Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Botox & dermal fillers


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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Botox & dermal fillers

  1. 1. Grove Beauty ClinicAdvanced CosmeticProcedures:Botox and DermalFillersBy Grove Beauty Clinic
  2. 2. Grove Beauty ClinicIntroduction to Botox & Dermal FillersBotox and dermal fillers are two of our most popular treatmentsand both are administered by our consultant plastic surgeon. Thetwo are different procedures though both offer smoother, line-freecomplexions and are a real triumph in the fight against ageing.
  3. 3. ResearchProducts such as Botox are classifiedas medicine and should only ever beadministered, or overseen by adoctor. If this isn’t offered, it is notadvisable to proceed.
  4. 4. Grove Beauty Clinic blocks the nerve impulses that cause the muscles to contract The results are fantastically smooth skin What is Botox? Botox is a series of targeted injections widely thought to be one which are used to relax tight of the safest treatments muscles, generally in the facial area. It is these muscles that over time and through promotes a younger constant use contract and cause lines looking appearance. and wrinkles to form. Botox injections block the nerve impulses that cause the muscles to contract, without the contractions lines in the face are smoothed out.
  5. 5. Grove Beauty ClinicWhat are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are also administered with an injection but where Botox blocks the muscle’s nerve impulses, dermal fillers work to even out wrinkles without any muscular interference. Dermal fillers fill in, or plump up, the skin between wrinkles so that there are no crevices or lines on the face. The skin is even and softer looking and most importantly, wrinkle free! Dermal fillers used by Grove are of the most advanced range available. Results can last up to six months and our repeat treatment Botox and dermal filler clients enjoy the long lasting benefits of smooth, younger looking skin.
  6. 6. Grove Beauty ClinicHow long will I need to betreated for?Dermal fillers used by Grove are of the mostadvanced range available. Results can last upto six months and our repeat treatment Botoxand dermal filler clients enjoy the long lastingbenefits of smooth, younger looking skin.
  7. 7. Grove Beauty ClinicIs It Safe?Both treatments are safe when Cheaper is not better when itadministered by a qualified comes to dermal fillers. The market has become highly competitivedoctor; such as they are here at and as a result prices have fallen;Grove. If you’re keen to turn this can be a warning sign thatback the hands of time then shouldn’t be ignored.Botox or dermal fillers could be Where the price is very cheap, thethe next step for you. quality of the product and the suitability of the practitioner could be dubious. Grove Beauty Clinic offers competitively priced treatments where quality and safety are never compromised.
  8. 8. Grove Beauty Clinic Established twenty years and headed by registered nurse DiannePeters, Grove Beauty Clinic is one of the leading professional Beauty Clinics in London, offering a variety of highly specialist treatments including skin tag, milia, mole, blood spot and wart removal, sclerotherapy, Ellipse SuperLight IPL, dermal fillers and Botox. The clinic also prescribes the highly specialist brand of Cosmedix facials and skin care products. Website: Telephone: 020 8579 2010 | Email: Address: 53 The Grove, Ealing, West London, W5 5DX.