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IIA of IL Convention 2012 Keynote Presentation


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How Independent Insurance Agents Generate New Business Revenue From Online Activities.

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IIA of IL Convention 2012 Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. Finding Success Online How Independent Insurance Agents Generate New Business Revenue From Online Activities
  2. 2. I am Ryan Hanley• Insurance Producer, CIC – The Murray Group Insurance Servicers, Inc• Creator/Editor –• Author – The Social Tools Book• Producer – The Content Warfare Podcast
  3. 3. I Am Jason Cass• Married w/ two sons• Owner of JDC Insurance• Chairman of National YAC for Big I• Original CAP Task Force member• ACT liaison to the National YAC• IIA of IL YAC member
  4. 4. Ground Rules• Ask lots of questions… – Even dumb questions • We don’t expect you to be an expert – Be prepared for our honest opinion – You can always follow up with us• We may go on a tangent – It will always be relevant• We don’t care if you email or send texts• You don’t have to ask us to go the bathroom
  5. 5. Myths About Selling Online• Internet Shoppers Buy on Price – If we don’t treat our product like a commodity they won’t buy it like a commodity• We Need To Be On Every Social Media Site to be Successful – Success online is about becoming a valuable resource• Consumers Need Our Expertise – The information gates to our knowledge have been unlocked
  6. 6. Common Objections to Social Media• We work on referrals… • So does the Internet• It takes too much time… • You don’t have time for to generate revenue?• I don’t know anything about computers… • Hire someone that does• I don’t like the Internet… • But your clients do
  7. 7. ConsumerizationIs an term used to describe emergence of First in the consumer market Then spread into businessIn years past, many technology-based productshave had their beginnings in the defense &business markets: Facsimile machines Calculators Mobile phone Personal computers
  8. 8. Consumerization• First, products that were designed for individual consumers, are now appealing in the workplace and demand of these products are increasing in the workplace
  9. 9. Consumerization• Second, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”…• Creates a window that shows transparency, builds trust, and your brand.• Getting employees to share & use productive and enhancing consumer technology at and away from work will be a wise strategy.
  10. 10. Success Online is derived from your ability to consistentlydeliver value and has nothing to do with your technical knowledge of the Internet.
  11. 11. Success isn’t about YOU. It’s a derivative of being all about everyone else...
  12. 12. Today you deliver value, Tomorrow you build a relationship.
  13. 13. Create content that isremarkably, that is enjoyable to consume, and that lets the reader know exactly what you want them to do next. ~ Copyblogger
  14. 14. I Am Brent Kelly• Agent at Clemens Insurance of Bloomington, IL• Creator/Editor –• Blog titled – “The Insurance Coach”
  15. 15. Generating Revenue Online Workshop Presented by Jason Cass, CIC & Ryan Hanley, CIC“The GROW mission is to provide every Independent Insurance Agent with the tools and knowledge to generate revenue from their online activities”