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Growth consulting company (Russia)


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«Growth Consulting» is a group of consulting companies and agencies focused on our client’s business growth, increasing of marketing effectiveness, growth of sales and revenue.

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Growth consulting company (Russia)

  1. 1. GROWTH CONSULTING (RUSSIA) Management, strategy and marketing consulting  Strategy consulting  Marketing consulting  Management consulting  Consumer research  Sales management
  2. 2. Structure GROWTH CONSULTING  Sales management  Management consulting and design  Strategy consulting  Marketing consulting and research GROWTH CONSULTING
  3. 3. About GROWTH CONSULTING  «Growth Consulting» is a group of consulting companies and agencies focused on our client’s business growth, increasing of marketing effectiveness, growth of sales and revenue.  Our team unites consulters and specialists with more then 15 years of experience at the professional consulting market.  «Growth Consulting» successfully cooperating with companies in different fields: retail (clothes, shoes, accessories), producing and distribution of food products, personal services, finance and banking, restaurants, construction, building materials, etc.
  4. 4. Consulting services  Strategy consulting  Creating of company’s strategy  Conducting of strategic sessions. Seminars and workshops  Management consulting and design  Management system optimizing. Creating of organization structure of company (business)  Description and analysis of organization structure  Marketing consulting  Creating of marketing strategy and marketing plan of company  Marketing research, studying and analysis of markets  Mystery shopping, Point of sales audit, Retail audit  Marketing research  Surveys of consumers of goods and services. Questioning  Focus groups, hall tests, testing of advertising, packaging, product etc.  Sales management  Intensification and increasing of sales due to introduction of «System of sales growth»  Practical workshops on sales techniques GROWTH CONSULTING
  5. 5. Marketing and advertising Consumer research Services map Steady business growth Demand product New markets Increase in market share Growth in turnover and profit Threats from competitors Decline in market share Decline of profitability Problem Action Result Company’s strategy Staff and structure Portfolio of products Sales and distribution GROWTH CONSULTING
  6. 6. Why to involve consulters?  Realistic short and medium term forecast of the business development. Identify problem areas in advance, and make adjustments in time.  Highly financial response. Costs of involving the consulters pay off soon.  Minimization of management errors due to consulters' experience and personal practices.  Unique instruments of studying competitors and their strengths. You will know all their steps and will have an opportunity to play ahead of the curve . GROWTH CONSULTING
  7. 7. Key success points for company Active and successfully growing company Proper organizational structure and motivation Correct business processes within the company Attentive analysis and planning of marketing and sales High standards of product quality and service The team and staff qualifications Well organized marketing, distribution and sales system GROWTH CONSULTING
  8. 8. Key stages of typical project on business development (scheme)  Monitoring implementation of the plan according to the control points  Consulters' monitoring of the changes inside the Company  Adjustment of the implementation plan in case of insufficient results or great changes in market conditions  Support and training of the staff  Analyzing of marketing and sales system "As it is"  Common analysis and assessment of market prospects of products / services of the Company  Planning the configuration of the project and the necessary actions  Market analysis  Consumer study and analysis  Direct competitors analysis  Action plan to increase sales  Principles and model of distribution, distribution channels  Corporate branding and portfolio of brands (brand strategy)  Assortment strategy  Organization of commercial services to meet the declared plans  Developing system of marketing and sales, "How it should be"  Preparing an implementation plan of projects of marketing and sales development  Motivation system, KPI  Launching the plan of business development and sales increase  Technologies and methods transferring, workshops and staff teaching Diagnostics Research and plan of changes creating Preparing and starting the implementation of the plan Monitoring and maintenance GROWTH CONSULTING
  9. 9. Key issues to be answered during the project  How is the market organized?  What trends are on the market?  Who are our competitors and what is our position relative to them? Market Consumer Product Promotion Sales  What is the target audience of the product?  What consumer preferences are on the market?  How does consumer's preferences change happen?  Does the product matches market trends?  How to change product and brand offer to achieve company's plans?  How to produce a product qualitatively different relative to competitors?  What marketing and promotional channels are the most effective?  How to evaluate return of marketing and promotional investments properly?  Who and how should engage in marketing inside the Company to achieve the maximum effect?  How should the system of sales and distribution be designed to correspond objectives of the Company?  Where and how to sell the Company's products?  What technologies and methods of sales will serve goals achievement? People  What should be the organizational and staff structure to achieve the goals?  How to motivate and supervise staff (KPI)?  What skills and qualities should the staff have? GROWTH CONSULTING
  10. 10. How the project work is built Working group + Consulters Client’s employees  Project Director  Project Manager  Consulters analytics  External practicing experts  Key Client  Managers and specialists of major departments and services: - development - staff - Marketing and sales - Finance - Production - Others (IT, lawyers) Formats of interaction:  Work in groups and thematic meetings  Domestic individual interviews  Methodology seminars and strategic planning session  Methodological support and collaboration with analytics GROWTH CONSULTING
  11. 11. Regions of operation  The Central Federal District  Moscow and Moscow region  Kaluga region  Tver region  Vladimir region  Voronezh region  Smolensk region  North-Western Federal District  St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region  Novgorod region  Kaliningrad region  Pskov region  Petrozavodsk and Karelia  Other regions  The Republic of Tatarstan  The Republic of Bashkortostan  The Republic of Chuvashia  The Republic of Mari El  Perm  Samara region  Nizhny Novgorod region  Sverdlovsk region  Khabarovsk, Vladivostok  Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol Work in regions that are not on the list can be provided with the help of freelance consulters GROWTH CONSULTING
  12. 12. Contacts Company «Growth Consulting»  Phone number in Moscow: +7-495-720-7186  Phone number in St.Petersburg : +7-812-939-5267  Internet address:  E-mail: GROWTH CONSULTING