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07.19.2016 - Don't Let Paper & Process Clog Your Application Pipeline


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This interactive webinar will bring together the leading experts on program management: You and others like you! Join us for a peer-to-peer webinar and discover how to fine-tune your outreach and application pipeline. Together, we will discuss strategies to evaluate your current processes, pipeline management best practices, tactics to work smarter with online forms, and peer tips and tricks to be more applicant-centered.

This learning webinar is ideal if you are currently receiving homebuyer applications and selling units, are interested in learning what other effective programs are doing, and/or are willing to share experiences with your peers. The registration form will ask several questions about your work and experiences, and Grounded Solutions Network staff may follow up with registrants to discuss their ideas and prepare examples for our discussion.

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07.19.2016 - Don't Let Paper & Process Clog Your Application Pipeline

  1. 1. Tiffany Eng Director of HomeKeeper Oakland, CA Beth Sorce Director of Capacity Building Boulder, CO Jenee Gaynor Capacity Building Senior Specialist Washington, DC
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. "I'm interested in eliminating application barriers for the disabled/elderly/ extremely impoverished." - Allie Berg, Twin Cities Habitat "I'd love to hear how other orgs qualify homebuyers." - Rachel Fawcett, Centre County Housing and Land Trust "Just interested in learning about the application process in other programs." - Laurie Blackwood, City of Watsonville
  5. 5. Susanne Hepburn Homebuyer Coordinator Covington, LA
  6. 6. What other Status labels do you use?
  7. 7. Enter your estimated pipeline numbers below. 500:250:12 100:25:1 200:100:3
  8. 8. 4 people 23 hours 8 weeks How long does it take an applicant to move through YOUR process?
  9. 9. • • • What challenges do you have with managing your pipeline?
  10. 10. "We scan completed applications so we don't have to deal with physical storage." - Eric Swanson, City of Boulder "We include a thorough checklist at the beginning and end of the application." - Maria Starck, Lexington Community Land Trust "Our online database is tied to our online application which has made data transfer super quick!" - Allie Berg, Twin Cities Habitat "Get applicants pre-qualified before doing anything else." - Susanne Hepburn, Northshore Housing Trust "We're leveraging HomeKeeper and Salesforce to automate our process" - Patrick Urion, Homestead CLT
  11. 11. What ideas can you share to make the process more efficient? "Are we asking for too much information when less would do? Do we need W-2s and schedules and full tax returns? Does this make the application process more onerous than is necessary?" - Maria Stark Administration and Services Coordinator
  12. 12. Graphic designed by Amanda Papapietro How do you help applicants understand the process, timeline and likelihood of moving onto the next step?
  13. 13. Closer to Being a Homeowner LevelofEffort AndInfoCollected
  14. 14. What other benefits are there?
  15. 15. Chris Hall Program Manager Yellow Springs, OH Please share your experience and procedures!
  16. 16. If you have a wait list, what is required to get on the list?
  17. 17. Aaron Baluyot Real Estate Consultant Oakland, CA
  18. 18. Application Process Eligibility Criteria Downloadable application materials Pre-screening questionnaire Eligibility Form Online Application
  19. 19. How have online forms saved you time or money?
  20. 20. Available anytime Automatically submitted No printer needed No scanner needed Immediate feedback
  21. 21. What have you done with your data?
  22. 22. 1. Everyone Saves Time 2. Target More Effectively 3. Meet Consumer Demand 4. Consolidate and Collaborate 5. Work Smarter Any final questions?
  23. 23. • • • • •