The Four Deadly Diseases of IT Operations


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Does your infrastructure suffer from poor availability? Is it performing poorly? How do you ensure your systems remain disease-free?

The leading IT doctors at GroundWork have recently identified four diseases that could destroy your organization’s IT performance and availability.

Let’s check out the symptoms, diagnosis and cure for each of these.

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The Four Deadly Diseases of IT Operations

  1. 1. The Four Deadly Diseases of IT Operations
  2. 2. Hi! I’m a doctor at GroundWork and I’m here to cure your IT monitoring ailments. Let’s take a closer look at the four deadly diseases that are rapidly slowing down IT Operations.
  3. 3. Checkitosis Slipped Disc(overy) Cloudfluenza Monitoropia These four culprits could be behind the slow performance of your IT environment.
  4. 4. Diagnosis  Data interpretation takes too long due to too many service checks that clog information  Strained monitoring performance  Dashboards are not intuitively obvious Vaccination  Selectively add new checks  Investigate the motives of anyone who advocates large number of checks Treatment  Reduce the number of checks - get to the distill essence of the problem  Rank checks from top to bottom & trim low value checks Checkitosis Too many service checks
  5. 5.  Massive network degradation  Monitoring solution performs unthrottled discovery on all devices and available metrics  Not scalable on a larger network  Follow up automatic discovery by thoughtful culling  Follow top down approach to monitoring  Configure dependencies to suppress spurious and derived alarms  No real cure – like smoking, don’t start  Regularly review checks and remove the worthless ones  Reconsider your baseline number of checks to start from top five instead of narrowing a large list. Diagnosis Vaccination Treatment Slipped Disc(overy) Unthrottled Network Scanning
  6. 6. Cloudfluenza Inability to perform  Performance and availability issues in cloud or virtualized environment  Supplement Cloud monitoring with general purpose tools  Check performance measurements before making changes (to neighbors)  Make incremental changes; measure (retrofit risk mitigation)  Identify non-Cloud contributors to performance issues (network, storage, shared resources)  Use more than adequate hardware  Better CPU shares to allocate CPU requests better Diagnosis Vaccination Treatment
  7. 7.  Obsessive hyper focus on tools and configuration without attention to process improvements  Keep a run book of what to do when a failure type is experience  Improve and update the run book regularly  Create escalation process  Top down approach - figure out the why, what & how of monitoring  Stop only when all the problems are solved; enlist expertise as needed Monitoropia Obsessive focus on tools and configuration Diagnosis Vaccination Treatment
  8. 8. The GroundWork Hospital wishes you a fast, healthy and happy network! Schedule Your Checkup
  9. 9.