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Rocketr Pitch


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Rocketr Pitch

  1. 1. “Social note-taking”
  2. 2. A world beyond the inboxThe ProblemWe had a team, a handful of inboxes,and far too many insights to keeptrack of using a glorified task manager.“Check this out: http://www...”“FYI - Read this when you get a chance.”“I’m thinking about writing a blog post on...”“I’m at the event... The speaker is recommending we...”“I’ve got ideas on how we can do a better job of...” Rocketr
  3. 3. The simplest way to scratch the itchThe SolutionWe built a faster, simpler way to takenotes and collaborate in groups. Notes Notebooks Editors “Social note-taking” Rocketr
  4. 4. Where it gets interestingMeet DariusDarius works at an advertising agency.He and his friends love good creative. Rocketr
  5. 5. This is publishingMeet Arati Rocketr
  6. 6. The Net EffectBefore... Capture Tag Curate ShareAnd now Capture Share Rocketr
  7. 7. What makes this differentKey BenefitsLight-weight: Notes are frictionless.There is no publishing overhead.This is a new form of content.Conversational: Notes kickoff threads -the kind you’d see in knowledgemanagement software... but active.Beautiful to Browse: A publishing “musthave”. Asking people to open up theirmoleskine begins with a moleskine. Rocketr
  8. 8. Rocketr to date Rocketr
  9. 9. Goodbye Beta! Hello iPhone! Rocketr
  10. 10. The story so farPursuing a seed round of investment Rocketr
  11. 11. “Social note-taking”