The Benefits of 'Going Google'


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Our webinar, 'Google Apps, The Benefits of Going Google' took place on the 14th June 2012.

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  • Work in the future is: better together share a little, or share a lot with people (not email addresses) fast, real-time teamwork anywhere you go any device anywhere in the world doing not viewing always up to date content: always have access to the latest docs/data/etc. apps: constant innovation - click to refresh devices: any device you pick up instantly becomes your own powered the web available from anywhere (work devices, home devices, airport terminals...) secure, private, reliable, green
  • Work in the future is: better together share a little, or share a lot with people (not email addresses) fast, real-time teamwork anywhere you go any device anywhere in the world doing not viewing always up to date content: always have access to the latest docs/data/etc. apps: constant innovation - click to refresh devices: any device you pick up instantly becomes your own powered the web available from anywhere (work devices, home devices, airport terminals...) secure, private, reliable, green
  • Our extensive research with customers in 2010-2011 has illuminated the following overall benefits that they achieve with Google Apps: * Reduce operating costs from 2-10% * Reduce IT costs for messaging, collaboration, innovation, mobility and M&A integration by 20-35% * Increase revenues by 2-10% * Increase productivity due to increased collaboration, innovation and mobility by 10-50% How does Google Apps help you achieve all of these benefits? Let me tell you exactly how: * Google Apps is delivered through the browser, no client software needed, the Internet is your messaging, collaboration, innovation, mobility, acquisition integration platform * Google Apps is scalable, secure, global, shared, etc. b/c we leverage Google's massive data centers and shared computing capacity - meaning you need fewer servers, storage, networking equipment, backup & disaster recovery, infrastructure support, etc. for messaging, collaboration, innovation, mobility, M&A integration - Google manages that for you now - which also means that you can liberate some IT and business resources to focus on more value-added projects for the organization * Google Apps is available on a subscription model - you can scale up or down your usage of Google Apps for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Sites, Videos, Groups as you need it - US$50/user/year or US$5/user/month * Google Apps is available anywhere, anytime, any Internet-enabled device - whether you are using a PC, laptop, notebook, smartphone, tablet or Chromebook - as long as you have a browser to access the Internet - you can utilize Google Apps. Google Apps works on any smartphone/tablet/Chromebook powered by any of the four (4) major mobile OS platforms - Android, iOS from Apple (iPhones & iPads), Blackberry from RIM or Active Sync/Windows 7 with Microsoft. Google Apps is your agile, flexible, powerful mobility/productivity enabler. * Constant innovation & no upgrades required -- Google Apps had 125 enhancements/updates built into it in 2010, and we are on a similar clip of innovation for 2011. As customers say, they get new features/functionality/benefits built into Google Apps weekly, automatically, without any additional upgrade costs. Customers really like leveraging Google's culture and delivery of constant innovation in Google Apps. * Multi-lingual translation support - Google Apps enables customers to immediately translate emails, chats and documents from one language to another for 54 languages. This is native to/built into Google Apps. It just works. And customers with global operations, customers, partners, etc. derive improved team communications, productivity, speed and nimbleness as well as provide quicker and better customer service with this capability from Google Apps.
  • Google search appliance brings Google search into your business. To provide intuitive, accurate search results across your Interanet or public web site.
  • Reduce average handling time per call - By finding the exact information they are looking for in a matter of seconds, agents can quickly respond to customer needs. Agents do not have to scroll through pages of information and click on dozens of links. Some of our customers have experienced average handling time reduction of 20%. Assuming a much more conservative 5% reduction, the numbers could be as shown below:
  • Increase first call resolution - The Google Search Appliance is highly relevant – it pinpoints information on the first call. Average Handling Time AHT whats your current AHT? Whats the benefit of cutting that by 5%? 10%? 20%? Increase Satisfaction - Ultimately, by reducing average handling time and increasing first call resolution, customers satisfaction increases. As executives are well aware, customer satisfaction ultimately enhances customer retention, which itself offers a much higher ROI for businesses.
  • The Benefits of 'Going Google'

    1. 1. Grove Enterprise SolutionsGoogle Apps: The Benefits of Going Google
    3. 3. Grove Group
    4. 4. Changing Face of Business
    5. 5. Grove African Clients
    6. 6. Google Enterprise Solutions
    7. 7. Work in the Future, Today
    8. 8. Work in the Future, Today Better together Anywhere you go Always up to date Powered by the web
    9. 9. Some Trivia• How much video is uploaded to YouTube every minute? o 72 hours of new video every minute• How large is Googles "Caffeine" search index? o 100 million gigabytes, or 100 petabytes• How many active Gmail users does Google serve? o 350 million active users• How long does it take Google to respond to a search query? o on average, 250 milliseconds• What was Googles uptime on Apps Enterprise last year? o 99.9989%
    10. 10. Google Apps Success Stories Processes Google Apps Enterprise •40,000,000 businesses •400,000,000 million end-users •5,000 new business every day
    11. 11. Google Apps Enterprise
    12. 12. What is Google Apps Enterprise? • True Enterprise-ready, Cloud Solution • Communications and Collaboration Suite • Any device, anywhere, anytime
    13. 13. Productivity for todays global teams Gmail Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything. Calendar Make sharing calendars and schedules easy. Talk Business-class IM and videochat as easy as email. Docs Make real-time collaborating as easy as creating. Sites Allow users to create and manage their own sites. Videos Unlock the power of video in your organization. Groups Let users easily create, work, succeed in teams. Security Security, discovery and compliance solutions.
    14. 14. 2007 vs 2012 Google Apps in 2007 * Google Apps in 2012 * Support: Email only, English only: 9am-6pm PT US Time Support: Phone & email 24/7/365, in English, globally. Other languages supported in local business hours: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese SLA: 99% Uptime SLA: 99.9% Uptime + no planned downtime Security: Strong at the data center and administration levels Security: Robust, enterprise-level security at all four levels: data center; administration; device; and user US $50 per user/per year US $50 per user/per year* Note: Specifically, January 2007 vs. January 2012
    15. 15. Compelling value of Google Apps ... today Delivered through the browser No client software, Internet as a platform Scalable, secure, global, shared Leverage massive shared computing capacity (meaning no more or fewer servers, storage, networking equipment, backup & disaster recovery - Google manages them) Subscription model Pay only for what you use (monthly or annually) Access from any Internet enabled device Mobile devices increasing productivity anywhere Constant innovation & no upgrades required Always on the latest release; incremental enhancements weekly Multi-lingual translation Real-time enablement for global collaborationReduce operating costs up to 10%. Reduce IT costs up to 35% Increase revenues up to 10%. Increase productivity up to 50%
    16. 16. Tools for Working in the Future Even More...
    17. 17. Benefits of Google AppsSecurity & Privacy first• Dozens of critical security features• Your data belongs to you• 24x7x365.25 Access - that’s right: no rest, even on leap years• Your data is always backed up
    18. 18. Benefits of Google AppsStay connected from anywhere• Your work is automatically saved in the cloud• You’ll have access to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device youre on• Every employee and everyone you work with can be productive
    19. 19. Benefits of Google AppsWork better together• Collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations• Share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time
    20. 20. Benefits of Google AppsGet stuff done faster• Streamline everyday tasks like invoicing, budgeting, scheduling and more• Familiar tools that millions already use• Search and Share information quickly and easily• Access from any device, anywhere, anytime
    21. 21. Benefits of Google AppsInvisible IT that justworks• Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure• Always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates• No need to buy or maintain servers and everything can be managed from a single interface
    22. 22. Google Search Appliance
    23. 23. Challenge: Employees are overwhelmed by information • Do we have any reports on market size? ? • Who is working on the G+ project? • What interest rate products do I have? • What macro-economic research do we have? • Has my boss written anything on this? • What important things should I know?
    24. 24. Work in the Future, Today. Can search billions of documents Can index documents management systems and databases Improves search relevance over time Expected Google searchCan search 220 file types features: auto-complete, spelling correction etc.
    25. 25. Sprint Call Centre GSA can increase efficiency and improve productivity in your call centersA perfect example is Sprint/Nextel:Reduced avg Call Centre Call Time 20% 20%5. They were able to index all data repositories to help deliver relevant results to help their reps close tickets faster and more efficiently.6. Finding the exact info they are looking for in a matter of seconds
    26. 26. Sprint Call CentreFurthermore... Reduced agent training costs Implementing the Google Search Appliance can substantially reduce these costs – by up to 25% per representative. For a company that hires 200 call center representatives per year, this can translate into R1,500,000 in annual savings.How? Increasing first call resolution By making search relevant it pinpoints information on the first callWhich ultimately Increases Customer Satisfaction
    27. 27. ReutersOperations in more than 100 countries and over 96,000 employeesReuters Media updates financial information up to 23,000 times per second Problem Solution Solution • receives more than 10 million page views daily, more than 300 million • Chose Google Search Appliance – for its search relevance and unified results monthly • Search real-time news, stock quotes, images, and video – in a single search box • Needed a robust search solution to provide users with a compelling experience • Global - Native language search support in USA, Africa, UK, Japan, China, Italy, and • Need to search multiple types of content India ResultsIncreased number of search queries by more than 500%Increased relevance by delivering unified results from diverse sources“Google gave us the power and flexibility to create our own customized front-endinterface. Users have easy access to business information in one place to help themmake informed financial decisions faster.” – Leon Shklar, EVP of Technology, Reuters Media*
    28. 28. Google Geospatial
    29. 29. Maps Extend the Toolkit for Organising Information Enterprise Enterprise Apps Maps/Earth Enterprise Search • Cloud-based • Location-based search • Location Visualisation*
    30. 30. Googles Geo Enterprise Business Google provides the Enterprise products for distributing your Geospatial data internally and externally in a familiar environment Google Maps Google Earth Google Earth Google Earth Pro API Premier Enterprise Builder On-premise software for Cloud platform for Web mapping and Google Earth desktop creating private earth private Google Earth business intelligence software globes globes and maps applications 25k+ Paying Geo Enterprise Customers*
    31. 31. Maps power location-intelligent decisions Clear Channel Outdoors application displays advertising opportunities on the map*
    32. 32. Q&A