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HP - HPC-29mai2012


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HP - HPC-29mai2012

  1. 1. HPC SOLUTIONS AT HPAndrei BalcuConsultant Tehnic HP Romania
  2. 2. HPC is built on a converged infrastructure Purpose Built Purpose Built HPC Storage HPC Servers Datacenter Power & Cooling HPC Fabrics HPC Software Infrastructure
  4. 4. SERVERS IN HPC CPU‟s : what‟s new ?
  5. 5. HPC platforms follows Chipset and Processor Roadmap 2010 2011 2012 3 mem 4 mem Westmere-EP channels Sandy Bridge channels 6 cores, 12M L3 8 cores, 20M L3 130/95/80/60/40W, 1333 MHz DDR3 1600+ DDR3, Sockets R B2 G6/G7 Gen8 Nehalem-EX Westmere-EX 8 cores, 24 MB L3 10 cores, 30 MB L3 Up to 130W Up to 130W G7 Lisbon 2 mem channels Valencia 2 mem channels 6 cores, 6 M L3 Bulldozer Core (8 cores) 4 mem 4 mem Magny-Cours channels Interlagos channels 12 cores, 12M L3 Bulldozer Core (16 cores) G6/G7 G7 and Gen8
  6. 6. SERVERS IN HPC Next generation servers
  7. 7. Intel® Westmere-EP vs. Intel® Sandy Bridge-EP-EN Westmere-EP E5-2600 (EP) E5-2400 (EN) Feature Cores Up to 6 cores / 12 threads Up to 8 cores / 16 threads Cache Size 12 MB Up to 20 MB Max Memory Channels per Socket 3 4 3 Max Memory Speed 1333 MHz 1600 MHz New Instructions AES-NI Adds AVX QPI frequency 6.4 GT/s Up to 8.0 GT/s Inter-Socket QPI Links 1 2 1 40 Lanes/Socket Integrated 24 Lanes/Socket PCI Express • 36 Lanes PCIe2* on Chipset PCIe3 Integrated PCIe3 150 (Workstation Only) Server/Workstation Power TDP Server/Workstation: 95, 80, 70, 60, 130, 115, 95, 80, 130W, 95W, 80W, LV (Low Power) 50 (Low Power) 70, 60 (Low power)
  8. 8. HP ProLiant Gen8 Marquee FeaturesInnovation beyond industry standards ProLiant System Architecture iLO Management Engine HP Smart Storage Insight Online HP FlexNet Adapters Sea of Sensors 3D
  9. 9. iLO Management EngineCore lifecycle management functions built in for instant availability INTELLIGENT AGENTLESS ACTIVE HEALTH REMOTE PROVISIONING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SUPPORT Ready to deploy and Base hardware Built-in phone-home Continuously running update without the health monitoring and function to ease diagnostics to need for HP discs or alerting without OS setup and minimize downtime downloads agents configuration
  10. 10. HP FlexLOM - Grow Your Environment Without ComplexityChange ready for future proofing and adaptable infrastructure Provides choice • Upgrade options of 1Gb and 10Gb Choose your fabric • Ethernet, FlexFabric, Flex-10, Infiniband Universal • Available on all BL, SL and select DL servers Flexible • Supports shared iLO port like the traditional LOM1 1 LOM is short for LAN on motherboard. The term refers to a chip or chipset capable of network connections that has been embedded directly on the motherboard of a server
  11. 11. Gen8 Smart Array InnovationsIncreased performance, data availability and storage capacity Faster access to data • Up to 2X performance improvement* • 2X Cache (up to 2 GB) Address explosive data growth • 2X Drives supported (up to 227) Minimize data loss • Long term data retention with Flash Backed Write Cache standard Reduce initial setup time • 95% reduction in parity initialization Over 5 Million SAS Smart Array from several days to 5 hours** controllers sold! Continuing the legacy of innovation with Gen8 *256KiB, Sequential write, RAID 5 with 15K SAS drives, performance will vary based on configuration ** HP R & D, Validation information TBD
  12. 12. HP SmartMemoryLower power, faster and more reliable • 15 - 20% less power than 3rd party memory at 3DPC for DDR3-1333 1.35V RDIMM and DDR3-1333 LRDIMM • 25% greater throughput at either 1DPC or 2DPC versus 3rd party memory for DDR3-1333 UDIMM • Genuine HP Qualified memory reliability assured by unique electronic signature
  13. 13. Industry’s most complete portfolio for HPC• Workload optimized, engineered for any demand ProLiant DL ProLiant BL ProLiant SL Family Family Family Versatile, rack-optimized Cloud-ready converged Purpose built for the servers with a balance of infrastructure engineered to world’s most extreme efficiency, performance maximize every hour, watt data centers and management and dollar13
  14. 14. Industry’s most complete portfolio for HPC• Workload optimized, engineered for any demand ProLiant DL ProLiant BL ProLiant SL Family Family Family Versatile, rack-optimized Cloud-ready converged Purpose built for the servers with a balance of infrastructure engineered to world’s most extreme efficiency, performance maximize every hour, watt data centers and management and dollar14
  15. 15. HP ProLiant BL400c Series Positioning ProLiant BL460c ProLiant BL465c Gen8 ProLiant BL420 Gen8 Gen8 The worlds leading The first server blade to Breakthrough server blade server blade deliver over 2,000 cores economics for essential per rack enterprise workloads Snap 1 Snap 1 Snap 2
  16. 16. HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Overview• As the worlds leading server blade, the ProLiant BL460c Gen8 offers the ideal balance of performance, scalability, and expandability.• This makes it ideal for: • Heterogeneous datacenters and a wide variety of mainstream businesses • HPC scale-out applications for small, medium, and enterprise data centers• Key workloads include: • Virtualization/consolidation • IT infrastructure (file & print, networking, security, systems management, etc.) • Web infrastructure (web serving, streaming media, etc.) • Collaborative (e-mail, workgroup, etc.)
  17. 17. HP ProLiant BL420c Gen8 Overview• The BL420c Gen8 delivers breakthrough server blade economics for essentialenterprise workloads. It provides the perfect balance of price, performance, and highavailability in the enterprise space.• This makes it ideal for: • Mid-market and cost-sensitive enterprise customers • Service Providers who prefer the manageability of blades • Scale-out• Key workloads include: • Web Hosting/Services in the Enterprise space • Single application on a single server • IT Infrastructure (File & Print, Networking, Security & Systems Mgmt)
  18. 18. BL420c Gen8 BL460c Gen8Processor Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 Series Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesChipset Intel® C600Memory (12) DDR3, RDIMM/UDIMM, up to 1333MHz (16) DDR3, /RDIMM/UDIMM/LRDIMM/ LVDIMMMax Memory 384GB (12 DIMMs x32GB) 512GB (16 DIMMs x32GB) 2 SFF HP HDD SAS, SATA, SSD 2 SFF HP HDD SAS, SATA, SSDInternal Storage Dynamic Smart Array B320i RAID controller Smart Array P220i controllerMax Internal 2TB SAS; 2TB SATA; 1.6TB SSDStorageNetworking (1) Dual Port networking daughter card: 1GbE, 10GbE, Flex-10, or FlexFabricI/O Slots (2) PCIe Gen3: (1) x8 Type A mezzanine; (1) x16 Type B mezzanineIntegrated HP iLO Management Engine, SIM, IRS - Optional: HP Insight Control, iLO AdvancedManagement Half-height c-Class server bladeForm Factor 16 blades per c7000 (10U) enclosure; 8 blades per c3000 (6U) enclosure
  19. 19. Industry’s most complete portfolio for HPC• Workload optimized, engineered for any demand ProLiant DL ProLiant BL ProLiant SL Family Family Family Versatile, rack-optimized Cloud-ready converged Purpose built for the servers with a balance of infrastructure engineered to world’s most extreme efficiency, performance maximize every hour, watt data centers and management and dollar21
  20. 20. Integrated accelerator solutions for the SL200s familyDriving new levels of performance/$/watt/ft2 • Next generation NVIDIA Tesla performance • Up to 30% higher performance with M2090, combined computation and visualization with M2070Q • Optional HP PCIe IO Accelerator • Integrated solid state storage device to accelerate I/O bound applications • Future: Intel® Many Integrated Core (MIC) • Accelerate highly parallel applications, using the standard IA instruction set
  21. 21. SL6500 Chassis SL230 SL250 SL270 SL140 • SL230 –Socket-R, ultra-dense server for virtualization and• Shared power & fans for reduced HPC applications (1U) component quantity and increased • SL250 –Socket-R, hybrid-compute node for GPU power efficiency computing and data base applications in HPC (2U)• Ability to mix and match SL half-width • SL270 –Socket-R, high-performance GPU nodes solution, optimized for extreme GPU density (4U)• Front cabling for increased rear air- flow and ease of serviceability • SL140 – Socket-B, cost-effective, power-efficient and ultra-• Individually serviceable nodes dense solution (1U) *Needs1200mm deep racks
  22. 22. SL140s Gen8 SL230s Gen8 SL250s Gen8 SL270s Gen8Processor E5-2400 - 4/6/8 Cores E5-2600 - 4/6/8 CoresChipset Intel® C600 12xDR3, RDIMM/UDIMM,Memory 16xDDR3, RDIMM/UDIMM up to 1600MHz-ECC up to 1333MHz –ECCMax Memory 256GB 512GB 2 LFF NHPInternal 2 LFF NHP 4 SFF HP 4 SFF NHPStorage 4 SFF NHP 2 LFF NHP 8 SFF HP Opt: 2 SFF HP Opt: 2 SFF HP 4TB 3.5” SAS; 1.2TB 2.5” 2TB 2.5” hot plug SAS; 1.2TB 2.5” 4TB 3.5” SAS; 1.2TB 2.5”Max Internal SAS; 6TB 3.5” SATA; 2TB non-hot plug SAS; 2TB 2.5” hot 4TB SAS; 4TB SATA; 960GB SAS; 6TB SATA; 480GBStorage 2.5” SATA; plug SATA; 2TB 2.5” SATA; 480GB SSD 2.5” SSD 480GB 2.5” SSD 2.5” SSD 1x Integrated NC366i Dual 1x Integrated NC366i Dual Port GbeNetworking Port Gigabit Server 1xDual Port networking daughter card: QDR IB, 10GbE Adapter 4xPCIe Gen3: 1x8 HL/LP; 3x16 9xPCIe Gen3: 1x8 HL/LP; 8x16I/O Slots 1xPCIe Gen3: 1x16 HL/LP 1xPCIe Gen3: 1x16 HL/LP HL/LP HL/LPIntegrated HP iLO Mgt Engine, SIM, IRS Opt: HP Insight Control, iLO AdvManagement 1U HW - 1U HW – 2U HW – 4U HW –Form Factor 8 trays per s6500 (4U) 8 trays per s6500 (4U) 4 trays per s6500 (4U) 2 trays per s6500 (4U)
  23. 23. HP ProLiant SL250s Gen8 2U Half Width Tray Rear GPU or NHP HDDs4 Nodes per 4U chassis8 CPUs per 4U chassis 2 GPU Tray12 GPUs per 4U chassis 2 Socket-R CPUs (Below GPU Tray)PCIe Expansion Slot 16 DIMM Slots (Below GPU Tray) 4 HP SFF Management Port – iLO4 Flex Fabric Slot 2- 1GbE Ports
  25. 25. HPC Interconnects• Bandwidth (large data exchanges)• Latency ( microseconds )• Scalability: stay efficient even for a high number of links• Can also accommodate I/O traffic• Two HPC interconnects: • Ethernet (1 GigE, 10 GigE 40GigE) • Infiniband
  26. 26. IBTA specification
  27. 27. HP Infiniband strategy• Focus on partnership – Work with technology providers.• Focus on qualification, integration, efficient supply chain – Rigorous quality testing and control – Efficient supply chain management• IB products have one basic element : the ASIC. 2 providers : Mellanox or Qlogic.• HP integrates IB switches from 2 providers : Mellanox and Qlogic (used to be 3 providers with Voltaire)• We run Benches and tests for all HCA and components.• We qualify HCA, switches, cables on our platforms.• We verify the interopability of MLX and Qlogic.
  28. 28. HP 56Gbps FDR InfiniBand Portfolio ConnectX-3HCAs in servers HP Systems Integration In 2012: FDR Chassis aggregation switches Unified Fabric Manager FDR 36-port edge switch (UFM) Acceleration Software QSFP FDR Cables Installed-base QDR switches e.g. 4036E
  29. 29. STORAGE IN HPC
  30. 30. Mix HP Storage in HPC cluster• HP X9000 Network Storage System • Small files • High metadata operation rates • Wide access • /home typically...• Lustre file system with optimized HPC focused hardware • Extreme sequential bandwidth • “True” parallel I/O • several writers to same file • Or high single stream throughput • /scratch, /work typically…
  31. 31. HP Storage versus LustreKey Differences HP Storage (X9000, P4000, MDS600) Lustre / DDN SFA10K Many Applications, or instances of the same application “One” parallelized application Each one of many servers is running a single applications Parallelized applications are spread across multiple servers. instance, up to one instance per core or VM May use MPI to communicate Each has its own file/data set. Reading and writing to a single file Many Metadata operations (IOPS) Few Metadata Operations (IOPS) Metadata is distributed across multiple servers A single server for metadata is enough Datasets are distributed across multiple servers to balance Dataset is striped across multiple storage servers, for performance maximum read/write bandwidth Typical applications: HLS (Next generation sequencing, Typical applications: computer-aided engineering, molecular biosciences /genomics NGS), media (animation render modeling, high-energy physics farms), public sector (content depots), financial services
  32. 32. MANAGEMENT SW IN HPCCMU : Cluster Management Utility
  33. 33. Insight CMU v7.07.0 (FEBRUARY 2012)
  34. 34. HP Insight CMUHyperscale cluster lifecycle management softwareProven– 10 years+ in deployment, Top500 sites included with1000‟s of nodesBuilt for Linux, with support for multiple Linux distributions • Including Hybrid support w/Windows Provision Monitor Control • Simplified • „At a glance‟ view of • GUI and CLI discovery, firmware entire system; options audits zoom to component • Easy, friction-less • Fast and scalable • Customizable control of remote cloning • Lightweight servers
  35. 35. Worldwide CMU Deployments HP ships 2 CMU clusters per week WW UNIVERSITIES ENGINEERINGGOVERNMENT and RESEARCH LABS ENERGY38 April 2009
  36. 36. CMU main functionalities Deployment Imaging (cloning) Autoinstall (kickstart|autoyast|preseed) Diskless Scalable live monitoring Scalable non intrusive monitoring engine (+collectl) Monitoring GUI / monitoring API Day to day administration interactive cli ( + cmu_* linux commands) cmudiff, command broadcast multiple window broadcast (one window per host) single window PDSH, one command on all the hosts GUI (JAVA based for the desktop)39
  37. 37. Time View
  38. 38. CMU Backup / Cloning FeatureNeeds:Setup of cluster is painful.System management of HPC clusters is difficult due to the large number of nodes.Cloning goals: Avoid „one by one‟ system installation on compute nodes Fast Cluster installation with an optimised cloning mechanismHOW: Install one compute node Backup that compute node ( golden image ) Duplicate that golden image to all compute nodes
  39. 39. Diskless Installation• Large Scale Diskless Support – When Diskless nodes are installed, the FS of the compute nodes completely runs via NFS, while the OS is loaded in RAM. – Existing NFS-root based diskless support expanded to allow for multiple NFS servers – Up to 4k diskless compute nodes 43
  40. 40. CMU GPGPU Support • CMU provides new binary for extracting GPU metric data from GPU driver –/opt/cmu/tools/cmu_get_nvidia_gpu • New command cmu_config_nvidia to configure GPU monitoring –Configuresload, mem_util, mem_alloc, power_state, and ECC_double_bit alerts by default –Power_usage, various clock speeds, fan speeds, and temperature also configured but commented out by default 45
  41. 41. THANK YOU