GROWtalks - Level Up your Engagement - Insider tips from a mobile games leader - Derek Yip


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GROWtalks Vancouver - January 30th, 2014

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GROWtalks - Level Up your Engagement - Insider tips from a mobile games leader - Derek Yip

  2. 2. ABOUT MYSELF ‣ Product Team Lead at A Thinking Ape ‣ 12 years in the video and mobile game industry ‣ Grew up on games, and still play them today ‣ I am not here to talk about the gaming industry ‣ I am here to talk about ENGAGEMENT
  3. 3. USER ENGAGEMENT PARTY IN MY DORM KINGDOMS AT WAR ‣ ATA has two very popular mobile games ‣ Ranked on the Top Grossing Charts ‣ Why? A Highly ENGAGED Player Base
  4. 4. KINGDOMS AT WAR ‣ Consistently a Top 50 Grossing Game ‣ #20 just this December ‣ Released Four years ago ‣ One of the oldest, if not the oldest, game that is on the top grossing charts
  5. 5. KINGDOMS AT WAR VS OTHER PRODUCTS ‣ What is the secret to its success? 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% ay 1 D 0 ay 1 D 0 ay 3 D 0 ay 9 D 8 ay 1 D 0 6 ay 3 D ‣ Shown Above - Retention Data ‣ Key Difference Maker - Long Term Engagement 0
  6. 6. WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? ‣ When designing a product, we focus on ‣ Design - Does it give users what they want? ‣ Art/Sound/UX - Is it Satisfying and intuitive to use? ‣ Content - Do users want your content? ‣ Both games executed equally well in these areas.
  7. 7. ANALYZING THE DIFFERENCE ‣ Started looking beyond the core product ‣ Examined the communities and social relationships formed ‣ Actions performed between two players ‣ Actions performed as a group ‣ Actions involving messages and chat ‣ The above actions, on a per user basis, has a direct correlation with the success of our products
  8. 8. THE KEY DIFFERENCE ‣ Our users do not naturally want to be Social ‣ We created the Incentives for our users to initiate Social Actions ‣ Social actions is what led to a high level of Engagement
  9. 9. INCENTIVES are the key to ENGAGEMENT
  10. 10. ENGAGEMENT NEEDS INCENTIVES ‣ Incentivize User to User Interaction ‣ Incentivize Community Actions ‣ Incentivize Community Competition ‣ Incentivize their Next Visit
  11. 11. INCENTIVIZE USER TO USER INTERACTION ‣ Get your users interacting with each other at every opportunity possible ‣ In Games - User to User Gifting ‣ On Facebook - Likes ‣ On Linked In - Endorsements ‣ All these examples require 1 Button Press and incentivize your users to respond
  12. 12. INCENTIVIZE COMMUNITY ACTIONS ‣ Make group actions more rewarding than any individual actions. ‣ In Games - Let groups tackle challenges together ‣ Online Store - Give out free bonuses to all buyers when X number of a product is sold ‣ Kickstarter - Gated content until it has reached a number of supporters ‣ Give them an incentive to work together and communicate with each other.
  13. 13. INCENTIVIZE COMMUNITY COMPETITION ‣ Competing with real people is extremely compelling ‣ Keys to creating an amazing competitive environment ‣ Real People - Get your users competing with each other ‣ Make them work - Points, Trophies, Posts, Reviews, Check-ins ‣ Visible Reward - Not Real, but Visible
  14. 14. INCENTIVIZE COMMUNITY COMPETITION ‣ Examples Include ‣ Games - Leaderboards w/Prizes ‣ Yelp - Yelp VIP Status and Events ‣ FourSquare - Mayorships
  15. 15. INCENTIVIZE THEIR NEXT VISIT ‣ Treat your users as if it is the last time you will see them ‣ Give them a reason to return ‣ But how?
  16. 16. INCENTIVIZE THEIR NEXT VISIT ‣ It is already done. Your users are now the ones driving each other to return because they are all connected. ‣ Every time a message is sent between users, it brings them back ‣ Every time a group needs help, it brings them back ‣ Every time a competition is updated, it brings them back
  17. 17. You have created a POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP for User Engagement
  18. 18. BOTTOM LINE ‣ No matter how great your product’s Design, UX, Art, and Sound is, it can be replicated ‣ In a competitive marketplace, any success will inspire others just like you ‣ You have no competitive advantage
  19. 19. FOCUS ON CREATING SOCIAL CONNECTIONS ‣ You need to create something that cannot be replicated ‣ Incentivize your users to create social connections ‣ These social connections will keep your users coming back ‣ #1 Reason why our players keep playing our games ‣ They care who they play with. The only place they can do that is within our games.
  20. 20. THE PILLARS OF ENGAGEMENT SUCCESS ‣ Incentivize User to User Interaction ‣ Incentivize Community Actions ‣ Incentivize Community Competition ‣ and it will incentivize their next visit. ‣ Returning users are the key to long term user engagement.