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As Seen On YouTube (Ads Have Become The Main Event)


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When the commercials came on viewers used to change the channel--now they subscribe. See how YouTube has fundamentally changed the world of advertising by rewarding those who entertain instead of those who interrupt.

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As Seen On YouTube (Ads Have Become The Main Event)

  1. YTou ube
  2. “I saw this great YouTube Video....
  3. “I saw this great YouTube Video.... TVON ” ..
  4. “I saw this great YouTube Video.... TVON ” ..WHAT!?
  5. Channel Views: 11,755,566 YTou ube
  6. Channel Views: 223,505,000 YTou ube
  7. Ads Used To Be INTERRUPTIONS...
  8. Nobody liked ads That’s why they made this
  9. 75%Use DVR to skip commercials in the U.S. If viewers can skip your TV ad, they will
  10. More Likely to Remember An Online Video Ad Than to Remember a Traditional TV Ad* Viewers Are 200% *2012 The Nielsen Company.
  11. Now People Dont Change The Channel, THEY
  12. “Email Me When The Commercials Come On...” Ads Have Become The Main Event
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