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Beyond the Inbox


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Beyond the Inbox

  1. 1. Beyond the InboxBreaking Free of Email Slavery Anali Perry - ASU Libraries
  2. 2. Whats in YOUR inbox? From
  3. 3. It exists!
  4. 4. What well cover• Scheduled Email time• Email triage basics• Folders• Filters• Templates• Implementation tips• Email charter
  5. 5. Dont be a slave!Always-on email:• distracts you from your tasks• imposes the priorities of others• enables procrastination
  6. 6. Schedule your email time• Disable notifications• Check email on your timetable• Process email - dont just read it
  7. 7. Scheduled EmailSome ideas:• 10 minutes every hour• 3 times per dayDepends on your workflow and work style - there is no oneright way! 
  8. 8. Processing Email1. What does this message mean to me. Why do I care?2. What action does this message require of me?3. What is the best way to resolve this message? From
  9. 9. Email Triage Flow!
  10. 10. Email Triage Actions• Takes < 2 minutes: Respond immediately• Takes > 2 minutes: defer for later response• Takes > 15 minutes: generate an action from it• No need for response: delete it or archive it
  11. 11. Folders: The inbox is NOT your to-do list! From
  12. 12. Folders• Needs Action• Follow Up• Read Later• Not to Me• Archive From:
  13. 13. Folder tips1. Add to favorite folders list2. Change properties to display all message, not just unread3. Change subject lines (especially for Needs Action)
  14. 14. Filters
  15. 15. Filters• Listservs/committees• Anything with "fw:" in the subject line• Not sent to you specifically• Filter by sender From:
  16. 16. TemplatesLet the computer do thetalking! From:
  17. 17. Inbox Zero!
  18. 18. Implementation tipsFresh Start:Make a Fresh Start folder and move everything older than21 days to that folder. Then schedule time each week toprocess that folder.
  19. 19. Implementation Tips• Lose the guilt: archive or delete anything older than 30 days.• Divide by half and repeat• Its okay to start slowly!
  20. 20. MaintenanceWeekly Review:1. Email: Review and prune my Needs Action and Followup email folders.– To-do list: Read over my current task list; prune stuff that doesn’t matter any more; re-prioritize items to work on next week.– Projects: Move any “next actions” for each project to the to-do list; Revise and prune the project list to reflect current status.– Calendar: Check out next week’s appointments and meetings; add any necessary prep work to to-do list.
  21. 21. Patience, Grasshopper
  22. 22. Email Charter1. Respect the recipients’ time2. Short or slow is not rude3. Celebrate clarity 4. Quash open ended questions5. Slash surplus CC’s 
  23. 23. Email Charter6. Tighten the thread 7. Attack Attachments 8. Use EOM and NNTR ("end of message" & "no need torespond")9. Cut contentless messages (e.g. "Great!" or "Thanks!")10. Disconnect! From
  24. 24. Credits• Merlin Mann of 43 Folders (ultimate inbox zero resources list)• Gina Trapani of Lifehacker• David Allen of Getting Things Done
  25. 25. Questions? From: 2/