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  • Note to Presenter: Present to customers and prospects to provide them with a high-level overview of the EMC VNX family—the VNX series and the VNXe series.
  • EMC is introducing a new record-breaking unified storage platform—the EMC VNX family.These hardware and software solutions are simple to provision, efficient with lower-capacity requirements, affordable for any budget, and powerful enough to handle the demands of virtual applications.In fact, the new family delivers the world’s simplest array to manage and the world's highest midtier performance.The VNX family is designed from the ground up for virtual application environments—from simple, money-saving server and storage consolidation for small business, to the next-generation virtual data center applications.The VNX family is comprised of two series: VNXe series and VNX series. The VNXe series represents the entry point of the VNX family, and is designed specifically for small-to-medium businesses (SMB), remote offices or branch offices (ROBO), or departmental applications where traditional storage administration skills may not be available.The VNX series is the next-generation midrange platform. For those of you familiar with EMC’s current CLARiiON and Celerra platforms,the VNX series combines the capabilities of these systems into a single modular unified storage offering.While new, the entire VNX family shares the tradition and builds on years of know-how of the world’s most popular SAN and NAS platforms—CLARiiON and Celerra. Everything EMC has learned about high performance and high reliability culminates with the VNX family.EMC Unisphere provides a common unified management capability for EMC’s VNX family and CLARiiON and Celerra products. And as you will see, Unisphere also provides a way to simplify and automate other common storage management tasks, such as replication and backup reporting.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. In much the same way that EMC has converged and simplified its platforms into a single unified family, it has also dramatically simplified its industry-leading software portfolio.EMC offers the world’s most powerful solutions for data protection, data management, and data security. And now EMC provides a vastly simpler way to harness that power more quickly and cost effectively.EMC’s simple software approach is exemplified by the Total Efficiency Pack, Total Protection Pack, and Total Value Pack. Each offers incredible value by delivering improved capacity and efficiency, better performance, and higher availability.
  • Let’s take a closer look at EMC’s advanced software capabilities.It is easy. No longer do you need to purchase multiple individual software titles to benefit from advanced efficiency features, security and compliance, and local and remote protection. Depending on the platform, two software packs have all the suites supported. For VNXe series, the packs are Total Protection and Total Value. For VNX series, the packs are Total Protection and Total Efficiency packs. The software packs bundle EMC’s advanced data management suites:FAST Suite automatically maximizes capacity and performance efficiency. FAST enables a dynamic FLASH 1st data management strategy where just a small number of Flash drives are used to deliver the highest performance for high activity data, and low activity data is constantly moved to the most cost-effective drive type. This suite, only available for the VNX series, includes Fully Automated Storage Tiering with Virtual Pools (FAST VP), FAST Cache, Unisphere Analyzer, and Unisphere Quality of Service Manager.Security and Compliance Suite helps ensure that data is protected from unwanted changes, deletions, and malicious activity. Data is encrypted where it is created for protection anywhere outside the server. File-Level Retention is used to meet compliance requirements. Integration with third-party anti-virus checking, quota management, and auditing applications provides added data protection, security, and peace of mind. This suite for VNX series includes Event Enabler (anti-virus, quota management, auditing), File-Level Retention, and Host Encryption.This suite for VNXe series includes Event Enabler (anti-virus) and File-Level Retention.Local Protection Suite combines snapshots and clones with point-in-time recovery with DVR-like rollback capabilities for business continuity on block-based storage, allowing recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure. Application owners can tune recovery point objectives based on criticality of data and perform faster recovery through self-service capabilities. Copies of production data can be used for development, testing, decision support tools, reporting, and backup acceleration. This suite for VNX series includes SnapView, SnapSure, and RecoverPoint/SE CDP (continuous data protection).This suite for VNXe series includes SnapSure.Remote Protection Suite delivers unified block and file replication, providing disaster recovery for both NAS and SAN environments. It delivers disaster recovery protection for any host and application without compromise—with immediate DVR-like rollback to a point in time. Capabilities include compression and deduplication for WAN bandwidth reduction, application-specific recovery point objectives, and replication options for one-to-many configurations. This suite for VNX series includes Replicator, MirrorView/A, MirrorView/S, and RecoverPoint/SE CRR (continuous remote replication).This suite for VNXe series includes Replicator (iSCSI and NAS).Application Protection Suite automates application-consistent copies and enables you to recover to defined service levels. User roles enable self-service copy management, while improving visibility for all application recovery points. Alerts are generated automatically, providing fast resolution to recovery gaps. Integrated reporting can prove compliance with protection policies. Applications supported include Oracle; Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint; VMware; and Hyper-V.This suite for VNX series includes Replication Manager and Data Protection Advisor for Replication Analysis. This suite for VNXe series includes Replication Manager.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. The VNXe series has a clean, compact, rock-solid, and high-availability design. EMC took all it has learned about storage and built this new platform for the entry-level storage company. It had to be simple and easy to use. It had to be efficient and not take up more space than needed. And it had be affordable to everyone.It is all there. The VNXe series delivers a great user experience. It is highly efficient and compact, and it starts at less than $10,000. Storage. Click. Done.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. It is all about making life easier—more storage with less effort. To deliver on that promise, VNXe series makes use of the latest Intel Xeon 5600 multi-core processors. And the VNXe series’ no single-point-of-failure, yet compact 2U and 3U design, provides needed reliability and data protection. Disk attachment is handled by four lanes of fully redundant 6 Gb/s SAS (serial-attached SCSI) for high performance and bandwidth. Front-end connectivity supports both 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet with full unified support for Windows CIFS and UNIX NFS file sharing as well as iSCSI SAN. The VNXe series is streamlined for ease of use. It provides all the benefits of advanced shared storage without the complexity. Common tasks are easily handled using application-specific wizards. Provision and protect new storage for Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, file sharing, and volumes—all guided by the system with a few clicks of confirmation. The VNXe series uses advanced storage technology to reduce initial capacity requirements and improve storage efficiency, including Thin Provisioning, and File Deduplication with Compression. This technology reduces average storage capacity requirements by up to 50 percent, saving on your hardware investment and operating expenses.Capacity is added over time as users and applications consume it, rather than reserving it up-front. Finally, the VNXe series has unified replication support. Files and block replication provides disaster recovery for both NAS and SAN environments. VNXe can even replicate to the larger VNX series, which makes it perfect for small or remote offices.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. The VNXe series was specifically designed to integrate with your server and application environments. The wizards for provisioning new storage do it in the context of the application, rather than as just generic capacity. There’s no need to be a RAID expert. Simply let the wizard be your guide. Gain instant expertise and let the system do the hard work.For example, the Microsoft Exchange wizard asks you for your Exchange version, how many mailboxes are needed, and what size, and then automatically creates the storage volumes needed for the data and log files. The wizards take the guesswork out provisioning storage and embodies years of EMC experience and best practices. If you are creating volumes using iSCSI, or file shares for CIFS or NFS, the appropriate wizard will create the storage, set up appropriate access, and enable snapshots and even external replication, all in less than 10 clicks. Simply confirm your selections or accept the defaults, and it is all done for you. With the VNXe series, storage is now easier than ever.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. The Unisphere user interface for VNXe series is clean and intuitive.The Dashboard view provides a snapshot of system resource use and open alerts, as well as direct access to essential storage and system task options.Sliding the cursor over any of the tabs at the top of the screen activates a pop-up of related activities and information drill-down options.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. The VNXe series not only provides up-to-date information on your storage resources, it continues the application-driven theme by displaying how capacity is used across applications, file and generic iSCSI volumes, and reserves for data protection. In addition to the current system view, Unisphere also tracks and presents storage growth over time, allowing you to track the pace of growth and anticipate future needs based on historical trends.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. Monitoring storage system health is a key part of maintaining data availability and performance. System status is always available on the System view. Unisphere displays any system alerts through the Dashboard, and clicking on a hardware-related notification brings up the System view and identifies the specific component affected.The detailed visuals provided in Unisphere make it simple for operators to relate directly to system components. This is especially critical when there are multiple and redundant components present, such as controllers and power supplies, as well as several enclosures of disk drives.Selecting any of the system enclosures expands it to show the drives and controllers within. Select an item such as a individual controller or disk drive to see it highlighted in the diagram.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. Finally, using the Support view, you can access a variety of types and sources of information to help get the most from the VNXe series. Unisphere provides a single window into all of these resources, known as the VNXe ecosystem.Online user resources include:How-to videos: Familiarize yourself with a product expansion, enhancement, or self-service task by first watching how it’s done.Online documentation: Find hardware, software, installation, and operation guides.Online training: Expand your knowledge of storage and best practices.Online community access: Search questions and answers from the VNXe community of users and product experts, or post a question of your own.Online support: Log a warranty support call, open a live chat session, or even order a replacement part if needed. Search EMC’s extensive repository of product, compatibility, and application information.
  • Two system models—one management environment. The VNXe series provides a choice of hardware platforms and capabilities to meet you specific needs.Common capabilities include:6 Gb/s SAS disk interface delivers the highest bandwidth for high performance and full redundancy for high availabilitySupport for15k rpm high-performance and high-capacity 7,200 rpm near-line disks.1 Gigabit Ethernet ports for shared iSCSI and NAS connectivityI/O expansion slotsManagement and protocols: Unisphere, CIFS, NFS, iSCSIAdvanced functionality: Thin provisioning, and File Deduplication with CompressionChoose:VNXe3100 for compact, highly integrated solutions with class-leading features and the option of single or dual controllers to achieve the right combination of price, performance, and availability.VNXe3300 for greater storage scalability and performance, and optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • In summary, VNXe series unified systems are easy to deploy and use. They’re exceedingly robust, scalable, and solid, yet simple, efficient, and affordable.
  • That was the VNXe series. Note to Presenter: Click now Slide Show mode for animation. Now let’s get into more detail on the new and larger VNX series.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. One of the biggest shifts in IT is, of course, the move to server virtualization. It continues to have a profound impact on how we look at storage provisioning today.In the “good old days,” we typically had a single application running on a server. To meet performance objectives, we would create a RAID group and then carve out LUNs statically. With virtualization, that all has changed.Note to Presenter: Click now in Slide Show mode for animation. Virtualization enables you to save on infrastructure and run more applications on fewer physical servers. To meet the growing and dynamic needs of the business, server virtualization pools server resources and enables dynamic provisioning and optimization of compute power and applications according to shifting business needs. To stay relevant, storage had to embrace this same pooling paradigm. Just like VMware vMotion allows you to move things around on the server side, EMC saw the need to allow data to move dynamically across different tiers of drives (from high performance to lower cost/high capacity) according to its business activity. Not only did such data movement make sense, it also had to be fully automated and self-managing.As the storage system takes on more and more automation and ongoing optimization, it needs more processing power. EMC knew this to be a central requirement for its next-generation midtier storage systems.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. First and foremost, the VNX series is built on speed. It is powered by the latest processors from Intel—the quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5600 series—along with a 6 Gb/s SAS drive back end. Combined with its Flash-optimized and storage-pooling approach, the VNX series delivers demonstrable performance improvements over EMC’s previous generation of midtier storage.A robust platform for consolidation of legacy block storage, file servers, and direct-attached storage, the VNX series enables organizations to grow, share, and cost-effectively manage multi-protocol file systems and multi-protocol block storage access. The VNX Operating Environment allows Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX clients to share files in multi-protocol (NFS and CIFS) environments. At the same time, it supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet access for high-bandwidth and latency-sensitive block applications. The combination of EMC Atmos Virtual Edition software and VNX series storage also supports object-based storage.
  • The VNX series offers three-times more across the board than the previous generation of EMC’s industry-leading midrange platforms:Three-times faster performance, supporting three-times the number of transactions and users in virtualized application environments like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, for example.Three-times leaner and more efficient, supporting the ability to get three-times more utilization out of your storage purchases.Three-times easier, helping you improve IT staff productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on critical tasks by more than three times.
  • The FAST Suite improves performance and maximizes storage efficiency by deploying this FLASH 1st strategy. FAST Cache, an extendable cache of up to 2 TB, gives a real-time performance boost by ensuring the hottest data is served from the highest performing Flash drives for as long as needed. FAST VP then complements FAST Cache by optimizing storage pools on a regular, scheduled basis. You define how and when data is tiered using policies that dynamically move the most active data to high-performance drives (e.g., Flash), and less active data to high-capacity drives, all in 1 GB increments for both block and file data.Together, they automatically optimize for the highest system performance and the lowest storage cost simultaneously.
  • The industry-leading innovations of the VNX series and the FAST Suite translate into compelling improvements in real-world virtualized application environments. For Microsoft SQL Server, the VNX series supports more than three-times the number of users and transactions versus the CLARiiON CX4.In environments running VMware View, the VNX series can boot 500 virtual desktops in eight minutes versus 27 minutes with EMC’s previous generation (without Flash or FAST Suite). Likewise in virtualized Oracle environments, the VNX series can support more than three-times the number of users and transactions.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. Storage must be lean and highly efficient to satisfy the rigorous demands of today’s IT. Data is simply growing faster than IT budgets can keep up. Relentless efficiency is mandatory. Gone are the practices of wasteful thick LUNs and file systems. Over the last couple of years, EMC has seen IT move to a just-in-time provisioning model where storage capacity is allocated upon consumption. This practice is commonly referred to as thin LUNs or thin provisioning.In thin LUNs, capacity from the system’s storage pool is only used when new and additional data is written. If data is erased, the capacity is given back to the pool. Liberating IT from having to “guess” the right amount of storage needed for each user and application in advance has yielded much higher utilization rates. EMC typically sees a shift from 60 percent storage utilization to 90 percent or higher. This means you actually can store more data without having to buy more storage. With classic thick LUNs, IT shops had no choice but to live with 40 percent wasted resources. This is now a thing of the past. Thin LUNs prevent it.But thin LUNs are not the only capacity-efficiency feature that the VNX series offers to challenge rising storage costs. The VNX series also offers file-level deduplication and storage pool LUN compression. Combining both with thin provisioning amplifies system efficiency by up to three times. This means you get three-times the usable capacity per IT dollar spent. Your budget effectively stretches three-times further.This is an important aspect of the efficiency strategy. With the VNX series’ efficiency technologies, IT is ready to meet new and increasing demands. The VNX series’ capacity and performance efficiency technologies are designed to work together and may be combined to achieve the ideal, highly efficient mix of performance, capacity, power, and footprint.
  • The VNX series is managed by EMC Unisphere 1.1, which enables a single system view of unified, file, and block systems with all features and functions available in a single interface. Unisphere 1.1 will also be compatible with older systems, including CLARiiON and Celerra systems running DART 6.0 or higher.Unisphere offers a new approach to storage management. It is an easy-to-use, sleek interface that provides a simple integrated management experience for the VNX series, VNXe series, CLARiiON, and Celerra. It is extensible and supports other EMC mid-tier products such as RecoverPoint, Replication Manager, Data Protection Advisor, and Atmos Virtual Edition.Log on to Unisphere once and discover all the systems in your environment. Unisphere offers built-in contextual access to the support ecosystem and is your one-stop shop for all your support and service needs. To leverage all these benefits, you don’t need to make any radical changes to your existing infrastructure. Unisphere can be seamlessly added to your current environment. Let’s take a closer look at each of these capabilities…Common experience for SAN and NAS:One look and you know what’s going onSingle sign-onAggregated alertsSummary viewsReports with sorting and filteringData exportable to third-party tools Tight VMware integrationAutomatic discovery of virtual machines and ESX serversEnd-to-end virtual-to-physical mappingAutomated virtual infrastructure reportingBuilt-in access to support communityOne-click self service
  • The VNX series platform is optimized for virtualization with over 50 points of tight integration.Until today, one of the major challenges facing users in virtual environments was a management complexity gap. Storage administrators have access to detailed information on the array, but lack visibility into how the virtual server is configured and which virtual machines are consuming what for storage resources. VMware administrators, on the other hand, can see the details of the virtual server environment and virtual machines, but lack visibility into the storage system. On VNX series, Unisphere together with vCenter Server integration makes storage management in a virtualized environment a seamless experience. Each administrator can use their familiar interface to gain full visibility into virtual and physical resources, transparently provision storage, integrate replication, and access and offload all storage functions to the storage system. To further drive efficiency in the VMware space, EMC has delivered on the VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), allowing the VNX series is be fully optimized for virtualized environments. This technology offloads VMware storage-related functions from the server to the storage system, enabling more efficient use of server and network resources for increased performance and consolidation.Letting the VNX series perform common data management tasks, like vMotion, result in:10-times network I/O10-times more virtual machines10-times faster response timeThe VNX series delivers unmatched VMware management integration and optimization and is ideal if you are running VMware.
  • For simple peace of mind and total protection—whether it be local protection or remote protection, whether it be for encryption or for application protection—the VNX series protects your system better than ever.The VNX series provides unified replication for local and remote data recovery with DVR-like rollback capabilities for business continuity on block-based storage.By allowing recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure through rollback to a point in time abilities, you can now restore through a simple click.Simply define your recovery point objectives: set-it-and-forget-it.Automating processes for failover and failback further reduces risk exposure and simplifies ongoing protection management.
  • Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. In order to have enough processing power to run all the advanced data management functions and protocols simultaneously, the VNX series is based on an industry-leading modular architecture. This architecture allows you to scale purpose-built controllers that are designed specifically for the different workloads to processed.The VNX series modular architecture deliversmaximum flexibility and performance— without compromise. Storage processor modules manages the storage pool and provides SAN block-level access (iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or Fibre Channel over Ethernet). X-Blades add scale-out shared networked file system support (CIFS, NFS with pNFS, or Multi-Path File System) and can be added independently without impacting the overall system or require planned down time. In addition, VNX seamlessly supports EMC Atmos for cloud connectivity and object protocols (REST or SOAP).Storage resources are managed in virtual self-optimizing storage pools, ensuring no stranded unused resources. Frequently accessed data is automatically moved to high-performance Flash drives and infrequently accessed data is moved to high-capacity/low-cost disk drives. This way, active data is served as quickly as possible while keeping storage cost under control.The VNX modular architecture is open. EMC has packaged the X-Blades into a VNX NAS gateway with full support for EMC block storage (Symmetrix, VNX SPs, and CLARiiON) and enables scaling up to four storage arrays. So when more storage pool processing, or investment protection, is needed, the VNX modular architecture does not leave you behind.Note to Presenter:The slide graphic depicts the VNX series architecture. Pre-integrated VNX series systems scale to two storage processors and eight X-Blades. In order to scale the VNX architecture further, a separate configuration with VNX gateways front-ending four VNX series storage arrays is needed.
  • In summary, the VNXe series systems are simple, efficient, and affordable unified storage designed for the IT generalist who needs to be up and running quickly. It’s easier than ever.And the VNX series of systems offer the most scalability and flexibility, and is the most powerful midtier unified storage solution. It’s reliable, as always.
  • Thankyou.
  • 27ian2011 bull

    1. 1. Bull StoreWay – Integrator of Storage Solutions<br />
    2. 2. Bull – Architect of an Open World<br />Storage Activities: 15% of product, support & implementation<br />service revenues<br /><ul><li>The only European IT supplierwith end-to-end solutions
    3. 3. Expert in implementing complex architectures that are open, secure, and highly available
    4. 4. Present in more than 50 countries</li></ul>2009 Key Figures<br />Revenue € 1,110m <br />EBIT € 27.6m <br />Net Cash € 285m <br />Employees 7,707<br />
    5. 5. StoreWay – Bull's storage integrator<br />Our Vision: to associate storage technology skills with a service-centric approach<br />Storage expertise: many dedicated storage professionals<br />Storage consultancy: assessment and advisory services<br />A storage player for over 20 years with thousands of references worldwide<br />Strong industry partnerships<br />Active member of Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)<br />Extensive local Support & PS coverage<br />Technical expertise in the heart of Europe<br />A major growth vector for the Bull group<br />
    6. 6. The highest qualifications for integrating EMC infrastructures<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Next GenerationUnified Storage<br />
    9. 9. Next-Generation Unified Storage<br />Optimized for today’s virtualized IT<br />EMC Unisphere<br />VNXe3100<br />VNX7500<br />VNX5700<br />VNXe3300<br />VNX5100<br />VNX5500<br />VNX5300<br />Affordable.Simple. Efficient.Powerful.<br />
    10. 10. Software. <br />Simple.<br />Powerful.<br />
    11. 11. Total Data Management and Protection <br />Peace of mind without the complexity<br />Total <br />Efficiency<br />Total Protection<br />TotalValue<br />Total Protection<br />FAST SuitePerformance and capacity self-optimization<br />Security and Compliance SuiteVersion integrity and audit readiness<br />Local Protection SuiteFile and block snapshots<br />Remote Protection SuiteDisaster recovery and business continuity<br />Application Protection SuiteApplication-driven data protection<br />Software Suites<br />Software Packs<br />
    12. 12. Storage. <br />Click.<br />Done.<br />
    13. 13. More Storage. Less Effort.<br />The easiest, most-efficient array ever<br />Storage.<br /> Click.<br />Done.<br />Next-generation architecture<br /><ul><li>Advanced multi-core platform
    14. 14. No-single-point-of-failure design
    15. 15. Multi-protocol: CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI
    16. 16. Powerful 6 Gb/s SAS back end
    17. 17. Compact 2U and 3U design</li></ul>Streamlined for ease of use <br /><ul><li>Designed for the IT generalist
    18. 18. Application-optimized wizards
    19. 19. Configurable with just a few clicks
    20. 20. Built-in snapshots and replication
    21. 21. Perfect for small or remote offices </li></li></ul><li>Instant Expertise <br />Best-practice wizards configure storage with just a few clicks<br />Email Wizard<br />Set up hundreds of Exchange mailboxes in fewer than 10 clicks<br />Hyper-V Wizard<br />VMware Wizard<br />Set up 1 TB Hyper-V datastore in 10 minutes <br />Set up 1 TB VMware datastore in 10 minutes <br />Share Wizard<br />Volume Wizard<br />Set up NFS and CIFS shares in minutes<br />Set up iSCSI volumes in minutes<br />
    22. 22. Instant Insight with Unisphere<br />Navigate all common tasks through an easy dashboard<br />
    23. 23. Instant Insight with Unisphere<br />View detailed reports of how resources are being used<br />
    24. 24. Instant Insight with Unisphere<br />Visually drill down to individual components<br />
    25. 25. Instant Insight with Unisphere<br />Enlist community help when solving problems<br />
    26. 26. VNXe SeriesModels<br />Simple. Efficient. Affordable.<br />
    27. 27. Make Your Storage Easier<br />Simple. Efficient. Affordable.<br /><ul><li>Designed for the IT generalist
    28. 28. Wizard-driven provisioning
    29. 29. Streamlined ease of use
    30. 30. Ideal for small and remoteoffices
    31. 31. Starting at less than $10,000 </li></li></ul><li>Next-Generation Unified Storage<br />Optimized for today’s virtualized IT<br />VNXe3100<br />VNXe3300<br />VNX7500<br />VNX5700<br />VNX5100<br />VNX5500<br />VNX5300<br />Affordable.Simple. Efficient.Powerful.<br />
    32. 32. Virtualization Changes Everything<br />To move to virtual servers demands new storage solutions<br />Self-Optimizing Storage Pools<br />Static RAID Groups<br />Virtual server pool<br />Discrete servers<br />RAID groups<br />Storage pool<br />Storagesystem<br />Storagesystem<br />AUTOMATIC APPLICATION OPTIMIZATION <br />AUTOMATIC DATA OPTIMIZATION <br />
    33. 33. More Power, Less Management<br />The most efficient and automated system ever<br />Next-generation architecture<br /><ul><li>Intel Xeon 5600 multi-core processors
    34. 34. Expanded UltraFlex I/O: Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, pNFS
    35. 35. Redundant 6 Gb/s SAS back end
    36. 36. Optimized for Flash SSDs and high-capacity SAS drives </li></ul>Designed for the enterprise<br /><ul><li>FAST Suite self-optimizing storage pools
    37. 37. Ideal for virtualized applications
    38. 38. Unified protocol support: file, block, and object</li></li></ul><li>3X<br />PERFORMANCE<br />EFFICIENCY<br />PRODUCTIVITY<br />
    39. 39. The FAST Suite<br /><ul><li>FAST Cache continuously ensures that the hottest data is served from high-performance Flash SSDs
    40. 40. FAST VPoptimizes storage pools automatically, ensuring only active data is being served from SSDs, while cold data is moved to lower-cost disk tiers
    41. 41. Togetherthey deliver a fully automated FLASH 1st storage strategy for optimal performance at the lowest cost attainable</li></ul>Real-time caching with FAST Cache<br />Highest performance and capacity efficiency—automatically <br />High- Performance HDD<br />High- capacity<br />HDD<br />Flash<br />SSD<br />Scheduled optimization<br />with FAST VP<br />
    42. 42. 3-Times the Performance<br />Run applications faster than ever<br /><ul><li>3Xthe number of users
    43. 43. 3X the number of transactions
    44. 44. 3X faster VMware View boot time
    45. 45. 3X quicker VMware View refresh time
    46. 46. 3Xthe number of users
    47. 47. 3X the number of transactions</li></li></ul><li>3-Times More Efficient<br />More storage, better utilization, lower cost<br />FASTSuite<br />File Deduplication and Compression<br />3X<br />Thin Provisioning<br />more efficient<br />Classicprovisioning<br />
    48. 48. 3-Times Easier<br />Smarter management, greater automation, faster results<br />3Xeasier <br />Manage it all…<br />VNX, CLARiiON, and Celerra<br />Storage pools, virtualization, replication<br />File, block, and object<br />…from a single interface with Unisphere<br />
    49. 49. Optimized for Virtualization<br />Seamless virtualization experience and acceleration<br />VAAI* offload<br />Virtual server administrator<br />Storage administrator<br />vCenter Serverintegration<br />Unisphere<br />Less net I/O<br />More VMs<br />Faster response<br />10X<br />Manage storage and VM resources in unison<br />Control offload functions and integrated replication<br />Manage storage and VM resources in unison<br />Control offload functions and integrated replication<br />* VAAI = VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration<br />
    50. 50. Total Protection: Better than Ever<br />Unified replication with the Total Protection Pack<br />Local and remote data recovery with DVR-like rollback<br />Restore individual or multiple virtual machines with a single click<br />Define and enforce custom recovery point objectives and service level agreementsacross virtual infrastructure <br />Automated failover and failback<br />Proven Reference Architectures <br />
    51. 51. Powerful, Flexible, Modular Architecture<br />More processing power, self-optimizing pools, any network<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />X-Blade<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />SP<br />CLOUD<br />SAN<br />NAS<br />OBJECT<br />REST<br />SOAP<br />BLOCK<br />iSCSI<br />FC<br />FCoE<br />FILE<br />CIFS<br />NFS<br />pNFS<br />MPFS<br />Multi-controller scale<br /><ul><li>Add processors as needed
    52. 52. Scale up to 96 CPU cores and thousands of drives</li></ul>Unified multi-protocol<br /><ul><li>Share files and volumes on any network</li></ul>Self-optimizing pools<br /><ul><li>Achieve lowest transaction cost and lowest capacity cost dynamically and simultaneously—all the time</li></ul>SSD<br />HDD<br />
    53. 53. VNX Series Models<br />Simple. Efficient. Powerful.<br />
    54. 54. VNX Series Gateways <br />Simple. Efficient. Powerful.<br />
    55. 55. Next-Generation Unified Storage<br />Most PowerfulSystem<br />Optimized for today’s virtualized data IT<br />EasiestArray <br />Scales large and fast <br />Self-optimizes for performance and capacity efficiency <br />Works on any network <br />Everything is fully automated<br />Plug and play <br />Works on any IP net<br />Up and running quickly <br />Easier than ever<br />VNXe3100<br />VNX7500<br />VNX5700<br />VNXe3300<br />VNX5100<br />VNX5500<br />VNX5300<br />Affordable.Simple. Efficient.Powerful.<br />
    56. 56. THANK YOU !<br />