Dell Management And Automation Solutions For IT Infrastructures


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  • Today new, modern data centers that were certainly more scalable and efficient than times past, but there were challenges:ComplexityUnderutilized capacityInflexibleLow return on capital investmentHigh operating costs
  • From a logical standpoint, today’s data center have greater congestion and management challenges. With consolidate networks and server virtualization, it is challenging to have a clear view of what is going where. This makes the management of today’s data center that much more challenging.
  • Dell’s end-to-end solutions framework – consists of four solution domains
  • There are a number of macro trends in the data center that are influencing and shaping the role of converged infrastructure solutions.80% of cloud initiatives will be private and hybrid by 2014125X bandwidth (I/O) per rack by 20151In 2012, 68% of server-related spend was on management2Smartphone users work an average of extra 240 hours per year380% server virtualization by 20164What this amounts to massive demands being placed on the data center infrastructure in the areas of resilency, application and service quality, and scalability – but also efficiency as IT cannot simply add infrastructure the moment a new initiative arises.Source.:
  • IntuitiveNew Active System Manager for the common admin tasksSimplified/automated with user-guided workflows75% fewer steps from “power on to production”Pro-active performance monitoring/capacity planningComprehensiveUp to 23% better performance per wattFlexibility of multiple chassis fabrics that support 3rd party ToRChoice within preintegrated systemsEnd-to-end design, validation, test, lifecycle services, and supportFlexibleUp to 2.3X more compute nodes per rackSimplest bladed enterprise SAN optionNew simplified chassis connectivity: I/O Aggregator with east-west traffic and 6X bandwidth to DC fabricConverged fabric with DCB support for iSCSI/FCoE
  • End to end performance monitoring – from the user through to the admins that service the products
  • Quest will now allow for Dell to monitor the performance and management of everything above the hardware.
  • We’ll also give you bi-directional integration with your framework and ultimately we’re going to dramatically help you reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) of your incidents. Bottom line: Foglight can help you reduce costs ANDupgrade our monitoring services.
  • Because different stakeholders have different needs when it comes to managing critical application and web site performance, different dashboards are required. This is another example of an out-of-the-box dashboard designed for IT management roles that are interested in Service Levels for critical applications, the users interacting with those apps and there geographical locations.What is the location of end users or data centers being impacted? This dashboard provides a map showing the geographic location of my datacenters delivering service for a selected application as well as the health of synthetic user locations generating traffic to those applications.Are my key business applications meeting SLAs? I can see on the upper left the health of all my critical applications as related to established performance service levels, real user experience or IT tier performance related to service delivery. Looking at this helps me decide the priority specific problems should have.How many users are affected by current problems? On the bottom left I can see the status of my critical web transactions, how many real users are in those transactions and whether they are experiencing problems. Looking at this can help me decide priority to assign resources based on how critical a user transaction is to the business.Which team should investigate this problem further?On the bottom I can see which specific technology tiers are being used for this application and their performance delivery health. Taking a quick glance at this can help me understand who to assign to investigate a problem.
  • I can drill in on my transactions like this shopping cart example and see exactly where my users are abandoning the transaction,  the conversion ratios at each step, the number of real users who have entered the step along with the number who have exited the transaction at this point. (users entered the step vs. moved on to the next step).
  • Multiple Reliability SafeguardsAbility to deploy in High Availability (no stateful HA, that’s for SuperMassive 220 and above)WAN Failover – connect to multiple ISPs and allow traffic failover3G Failover – same as mutliple ISPs, but to 3G
  • Talk through the solution3 Phases: Identify, Categorize, ControlBrought together by Visualization – this is what we’re adding.
  • Dell Management And Automation Solutions For IT Infrastructures

    1. 1. Dell Management AndAutomation Solutions For ITMarius PURICE – Next Generation Data Center Solutions ConsultantSouth Eastern Europe & Baltics
    2. 2. A physical view of the Modern Data Center Storage Engineering2
    3. 3. A logical view of theModern Data Center Storage Engineering
    4. 4. Unifying Dell solutions for multiple environments Compellent • Fibre Channel PowerEdge • Network I/O blades PowerConnect• Adapters: NIC, HBA, CNA • Modular chassis • 1/10GbE • 1/10GbE Ethernet • Top-of-Rack • 8/4 Gbps Fibre Channel • I/O blades • FCoE, iSCSI • WLAN • Adapters • Management EqualLogic • 1/10GbE • PS60x0, 65x0 iSCSI BRC • New! PCT Reference designs • Business Ready Configurations • Datacenter-in-a- box •Virtualization-ready VIS Virtualization PowerVault • Provisioning • Efficient fabrics • 1/10GbE & 8Gb FC • Workload migration • Virtualized Scaling • New! Works with MD36x0i iSCSI • New! Works with MD36x0f FC Storage Engineering
    5. 5. Quest supports Dell becoming a solution provider Quest Enterprise End User Software Services Solutions • Dell’s end-to-end solutions framework has four solution domains, one of which is software • Customers’ environments are becoming increasingly complex • Dell solutions must enable efficient ecosystem management (not just management of the individual elements) • The acquisition of Quest allows us to offer software-led and true end-to-end solutions6
    6. 6. Dell Virtual Integrated System - Dell EnterprisePrivate Cloud Dell VIS Virtualization Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud IT Service 0 Drive increased business agility and deliver IT as-a-service Management Workload Lifecycle Increase automation and enable rapid workload deployment Management Infrastructure Management Advance converged infrastructure management and operations Storage Engineering
    7. 7. Storage Engineering
    8. 8. What’s driving converged infrastructure?Key macro trends in the data center Cloud 80% of cloud initiatives will be 80% private and hybrid by 20141 Data center traffic 25X bandwidth (I/O) per rack 25X by 20151 Operating costs In 2012, 68% of server-related 68% spend was on management2 BYOD/Mobility/VDI Smartphone users work an average 240 of extra 240 hours per year3 Virtualization 80% server virtualization 80% by 20164Sources:1) Gartner, Top 10 Trends and How They Will Impact Data Centers and IT, December 2011.2) IDC report, July 20113) iPass, Inc, Mobile Workforce Report, December 2010.4) Gartner, Virtualization Improves IT Functions and Processes, September 20119 Confidential Global Marketing
    9. 9. Introducing Dell Active SystemResults-driven innovations Support Deployment Intuitive • Active System Manager automates and 75% Rapidly Intelligent orchestration fewer steps from respond streamlines steps “power on to Support that is intuitive production” Deployment Management Hypervisor Comprehensive • Purpose built, end-to-end design 45% Improve efficiency Network better system Systems-level efficiency that is comprehensive • Unified support performance & quality Storage per watt Compute Flexible • Industry’s only ¼ height blade server 2.3X Seamlessly Modular, scalable • Blade I/O Aggregator more compute scale systems that are flexible optimized for virtualization nodes per rack10 Confidential Global Marketing
    10. 10. The new Dell Active Infrastructure familyAn integrated virtualized foundation for VDI, private cloud and apps Active Solutions Enterprise Applications Private Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Pre-integrated Systems Active vStart vStart vStart System vStart 50 100 200 1000 800 Active System Manager Today Platform Reference • VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V Architectures virtualization Active System Active System Manager Matrix M1000e chassis + blades I/O Aggregator Dell Storage11 Confidential Global Marketing
    11. 11. Storage Engineering
    12. 12. Storage Engineering
    13. 13. OpenManage Essentials interface with KACE K1000 Dell OpenManage Dell KACE K1000 Dell Quest Essentials OpenManage Application performance Hardware Inventory Essentials Asset Management monitoring interface with Application server Hardware Updates KACE K1000 SW/HW Inventory monitoring HW Health Status SW Distribution Change management Filtered email alert Database performance Hardware Monitoring Help Desk monitoring Infrastructure monitoring User experience monitoring KAgent KAgent OMCI OMSA Networking Storage Servers Business clients Software14 Confidential Platform Marketing
    14. 14. Systems management solution stack Business Services Management Quest Quest allows Service-level Dell to manage Management the environment Process Orchestration end-to-end Applications, ERP, CRM Middleware Operating Systems, Hypervisors Virtual Machines, Clusters Hardware Management - Dell OpenManage™15 Confidential Platform Marketing
    15. 15. Consolidate Tools and Upgrade Service Upgrade service to the business End to end view of application and business service performance Understand the real user experience Bi-directional integration with framework Reduce MTTR of incidents16 Confidential Global Marketing
    16. 16. Evolution of Virtualization Management End to End Visibility Dell (VKernel/Quest) Automation Advice Analysis VMwareVM Data Access17 Confidential vMonitoring
    17. 17. Performance Monitoring App to Spindle Web Server• vFoglight part of Foglight family Appl/AD/Exchange• Expandable to enable application to spindle monitoring Database – Databases, exchange, AD – Guest operating systems – Physical servers, network, storage Operating System• True service level management• All key stakeholders on the same page and data set Virtual Environment to resolve performance issues Server Network Storage18 Confidential vMonitoring
    18. 18. Reporting and IT Executive Dashboards Manage problems before impact What is the location of end users or data centers being impacted? Are my key businessapplications meeting SLAs?How many users are affected by current Which team should investigate problems? this problem further? 19 Confidential Global Marketing
    19. 19. Increase Transaction Conversion Visualize conversion rates in real time Where are my users abandoning a transaction? What are my conversion ratios at each step of the transaction?20 Confidential Global Marketing
    20. 20. Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive Series NGFW Engineered for High-Performance Security in Campus, Enterprise & Data Center DeploymentsProduct Highlights• Fastest & Most Secure NSS Recommended Next Generation Firewall• Fastest NGFW in the world• Comprehensive Proven and Tested Security• Scalable and upgradable from 24-96 Cores• High Port Density for 10GbE & GbE Environments• Ultra-Optimized Architecture for high SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series performance & low-latency computing• Extremely Power Efficient Provides Application Intelligence,• Multiple High Availability Safeguards Visualization, and Control for over 3,800 Unique Applications 21 Confidential SonicWALL
    21. 21. Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization Identify Categorize Control By Application By Application Prioritize Apps by Policy - Not by Port & Protocol By Application Category Manage Apps by Policy By User/Group By Destination Block Apps by Policy -Not by IP By Content Detect and Block Malware By Content Inspection By User/Group Detect & Prevent Intrusion Attempts -Not by Filename Users/Groups Policy Application Chaos Critical Apps Prioritized Bandwidth So many on Port 80 Massively Scalable Next-Generation Security Platform Acceptable Apps Managed Bandwidth Ingress Egress High Performance Multi-Core Re-Assembly Free DPI Unacceptable Apps Blocked Malware Blocked Cloud-Based Extra-Firewall Visualize & Intelligence Manage Policy Visualization 22 Confidential SonicWALL
    22. 22. Thank you