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Consulting services aimed at finding partners


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Consulting services aimed at finding partners (gas equipment producers) abroad (Asia, South and North America) for a Russian distributor and producer of gas equipment

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Consulting services aimed at finding partners

  1. 1. GROWTH CONSULTING (RUSSIA) Case: Consulting services aimed at finding partners (gas equipment producers) abroad (Asia, South and North America) for a Russian distributor and producer of gas equipment Research objective: To find partners (gas equipment producers) abroad that fully meet the customer's requirements, for establishment of contacts and future mutually beneficial cooperation in the supply of gas equipment to Russia for use in the gas distribution systems of residential buildings in Moscow and Moscow region. About the customer. The company specializes in the production and distribution of gas equipment, construction and design of gas distribution and gas consumption systems, and installation of heating and water supply systems. The company is among the top 100 construction companies in Russia. It has been awarded with diplomas and certificates by the administration of the Moscow region for achieving high efficiency and competitiveness in the construction industry. Main tasks carried out under the project: 1. A list of gas equipment producers (search regions: North and South America, West, East, South East, South West and South Asia) was created by searching for information in open sources and making inquiries at associations of entrepreneurs of countries and trade associations of countries. 2. Preliminary negotiations with 50 largest world producers was held to obtain confirmation of their interest in partnership, information about the availability of equipment required by the customer in the product line of the potential partner and information on experience in product delivery to Russia. 3. 20 most prospective co-producers were selected for further research and profiling of each of the producers. 10 enterprises were selected together with the customer for detailed work. Among
  2. 2. them were BelGAS (USA), Butwell (Taiwan), Vanaz Instonnic (India), Hwa Young (Korea), Targaz Valor (Turkey), Itron (USA), and others. 4. Secondary negotiations were held with the 10 selected enterprises. Detailed business information was obtained from them for future cooperation and transfer of the information to the customer. 10 enterprises selected based on secondary negotiations Initial list of 50 enterprises created 1 2 3 20 enterprises selected based on preliminary negotiations 4 Contracts signed with 2 enterprises and start of deliveries Result: The customer started delivering the required equipment from Turkey and the USA to Russia, having at the end chosen 2 enterprises from the final list. Project schedule Stages Stage 1: Creation of a list of gas equipment producers in foreign countries Stage 2: Holding preliminary negotiations with major manufacturers Stage 3: Selecting the most prospective co-producers for further research and profiling of each of the producers Stage 4: Holding final negotiations with 10 producers Stage 5: Making the necessary adjustments, finalizing project results and transferring data to the customer. Taking decision on further cooperation between the customer and Consulting Growth Недели 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. About the Company «Growth Consulting» Growth Consulting is a diversified group of consulting companies focused on providing a wide range of consulting services on strategic counselling, long-term business development, improving a company's marketing efficiency, increasing sales, revenue growth and increasing business profitability. Our consulting company is present in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and in other large and medium cities in Russia. Our experience and projects are recently expanding in the CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc.). Our team consists of consultants and experts with over 15 years experience in the market of professional consulting services. Our core advisory services include development of a company's strategy and complex business development plans, sales management and activation, increase in the efficiency of distribution channels, studying competition, competitive analysis, in-depth study and forecasting of consumer demand, comprehensive market research, B2B and B2C market analysis, and creation of franchise development programs. For more information about the services offered by Growth Consulting, please check the "services map". Over 250 various consulting projects have been completed. We have successfully cooperated in the field of management consulting and marketing consulting with companies in various sectors such as retail trade (clothing, shoes, accessories), household services, finance and banking business, HORECA, construction, production of building materials, production and distribution of food products and FMCG goods, industrial production (B2B markets), and other sectors. Company «Growth Consulting»  Phone number in Moscow: +7-495-720-7186  Phone number in St.Petersburg : +7-812-939-5267  Internet address:  E-mail: Your manager  Oleg Loginov, Business Development Manager – Consulting