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5 Ways Press Releases can Generate Leads


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Creative ideas for you to use GBL's press release service and generate more leads.

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5 Ways Press Releases can Generate Leads

  1. 1. 5 Ways Press Releases Can Generate Leads GBL Marketing Department Amy Zeigler & Heather Haley
  2. 2. So, Do Press Releases Work?• “I had a total of six calls and have written two policies so far!”• GBL currently sends press releases to 120 newspapers on behalf of 50 agents.
  3. 3. How to Use Press Releases (Beyond Newspapers!)1. Other Community Publications2. Agency Newsletters3. Leverage with Group Clients4. Pair with Advertising5. Web & Social Media Content
  4. 4. Other Community Publications• Associations • Hospitals• Chambers • Schools• Banks/Credit Unions • Senior Clubs• Churches • Libraries All we need is a contact person and we can send a press release on your behalf.
  5. 5. Agency Newsletters: A DIY Option • Email Marketing Blasts to Clients • Paper Newsletters – Use GBL’s email content and articles
  6. 6. Leverage With Group Clients• Do your groups have regular employee communication? – Newsletters – Email – HR Communications All we need is a contact person and wecan send a press release on your behalf.
  7. 7. Pair with Advertising• Reinforce your role as the insurance expert and play nice with the newspaper. – Wellmark Co-op – Non-carrier specific ads
  8. 8. Website & Social Media Content
  9. 9. Ready to Sign Up?• My Marketing section on Agent Portal – Press Release Service – List of available newspapers• Or Call! Heather Haley (515) 251-1597
  10. 10. Our Next Webinar: 5 Ways Insurance Agencies Are Using Social Media Thursday, March 15 at 9 a.m. Questions? Amy Zeigler Heather Haley (515) 251-1580 (515)