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URBAN MOBILITY WEBINAR : Making An Electric CarSharing System Economically Viable


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Presentation by cambio CarSharing & KVB on the Electric CarSharing system developed in Cologne in the context of the GrowSmarter project.

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URBAN MOBILITY WEBINAR : Making An Electric CarSharing System Economically Viable

  1. 1. Project Meeting - 27/11/2015 - 1cambio Köln - 11/12/2018 - page WEBINAR URBAN MOBILITY Making An Electric CarSharing System Economically Viable cambio CarSharing & KVB
  2. 2. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 2 2 How to make E-CarSharing viable? It must be a real alternative for your personally owned car. But how can you provide this? Let´s see … VIABILITY OF E-CARSHARING
  3. 3. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 3 3 CarSharing is only an option for users, if: • It is planable: I can book my car for a certain time and location • It is reliable: for the booked time the car is mine and it works • It is adjustable to my needs: I get always the vehicle type that I want • It is combinable: I take one only if I need one and combine it with Public Transport • It is affordable: I can´t spend much more than for my own car • It is easy to access: I can book it via app, I can open it 24/7 • It is available: I find my car just around the corner LESSONS LEARNT – VIABILITY OF CARSHARING
  4. 4. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 4 4 How we deal with this: • It is planable: Booking possible from 1 min to 1/2 year in advance • It is reliable: Booking systems • It is adjustable to my needs: 10 different vehicle types • It is combinable: 8 mobility stations in Cologne • It is affordable: Moderate prices (cheaper than own car under 10k km/y) • It is easy to access: KVB-App, cambio-Card, KVB-eTicket (mobility ticket) • It is available: 100 stations in Cologne LESSONS LEARNT – VIABILITY OF CARSHARING
  5. 5. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 5 5 Special challenge E-CarSharing: • Distances • Fear of new technique • Available Vehicles • Costs Meet the challenge: • Distances: 10 different vehicle types (not only E), new batteries • Fear of new technique: Special information meetings for customers at E- stations • Available Vehicles: Booking system with distances included • Costs: At the moment only viable with subsidies resp. cross-subsidisation LESSONS LEARNT – VIABILITY OF E-CARSHARING
  6. 6. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 6 CARSHARING IN COLOGNE – INTEGRATED APPROACH A real alternative for personally owned cars  Physical Integration of CarSharing in existing structures such as Public Transport  Combining with other new mobility options, e.g. BikeSharing, ParkingApps  Virtual Integration in ticket- systems and apps of local PT- provider
  7. 7. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 7 INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE – MOBILY STATIONS  Easy Access: Location is everything – mobility stations  Pioneering: E-mobility  Flexible: Interconnect providers physically – carsharing, conventional bike- and e-bikesharing, parksharing
  8. 8. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 8 Stations  Mülheim and enclosed areas: 13 stations, 6 E-stations  Total Cologne: 100 stations DEVELOPMENT CAMBIO KÖLN – PROJECT AREA MÜLHEIM Legend Sales agent
  9. 9. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 9  Booking of CarSharing, BikeSharing and Public Transport in one app  Open cambio cars with KVB-eTicket  10% discount on all cambio tariffs  Tariffs usage dependent CREATING VARIETY IN MOBILITY – ALL-IN-ONE-TICKET Integration in ticket-systems and apps of local PT-provider network VRS:
  10. 10. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 10  Videos on Youtube, promotion on Instagram and Twitter  Sales Campaigns via Facebook  Stories with use cases on cambio blog  Dissemination via bloggers in Cologne which special interest in sustainable mobility REPLICATION AND MARKETING
  11. 11. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 11  KVB and cambio newsletters  Press Releases  KVB-App relaunch  DFI at the tram and bus stops REPLICATION AND MARKETING
  12. 12. cambio Köln 11/12/2018 - page 12  Addressing companies next to mobility stations  cambio-registration possibility at KVB customer center  Demonstration booths at weekly markets or other events REPLICATION AND MARKETING
  13. 13. cambio Köln - 11/12/2018 - page 13 Get the latest updates by signing up online! This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 646456. The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the GrowSmarter project and in no way reflects the views of the European Union. Tanya Bullmann de Carvalho dos Santos cambio Cologne Thomas Bischof KVB