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Presenting the value proposition of Social media practice from Group FMG.

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Social Media Value Proposition - Group FMG

  1. 1. Social Media PracticeOur Value Proposition
  2. 2. AgendaCompany Overview:A quick introduction to GROUP FMGOur Value Proposition:A walk through our comprehensive set of social media solutions for brands2
  3. 3. Company Overview3
  4. 4. Company Overview2012 GROUP FMG buys Pod12011 GROUP FMG‟s New York office is established2011 FMG secures major PE funding to capitalize $100m, forms GROUP FMG2009 FMG‟s Ceros platform fuels first e-commerce catalogue2008 FMG acquires video production company, Guerrilla2007 FMG‟s Asian production & development facility established2006 FMG crowned PPA Prepress Company of The Year2006 FMG launches the Ceros interactive marketing platform  Founded in 2011 by large private equity fund2005 FMG crowned PPA Prepress Company of The Year  Acquired FMG (founded in 1987), a digital asset2004 FMG purchases catalogue design company, Vision production company in London and Pod1, a leading ecommerce creative agency in New York2004 FMG launches its Virtual In-House Production system2002 FMG wins PPA award for innovation  Focused on innovative multi-channel commerce,1999 FMG pioneers first all-digital magazine production process creative content and consulting services; guiding brands through change caused by the solomoco1987 FMG is established phenomenon4
  5. 5. Company Overview Globally balanced enterprise model Creative services, proprietary technologies, domain expertise, process excellence and actionable analytics offered to provide differentiated solutions Global HQ Broad range of commercial structures offered to clients – T&M, fixed price, outcome pricing, and various captive production and outsourcing models Serving several channels: Industry channels NEW YORK • LONDON • CHENNAI  Publishing  Packaging & POS  Digital  Advertising pre-media Serving 75+ leading global clients across North America,  Broadcast Europe and Asia-Pacific across industries such as retail, publishing, technology, hospitality etc. to name a few Cross platform channels  Mobile  Social5
  6. 6. VisionProvide tangible value to the Digital+business of our clients through (Mobile, Social) Publishinghigh impact marketingsolutions, by Digital- providing consulting services Advertising- enabling [e/m] commerce and- producing rich media, local and social content Packaging- for use across all channels, new Content Consulting & POS and traditional.To provide a broad range of solutions thathelp marketers Broadcast  Imagine: disruptive awareness Commerce  Innovate: differentiated advocacy Gaming  Ideate: desired acceptance in the context of marketing solutions6
  7. 7. Marquee Clientele Serving 75+ leading global brands7
  8. 8. Our Value Proposition Group FMG Social Media Service Offerings8
  9. 9. Our Value PropositionA full suite of social media services, carefullyintegrated across your customer decision journey,customizable to cherish your brand’s social relationships &targeted at maximizing the benefits, for you and your customersYour customers and customer experience are at the heart of our socialmedia practice, while the mind is trained to deliver measurable returns9
  10. 10. Measurable ‘Returns’Our offerings are crafted to help increase online and offline sales, add new customers(Financial Impact, Macro returns) using positive non financial impacts (Micro returns) $£€ $£€ Non Financial Financial Investment Action Impact Impact • Manpower • Monitor • Likes / Retweets • Online Sales • Platforms • Engage • Brand Mentions • Offline Sales • Agencies • Build • Positive sentiment • New Customers Conventional Measurement / Social media accountability stops here With Group FMG, Positive Non Financial Impacts are „means‟, not the „end‟10
  11. 11. Our Service OfferingsOur Social media offerings integrated across the decision journey of your customers, createmulti-dimensional positive impacts for the brandSocial Customer Decision JourneyMediaOfferings Consider Evaluate Buy Experience Advocate Bond Monitor Brand, Products & Competition – Volume, Customer sentiment, Opinions and its Causes Crisis Engage Pre-sales queries Customer Service Management Leads Feedback Influencer Loyalty Build Content Campaigns Database Database Database Programs11
  12. 12. MonitorIdeal first step to take in Social media - Setting stage to regulate future course of social media actions Your Brand … and Your Competitors People perception, kudos & Drill down of data to gain actionable Performance of proprietary Social areas of improvement: insights on: media properties: • Volume of discussion • Products & Services • Engagement metrics & Reach • Applause rate • Sentiment of discussion Demographics & Geos Conversion • Opinions & underlying factors • Departments & other customer facing Amplification rates aspects; Brand Passion Marketing • Response Timeframe Customer care • Performance by Content type After Sales Support, Status updates, Questions Retail stores Links, Images and Videos  Measure progress of existing social media presence  Learn how well the brand posts are received by public  On-going monitoring helps track the shift in customer perception and take measures  Competitive comparisons provide insights on what they do to get where they are12
  13. 13. EngageOur Engagement solutions help gain control of PR crises by early detection & response, Addmore leads to sales pipeline, Identify & fulfill customer service opportunities with potential toreduce the calls to customer care and associated costs Users generate unusual surge of Negative comments PR Crisis Prospects enquire about brand & competitive products Pre-sales Queries Monitor & Track Customers share experience with brand & products CS Issues Respond (Pre-set) Guidelines / SLAs Group FMG Brand Database Route / Add to CRM13
  14. 14. Build Content Campaigns Leads DatabaseCreative and Digital content for social Innovative Marketing campaigns and Scheduled list of prospects interestedmedia properties & blogs related social properties development in Brand & Competitive productsBenefits: Benefits: Benefits: Refined, SEO rich contents to  Strategically optimized to turn  Convert prospects who are attract more eyeballs, built with fans and followers into paying already interested in brand brand audience in mind customers products and LOB Logical choice of content type &  Campaigns with clearly defined  Tangible prospect details that can social channel for wider sharing „exit strategies‟ be added to CRM tools Feedback Database Influencer Database Loyalty ProgramsTrack customer perception of „client List of influential users (advocates and Customized programs to retain thespecified‟ aspects of new and existing detractors) of the brand; Relationship customer base and turn them intoproducts; Deep-dive analytics management brand advocatesBenefits: Benefits: Benefits: Gauge the popularity of product  Useful for marketing campaigns  Reduced cost to acquire new over a period of time and product launches customers Product enhancement by learning  Effective relationship  Analytics backed programs the hits and misses from management helps utilize equipped with knowledge of what customer standpoint opportunities & weather PR crises really retains the brand customers14
  15. 15. Offerings blend across SM Maturity levelsOur customizable offerings to suit your vertical and existing social media presence, positionGroup FMG as your preferred partner on your path to Social media excellence • Brand is yet to have a process or guidelines for social media presence Trial Phase • Frame Social Media Objectives, set expectations; Leverage our expertise to 35% of Organizations Monitor & Build your social media presence • Brand has informal process with a few guidelines it sporadically performs Transition Phase • Partner with Group FMG for Insightful Monitoring , effective Engagement with 46% of Organizations your user base, Build value added social media assets • Brand has formal process with thorough guidelines it routinely performs Strategic Phase • Partner with Group FMG for Insightful Monitoring , effective Engagement with skilled 19% of Organizations relationship management, Build & Converge value added social media assets Social media Excellence15 Source: Marketing Sherpa (for Distribution of organizations across Social Media Maturity levels)
  16. 16. Group FMG Workflow Build / Restructure Periodic & Strategic Content Strategy / Social Media presence Analysis - Insights Development Paid Earned Owned Initial Touch Point Amplification Engagement Publication across Channels q
  17. 17. The Group FMG Advantage• Error free Analytics: Social media monitoring is increasingly automated with platforms searching for and tagging comments. The industry average accuracy rate of automated platforms is just above 60%. Our solutions incorporate the best available platforms with an accuracy rate of nearly 85%, meshed with human resources for higher scrutinization to ensure the insights you get are of highest quality and usability.• Real-time Reporting: Staying abreast of the conversations around brand will not only help you tap new opportunities and tackle competitions, but also alerts about crises in the making. Safeguarding your brand reputation in the right time is invaluable and our real-time reports help you achieve that.• Rapid Responsiveness: Paid, owned, and earned social media presence is most effective when it is responsive. While earned demands an exceedingly high degree of responsiveness, the impression it creates on the customer is rewarding.• Channel Flexible: While various channels exist to host different types of social contents and conversations, no one channel will retain prominence indefinitely. Channel balance can shift rapidly and without warning. Group FMG monitors across channels above and beyond your initiatives, so that your social media presence is balanced and always up to date.17
  18. 18. The Group FMG Advantage• Our Actionable Insights vs. Better insights vs. Insights Insight: “28% of users are unhappy about the phone you manufacture‟‟ – more common Better Insight: “28% of users are unhappy about your phone, because of a specific battery problem” Actionable Insight: “28% of users are unhappy about a battery problem in your phone; a note empathizing their trouble and guiding them to resolution might improve their customer experience and heads up! Stock your service center with new batteries of your XYZ thin smartphone model”• Creative & Digital Contents: Group FMG is fully capable to build creative, digital contents making use of cutting edge technologies, to enrich the social experience of your customers with your owned media.• Social Optimization: Group FMG is experienced & equipped to incorporate social media practices as a reality in your new and existing digital properties – websites, eCatalogues & mobile apps are some of them.• Corporate Background: With more than 2 decades of experience providing niche marketing solutions including Commerce, Publishing, Digital, Mobile and consulting solutions to Fortune firms across major verticals, Group FMG is adept in understanding and delivering your requirements.18
  19. 19. Next StepsInitial discovery process:We understand every brand and its customers are unique and so are the requirementsLets connect to understand your Business goals, objectivesand existing social footprint to uncover how social mediacan contribute more to your business and customersInitial deliverables include: Social profiling of the brand Competitive and Industrial benchmarks Performance of official social media profiles Customized social media strategy and execution plan Other relevant resources of value to the brand19
  20. 20. Contact New York London 119th Fifth Avenue 90-92 Pentonville Road New York London N1 9HS NY 10003 United Kingdom USA Chennai 2nd Floor, Hardy Tower Ramanujan IT SEZ, TRIL Infopark Limited Taramani Chennai 600113 India Pradeep G ( Group FMG (