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Maximizing the Millennial


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Millennials are the largest generation of working professionals, so if you're not retaining them it might mean the difference between success and failure. Maximizing the Millennial is a training program to optimize results and keep Millennials happy.

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Maximizing the Millennial

  1. 1. Millennial Bootcamp Today, Millennials represent the largest generation in the workforce and 60% expect to leave their jobs within 3 years. Each worker that leaves your company costs 150% - 250% of an annual salary so retaining young talent is crucial. In this program Coach Scott will teach, model and train your younger employees to have the skill set to grow and thrive in your company. Through a combination of a monthly workshop + individual coaching sessions, younger employees will learn new skills and be held accountable for the results. Providing this program for your emerging leaders will increase company loyalty, engagement and performance which will result in a higher ROI. Below are the components involved: • Coaching - Millennials work more efficiently and take greater responsibility for their work under the guidance of a coach. During monthly coaching sessions, individuals will be pushed to leverage personal strengths, strategize ways to work more efficiently and set 30-day goals which they will be held accountable for. • Strengths Assessment - Each coaching candidate will be given an online strengths test that will reveal their Top 5 strengths. Employees will learn how to leverage natural talent and abilities to optimize their performance. Identifying and maximizing strengths increases efficiency, performance and employee engagement. • Skill Mastery - Career development within the company is important to Millennials. Teaching a skill is just the beginning, but acting it out helps one learn it. During this interactive portion, Scott will facilitate skills such as: leadership, coaching/feedback, communication, taking initiative, being engaged at work, professionalism, etc. and role-play with attendees. Employees will learn how to apply this skill in their daily duties at work and leave with a take-away application and challenge to use immediately. • Mastermind Groups - Millennials are eager to problem solve in collaboration with others, so this part of the workshop attendees will be strategically placed into small groups to discuss, problem solve and strategize new ways to find solutions for current challenges and lingering issues. The outcomes will be followed up in one-on-one coaching sessions. • Networking - Millennials work best in an environment where they feel a part of and an allotted time to network is key. During each workshop, attendees will be given time to connect with other Millennials. Networking can be an intimidating task, but like public speaking you only improve by doing more of it. Participants will get to know co- workers from other departments and feel more connected to your company.
  2. 2. • 360 Degree Feedback - Are you looking for a potential employee to promote? Select one candidate to receive confidential, anonymous feedback from managers, peers and direct reports about their strengths/weaknesses, performance, teamwork, character and leadership effectiveness. This is the ultimate development and performance appraisal tool. Scott will coordinate, meet and gather information from supervisors and co-workers to provide a report and recommendation for next steps. Monthly Packages* Starter: Coaching + Strengths Assessment or Workshop (Skill Mastery, Mastermind Groups & Networking) - $2500 Deluxe: Coaching + Strengths Assessment & Workshop (Skill Mastery, Mastermind Groups & Networking) - $3500 Premium: Coaching + Strengths Assessment, Workshop (Skill Mastery, Mastermind Groups & Networking) + 360 Degree Feedback - $5000 *suggested length of commitment = 6 months Employer Benefits - Interactive Workshops - Leadership Skills Taught, Modeled & Reinforced - Employee-Led Problem Solving - Individual Coaching/Training - Accountability - Company Loyalty - Higher Retention Rate - Increase in Performance by 80% (coaching + workshop) - Save 150% - 250% of an annual salary for each Millennial retained Millennial Benefits - Leadership Development - Career Growth - Opportunity to Collaborate/Network - Individual Coaching/Training (perk) - Feeling Valued & Appreciated - Feeling Connected to the Company Scott Asai is a Millennial Retention Specialist for small to mid-sized companies. He is the owner of Growing Forward and possesses a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and B.A. in Psychology. Scott has experience speaking, training and coaching in the corporate, education and non-profit fields. For more information and how to get started contact Scott at: or (310) 367-1059