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GFM SXSW Denver Download Event - Qdoba


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Lauren Preston from Qdoba Mexican Grill discusses South by Southwest buzzwords and how to apply best practices from SXSW to your brand.

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GFM SXSW Denver Download Event - Qdoba

  1. 1. battle of the buzzwords.takeaways from SXSWi 2012.
  2. 2. content• Selling vs. storytelling Ex: Chrysler• Be your own content publisher Ex: RedBull• Curate an actionable experience• Capitalize on user-generation Ex: Subaru
  3. 3. relevance• Key to good content• Don’t go for “viral”• Be authentic, memorable• Focus on the journey• Relevance builds trust, trust builds business.
  4. 4. engagement• Disney: “We have a gigantic Facebook fanbase, and no idea what to do with it”• Compel to engage• Cross-platform importance Ex. Old Spice• Audience demand
  5. 5. influencers/advocates• Every person in your organization, every “fan” of your brand already influences someone.• Your best brand advocates already exist• Leverage and inspire
  6. 6. measurement• “A million Facebook “likes” is not a meaningful metric”• Conversion is key• There will never be a magic bullet• Data, data, data
  7. 7. so lo mo• Lo: Focus on hyperlocal Social Serendipity (ex. Highlight)• Mo: Say goodbye to QR codes Say hello to mobile payments and augmented reality
  8. 8. transmedia• Social TV movement Ex. NBC, Bravo, GetGlue• Cross-platform storytelling• Extend the user experience beyond the TV• Shift from passive to interactive viewers
  9. 9. other insightful musings• Prepare to hear things you’ve heard before.• Not everything will be earth shattering.• Be content with affirmation.• Allow yourself to be forward-thinking.• Take advantage of collective brainpower.
  10. 10. and last, but not least…• Don’t play the buzzword drinking game while at SXSW. Or else you’ll end up like this guy….
  11. 11. thank you.