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Growth Avenues Asset Advisors Pvt Ltd


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We are GROWTH AVENUES ASSET ADVISORS PVT LTD ~ a new towering financial and investment services landmark in India and an exclusive and prestigious co venture between the Chhedas, Leading Industrialists who founded the Reputed Prince Group of Companies, and seasoned market veterans and top names in Indian Capital Markets, Dr C K Narayan and Tushar Dedhia.

We are based in Mumbai with a strong Domestic and Global network, offering Advisory, Consultancy & Training on the basis of both, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, in the field of Capital Markets in India.

Explore GAINS ~ Growth Avenues Investment Solutions across our Advisory, Consulting and Training Products and Services

Attend our pedigree, popular and practical Financial & Investment Training Programmes at GROWTH AVENUES KNOWLEDGE CENTRE ~ our in-house Training Facility.

Growth Avenues Asset Advisors Pvt Ltd
21 Kalpataru Point, Kamani Marg
Near Cinemax Theatre
Sion (E)
Mumbai 400 022

Tel: +91-22-6181 9191
Fax: +91-22-61819181


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Growth Avenues Asset Advisors Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. F u n d a m e n t a lly S t r o n g ~ T e c h n ic a lly S o u n d 1
  2. 2. The coming together of…….. & Industrial Prowess and Intelligence Power Resulted in the formation of GROWTH AVENUES ASSET ADVISORS Pvt Ltd.
  3. 3. The Team Excellent Top Management and Execution Team Sharp Fundamental Analysts Incisive Technical Analysts Efficient Prop Traders Knowledgeable Real Estate Investment Advisory Expert Experienced Marketing and Sales Associates Enthusiastic Associate Analysts Dedicated Operational team membersTEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More
  4. 4. Our FocusQuality: Best of analysts, best infrastructure, best experience.Integrity: Total focus on client benefits and profitability.Consistency: Service delivery every moment, every day.Accuracy: Focusing on high profit ratio for clients in all our advisory products.
  5. 5. Why Growth Avenues??1. Advice from team of experts who have combined experience of several decades in the field of Financial Markets.2. Quality, Integrity, Consistency and Accuracy of Advice.3. Excellent Track Record.4. Investment and Trading Model as well as Chart based Advice.5. Process driven operations.
  6. 6. Service OfferingsAdvisory Various objective and returns focused Products ranging from Day Trading to Positional Trading to Short and Long term Investing offered. For details refer
  7. 7. Service Offerings..contdConsulting Customized Research Solutions for Brokers/Subbrokers/Asset Managers. Corporate Finance. Real Estate Investment opportunities. For details refer
  8. 8. Service Offerings..contdTraining (Growth Avenues Knowledge Centre-GAKC) In house training in the field of Financial Markets at our Growth Avenues Knowledge Center. External training for Broking houses and Asset Managers as well as for specialised groups at their venue. High quality training, with programs devised and designed by our driving force Dr. CK Narayan and his team of expert trainers. Training Programs from Basic to Advanced levels. From detailed Theory to Practical workshops. Implementation based program focus, making them great value adders to every attendee. For details of training program schedule please visit
  9. 9. Growth Avenues INvestment Solutions GAINS
  10. 10. Speculative Rumours COMPANY CORPORA NEWS TE ACTIONS ECONOMI C/POLICY INDUSTRY NEWS NEWSGAAA Fundamental Analysis Demystifies The Impact …
  11. 11. GAAA Fundamental Analysis Approach Macro Economic View Industry Prospects Company’s Financial Strength Business Model for Earnings Visibility Corporate Governance Valuations
  12. 12. Fundamental Products  Short to medium term time frame  Fundamentals & Technical view Aurobindo Pharma  Longer time frame  Fundamentals & Macro view (Top–Down Approach)  Technical & Fundamental Updates  Alembic Pharma  High return investment recommendation (Core portfolio) Multi-bagger story  Fundamentals Updates, Technical view  Spicejet
  13. 13. The Techno Funda Edge The marriage between our fundamental and technical research gives us the confidence to give ‘BUY’ or ‘SELL’ recommendation at correct levels Every stock has its price… Eg: Tata motors is good, But is it good at this level? Tata Motors will be Rs 400 in one and half year, does that mean it will never come down to Rs 250 ever? ..and we recommend booking profits or losses at different price levels No ‘HOLD’ Button at our dealing desk..
  14. 14. Absolute v/s Relative ReturnsWealth Created Wealth Destroyed
  15. 15. Example of Absolute Return22 May 2012 16 DR.C.K.NARAYAN
  16. 16. Customised Research Solutions You are an Individual Investor or a Broker/Sub-broker needing ideas and recommendations for further dissemination and are looking at  particular set of Indices (BSE 200, Nifty 50, Sensex 30 etc); or  trade only in Large cap/ Mid cap/ Small cap; or  Concentrated only in a few sectors You can subscribe to our Customised Research Solutions and avail research, tailor-made for your investment & trading needs at GAAA. For further details contact us at: +91 22 61819144/61819133
  17. 17. Growth Avenues INvestment Solutions GAINS
  18. 18. Current ProductsCurrent Products Brief DescriptionTechni200 Our high-beta trading portfolioNifty Edge 5.0 Core focus on large cap Nifty50 stocksLive Trades Intra-day trading recommendations through SMSOption Xpress Option Strategies recommendations through SMSCommodity Radar Commodities (Bullion-Energy-Metals) recommendations through SMSIndex Gains Back-tested Nifty & Bank Nifty trading systemMomentum Trade How to double your money in a year?Trade Alert Value add to our website visitors. One free trading idea per dayCustomised Research Need specific tailor made advisory support.Solutions 19
  19. 19. What’s there in the market 99% of all advisory firms offer identical products• Momentum Trades• BTST• Intra-day Trades• Positional Trades• Reports…SMS…Live Chat…No Responsibility 20
  20. 20. We stand out We align ourselves with only 2 aspects – client’s interest and market direction• Improve Quality of our Products• Innovation in Product Designing• Holistic approach• Only actionable & measurable ideas• Crisp to-the-point communication 21
  21. 21. InnovationNIFTY EDGE 5.0 TECHNI 200 (Confluence of Techni Trend & Trend Trader)Focus on only large caps Focus on Broader marketsLong-Short Futures Long-Short Futures2 trades/ ideas per day. 5-8% target 2-3 trades/ ideas per day. 5-8% targetDaily & Weekly Report Daily & Weekly ReportPortfolio-based Approach Portfolio-based ApproachNAV calculated every week NAV calculated every weekSMS as trade triggers SMS as trade triggers 22
  22. 22. Attributes Identify price trend and invest in its direction –NIFTY EDGE 5.0 & TECHNI 200 are both bi-directional models => Profit generation in both up and down markets Capital Preservation is the priority. “Buy Strength. Sell Weakness” Only one type of trade is initiated in these models  a momentum based swing/ short-term trade with a return expectation of (5-8%) NIFTY EDGE 5.0 & TECHNI 200 uses sectoral diversification and includes liquid stocks from various sectors. Follow pre-determined precise rules for every aspect of a trade. Include no scope for guess or hope --- remove emotions from investing Being a directional model, NIFTY EDGE 5.0 & TECHNI 200 will carry mainly longs or shorts depending on the underlying trend of the market. In an ambiguous state of the trend, the portfolio will include both long and short trades. Adoption of a disciplined approach to investing 23
  23. 23. Portfolio Approach Synthetic Portfolio of Rs.10 lacs considered 1 lot is the bet size for each trade recommendation All levels are as per NSE Futures Near Month contract One point of action for Entry, Stop Loss and Target. 2/4 trades recommendations each day - communicated pre market open through daily reports Clients are communicated through SMS as & when trade gets activated Stop Loss levels are revised on an end-of-day basis. Any intra-market updates will be communicated through SMS A maximum of 20/25 live trades is considered in our Synthetic Portfolio 24
  24. 24. Sample Market Analysis 25
  25. 25. Product DetailsNifty Edge 5.0 Techni 200Nifty Outlook - Detailed analysis on Nifty Market Outlook – Detailed analysis onFutures Sensex & BSE 200Today’s Picks – 2 momentum trade Today’s Picks – 2-3 momentum traderecommendations recommendationsCurrent Portfolio - Status of live trades, at Current Portfolio – Status of live trades, atmax 20 trades max 25 tradesPortfolio Changes – Alterations to the Portfolio Changes - Alterations to theportfolio portfolioEdge v/s Nifty – Relative Performance Techni 200/ BSE 200 - Relative Performance 26
  26. 26. INDEX GAINS SALIENT FEATURES Restricted to nifty and bank nifty futures Conservative targets and stops Intraday calls or positional calls depending on movement and volatility No fixed frequency Signals based on multiple, back tested systems Calls delivered through sms only and also posted simultaneously on our website Alerts given to reposition stops or to exit when necessary
  28. 28. M-STRATS60 Starting Capital 10,000,000 Leverage 3 times Realised Profit/ Loss 4,481,917 Current Capital 14,481,917 Net Profit % 44.82% Launch Date 16/Nov/11 Current Date 4/May/12 Age (days) 168 Annualised Gain % 123.57% Number of Trades 66 Total Long Trades 29 Total Short Trades 37 Winning Trades 43 Winning % 65.2% Average Profit 226,244 Average Profit % 0.89% Max Consecutive 9 Max Profit 687,927 Max Profit % 2.74% Date NAV Ret % November 16, 2011 10,000,000 Losing Trades 23 November 30, 2011 10,233,766 2.34% Losing % 34.85% December 31, 2011 12,277,082 19.97% Average Loss -228,112 Average Loss % -0.91% January 31, 2012 12,662,891 3.14% Max Consecutive 3 February 28, 2012 13,498,019 6.60% Max Loss (460,650) March 31, 2012 14,525,183 7.61% Max Loss % -1.78% April 30, 2012 14,481,917 -0.30%22 May 2012 31 DR.C.K.NARAYAN
  29. 29. Growth Avenues Knowledge Centre  Regular Training Programmes are conducted at our in house 25 Seater Knowledge Centre.  High Quality Training is Presented by Expert Trainers spearheaded by India’s Top Capital Market Trainer and our Driving Force, Dr C K Narayan.  Dr C K Narayan and his team of trainers have been active in the field of capital market training for the past two decades and more and have trained over fifty thousand people  Tailor-made Training Programmes from Basic to Advanced levels to meet the needs of Corporates, Broking Houses, Banks, Financial Institutions and FIIs22 May 2012 33 DR.C.K.NARAYAN
  30. 30. GAKC Training Programs Practical TA Application Three Methods for Nifty Trading Profitable Swing Trading With TA Practical Day Trading Methods Ichimoku Trading System Profiting From Momentum (How to choose the right Indicator) How to Build a Portfolio using Relative Strength CHART ANALYSIS USING GANN METHODS OPTIONS TRADING – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Modules Trading Gold and Silver with TA22 May 2012 34 DR.C.K.NARAYAN
  31. 31. Annual Projection 2011 Actual Index movement in 2011Projection turned around for 2011Original projection given 180 degreesDone in Mar 2011 37
  32. 32. Annual Projection Portfolio Performance 38
  33. 33. Everything you wanted, under one roof!Visit: www.growthavenues.comTel:+91-22-61819191Fax: +91-22-61819181Marketing: 6181 9122/9133/9144Email:
  34. 34. Thank You 40