch AgileWorks Iaşi ComunitateAContact +40 745 181346 @AgileCoachingRO
  3. 3. AgendaTeam level The promise of Agile The Wall The New Wave of AgileEnterprise level Does Agile scale? The Lean EnterpriseAnd now what?Recommended reading
  4. 4. le - 11 year s already!Agi Smil e, li begi fe ns a t 11 !
  5. 5. T he softwar e pendulum
  6. 6. F rom this...
  7. 7. To this!
  8. 8. The Ag ile promiseDeliver value quicker, more oftenHigh qualitySustainable pace, indefinitely Go home at 6 Spend time with your kids Hang out with friends or do what you like ... and, if its a really, really, good day, ...
  9. 9. The Ag ile promise...Get some love from your spouse :-))
  10. 10. is Agile Maturity CurveBavan
  11. 11. is Agile Maturity CurveBavan
  12. 12. The Wall
  13. 13. t not gettin g the fruitsWere jus
  14. 14. Bad team dynamics
  15. 15. Sta le meetings"Rapid relevance decay" 90-95% - what have you done since the last Scrum? 5-10% - what will you do until the next Scrum? 0% - what impediments stand in your way?Un-rehearsed demosNothing new to do/try after retrospectives
  16. 16. stions, some other day Easy q ueAgile recoveryTake it to the teamAggressive facilitationJoin the local Agile community of practiceSeek professional help
  17. 17. i g, Difficult Questions The BScale The big dragons
  18. 18. T he new wa ve of AgileAgile 2.0/Agile at scale/Enterprise Agile Kanban (is it Agile?) Scrum-ban/Scrum# Lean-Agile ...
  19. 19. e forest for the trees ThAgile meets LeanWhy does Agile work?Systems thinkingScrum is Lean Pull scheduling system - JIT Continuous and empirical process optimization - Kaizen
  20. 20. ples of Lea n Software Princi Dev elopment1. Optimize the Whole2. Eliminate Waste3. Build Quality In4. Deliver Fast5. Defer Commitment6. Create Knowledge7. Empower People8. Focus on Flow (of Value)9. Continually Improve
  21. 21. The Lean EnterpriseArea WorkBusiness Continuously prioritize and decompose incremental needs across the organization Manage a portfolio of business needs Do release planningManagement Organize cross-functional teams that can deliver incremental, end-to-end features Manage the value stream Bring visibility to impedimentsDelivery Team Work together, every day, and deliver fully tested and integrated code Learn how to deliver business needs incrementally Become proficient at acceptance test-driven development and refactoring
  22. 22. TM led Agile F rameworkThe Sca
  23. 23. SDLC 3.0
  24. 24. Be aware
  25. 25. e writings o n the wallTh
  26. 26. A ssume resp onsibility
  27. 27. A ct - do, fai l, change
  28. 28. ue Stream Map - as isVal Idea Q Thinking Writing Presenting
  29. 29. ue Stream Map - targetVal Idea Thinking Writing Presenting
  30. 30. C onclusionsAgile has served us well Its up to us to reap the benefits Agile flavours are just tools, means to an endAgile 2.0 Scalability, Lean Enterprise Its about the flow of value to the customers, not about projectsSDLC 3.0 Beyond everything, syncretism
  31. 31. ed Require d Reading R ecommendAndy Hunt Alan Shalloway Pragmatic Thinking Lean-Agile Software DevelopmentMike Cohn Succeeding with Agile Donald ReinertsenEsther Derby and Diana Larsen The Principles of Product Agile Retrospectives Development FlowLyssa Adkins Dean Leffingwell Coaching Agile Teams Agile Software RequirementsDavid J. Anderson Mark Kennaley Kanban SDLC 3.0Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin Kanban and Scrum Jurgen Appelo Management 3.0
  32. 32. A ttributionsSlide 4: 5: 10 and 11: 12: 13: 14: 17: 18: Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin, Kanban and Scrum 19: 20: 21: Alan Shalloway, Lean-Agile DevelopmentSlide 22: 23: 24: 26: 27:
  33. 33. The end That would be all, thank you and God bless!