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Smart Cities: Integration Mechanisms, Humble Lamppost, E-Mobility


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Experiences regarding Integrated Infrastructure for Smart Cities: EIP-SCC, Integration Mechanisms, Humble Lamppost, E-Mobility
Prof. Lutz Heuser, ui!

Published in: Technology
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Smart Cities: Integration Mechanisms, Humble Lamppost, E-Mobility

  1. 1.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 1
  2. 2.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 2 [ui!] Group Berlin, Brisbane, Budapest, Chemnitz, Darmstadt, New York City, Walldorf About us Leading start-up in Smart City real-time open urban platform Best in class smart services World wide operation [ui!] - the urban institute® [ui!] Trusted Advisor  Strong customer base  Largest Smart City network in Germany  EU Thought Leader [ui!] UrbanPulse  In production since 2014  True urban IoT platform  Scalable to suite any use case [ui!] Smart Services  Revenue generating  Disruptive business models  Small infrastructure investment [ui!] Group  Cloud-based services  Offices in Europe, USA, Australia  Worldwide partner network …knows …how …to create value …for you
  3. 3.[ui!] - making cities even smarter European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Comunities The EU Perspective
  4. 4.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 4 Engagement Model of the European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities How to address it
  5. 5.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 5 400 initiatives of 3000 Partners What has been achieved
  6. 6.[ui!] - making cities even smarter initiated by meanwhile supported by  30+ vendors  30+ cities  EU  Standards bodies Goal: Open APIs based on city-lead needs What will be a game changer MoU on “Open Urban Platforms”
  7. 7.[ui!] - making cities even smarter EnBW RheinEnergie Alliander Euroimpresa IRE Spa SiTI Trento RISE Cedint ENEA Univarra ABB Schweiz Algorab Philips Orange Schneider Electric Schréder Group Urban Institute Amey Arkessa SilverSpring Bosch Europoles ISA Energy Luxintec Arup Connectivity Alliance UrbanDNA The Hague Torino Terrassa Sabadell • Nea Ionia, Athens Glasgow Eindhoven Cork (Sco) SCA Wiesloch Santander London Borough of Greenwich Barcelona Almere DSA Southend Breda Huawei Rakvere Tampere Ferrovial TNO GIB EIB Eurac Sodercan “1,000,000 Humble Lampposts” a pan-European Effort What will be a quick win 40+ Partners in Europe to work on integrated multi-functional street lighting infrastructure Goal: 1,000,000 public street lights turned into Humble Lamppost Approach: Agree on common standard components and features to develop a reference tender framework for fast market take-up Engage suppliers / vendors, operators, cities, and financial institutions in a common approach Standards: The German Standards organisation DIN started a DIN SPEC project.
  8. 8.[ui!] - making cities even smarter Goal Development and publication of a DIN SPEC specification on „an integrated multi-functional street lighting infrastructure – aka Humble Lamppost“ Input to international standardization bodies (BSI, CEN, ISO) Input to the European Innovation Partnership „Smart Cities and Communities“ lead initiative “Humble Lamppost” Create a market take-up in Europe within the next 24 months DIN SPEC Humble Lamppost
  9. 9.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 9 EV4SCC – Scaling-up electro mobility solutions in Europe Lead Initiative of the Action Cluster “Sustainable Urban Mobility” Core initiative since 2014 Coordinated by Urban Foresight Endorsed by DG MOVE and Commissioner Bulc as one of the two lead initiatives of SUM in EIP SCC For details: [ui!] Our contribution: • [ui!] CROSSFLEET – optimizing the utlization of eCars in public and commercial fleets by sharing • New mobility service, i.e. fleets purchase time shares of fleet cars • Sharing with other enterprises to achieve same TCO than traditional cars • Intense testing since mid 2014 • Operational since March 2015 • Roll-out in Germany and selected countries in EU
  10. 10.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 10[ui!] - making cities even smarter Urban IoT - Real-time data feeds using open connectors to large variety of types of urban sensor - Pre-processing of incoming data feeds for real-time event management (sub-second) - Visualization of the data to provide insight to decision makers - Operational worldwide leveraging best in class cloud infrastructures (Azure®) UrbanPulse [ui!]CONNECTOR Open&StandardInterfaces
  11. 11.[ui!] - making cities even smarter 11 Thank you !