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what do your diy diagnostic imaging results mean


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What the results of your DIY Imaging edits mean...

Published in: Health & Medicine
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what do your diy diagnostic imaging results mean

  1. 1. FotoFlexer edit: Blue is Lead Family:Red Meat, Lead from alcohol, Heavy Metal Lead from old water pipes/old lead paint/radiator fluid/Round-Up weed killer, Vitamin A, beta Carotene, Lithium drugs(antipsychotics), carrot juice, Potatoes, Cod Liver oil... Pink(the slightly darker pink close to the Blue)is Iron family:Chicken, Kale, Iron supplements, Pyrite/ Marcasite beads... The pale pink(larger area)is Aluminum:Found in Cholesterol, Eggs, Anti-perspirants, Zeolites, bentonite clay, Gingko Biloba, Cinnamon, Chai tea, Aloe Vera ... The peachy tone is Hydrogen:Water, Liquids, The liquid part of alcohol, Her2+ receptor is Hydrogen, living near a body of water, swimming, ice, liquid in juices/enemas... Yellow is calcium:Found in Progesterone, Pr+ recepetor, birth control drugs, milk, dairy products, Vitus Agnus Castus herb, things called “milk” usually contain calcium even if not from a cow... What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean??? blue pink pale pink peachy yellow
  2. 2. Red in Pixlr... Pixlr is used to track size change over time... Red is usually found at the edges of a problem/inflammation... Red is Hydrogen in Pixlr... Hydrogen is the BRCA1 gene problem too-an excess of... So this is important to remove! Her2+... What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean??? red
  3. 3. Lunapic: The purple colour in Lunapic is a cancer marker...It is Phosphorus...Estrogen, ER+... Phosphorus is in cottage cheese, Kefir, Yogurt, Cheeses, Blue mold, Toxic Algae Blooms on lakes, Nexium, Antacids, Probiotics, Colostrum, Ceruloplasmin, Tofu... Rare:In LATE stages of cancer, the parasite/worm called cancer eats ALL the Phosphorus & grows...All the purple disappears, & becomes the Key Lime green colour Mercury...This is deceptive because a benign tumour will show no purple either in Lunapic...The difference? Tumour may be starting to ulcerate, you have pain in your bones, or you have late stage diagnosis already... What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean??? purple key lime
  4. 4. If you have are having a problem in a brain part or a body part, find that part on the charts(next page)... Find what 2 elements live in that part... A MINUS element & a PLUS element... Decide if your problem is EXCESS or LACK... If LACK, ADD the Plus element... If Excess, add the MINUS element... If Lack, lower your intake of the Plus element too... If excess, RAISE your intake of the Minus element... Minus elements DETOX... PLUS elements REPAIR... For example: Cancer is a disease of EXCESS... Hypertension(high blood pressure) is EXCESS... Epilepsy is LACK... An ischemic heart attack is excess, a hemorrhagic heart attack is lack... Common arthritic pain is usually lack... Retinitis Pigmentosa is lack...Glaucoma is excess... What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean???
  5. 5. What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean??? Her2+ Pr+ Er+ Lyme glaucoma diabetes celiac Hypertension cholesterol+ hemachromatosis multiple sclerosis "perverse" ideations
  6. 6. What do your DIY Diagnostic Imaging Results mean??? Haveyou taken Too much of aMINUSdetox element?You can get... Zinc=Bipolar Manganese=PTSD Titanium=Memory Loss/Paranoia/Negativethoughts Potassium=too low blood pressure, heart stops, Traumatic brain injury Carbon=Down'sSyndrome Selenium=Low blood sugar, Coma Oxygen=Dehydration Iodine=Grave'sdisease/anorexia Copper=Panic/Anxiety/Acid reflux/emotional Magnesium=Pain in joints/kneehip replacement/necrosisof jaw Fluorine=Paralysis, Lack of independence, hearingloss, Crohn'sdisease Boron=death(heroin isaBoron)