4 August2009


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4 August2009

  1. 1. Hello All Groovy Grandma Fans, With our database of members growing everyday we really appreciate all your support. Thanks for reading and keep on Groovin’. Groovies in The Coles Great Aussie Cook Off Once the aprons were on the nerves disappeared and we really got into the swing of things. The whole day which was filled with fun and laughter in typical Groovy style will be one we will all remember. Even if we get no further than these State Finals we are still thankful for the opportunity to cook together just for the fun of it.
  2. 2. ! !"#$%&'()%)#%*+,-).%/%01"#2%02+$13%4')-%51"6+78#73%4"9#79%5"'':'3%;+:6+%<8-(#"= Here is the “official” media release: As you may be aware Channel Nine has been undertaking a nationwide search for Australia's best family of cooks as part of their new television show, the Coles Great Aussie Cook Off, with finalists to be announced next week. The search took place in Sydney at Parramatta Westfield with eight very interesting and different families from around New South Wales (and ACT) cooking up meals of all varieties, cultures and influences. Your local family, ‘The Groovy Grandma Cover Girls’ were the first family to cook off, showing off their impressive cooking skills as well as their flamboyant personalities. A favourite of the day, the grandmothers cooked up three amazing meals in under thirty minutes, including: Entree: Salsa oysters with cucumber sandwiches Main: Almond and parmesan crusted chicken kiev with mashed potato and spring vegetables Dessert: Rhubarb and apple crumble The 'Groovy Grandma's' are now in the running to star on Channel Nine’s new cooking show to air in October. The state final live auditions finished up on Saturday in Brisbane and the final eight families will be announced early next week. Just in case we make it through to the next round we are continuing the call for your favourite family recipes…..
  3. 3. We have already received some delicious looking recipes thanks to Carol Grimley from Bracken Ridge Queensland; Kerry Foot from Metford, NSW; and Vivienne Smith from Bridgewater, South Australia. The Groovy team cant wait to try them and hope we get a chance to cook them on TV. In the meantime these recipes will be available for all GGs to share in this months online edition of What’s Cooking GGs out on 11th August. Still on the subject of Food: In the next online edition (out next Monday) in D & M we have a very thought provoking article from Amanda Clark about portion sizes and how we are tricked into eating more calories than we should simply by not reading the fine print. Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and author of the book Portion Perfection - A visual weight control plan.!! Make sure you read the full article next week in GGs online, but in the meantime here is a little snippet of some recent findings – it will make you think – but first here is a … ! Quick Quiz!"!"#$%&'$!(&&)#*+!,$!$%-!,*./-0.!1-(&/!.--!#2!3&'!4,*!$-((!%&/! 5,*3!.-06-.!,0-!#*!$%-.-!7,4).8! !! 9: ;,<1'03!=&&.$!5#*#!1#$-.!>!,!.5,((!?@+!1,+!! A: B,($-.-0.!>!,!CD+!7,4)!! E: F-<!F&4)!G-(#H!G-(#!I$3(-!J&$,$&!;%#7.!>!,!K@+!7,4)!! 4. L#77.(,*<!G,#03!3&+%'0$!>!,!E@@+!$'1 D: M,$'0,(!;&*2-4$#&*,03!;&57,*3!;%-/.!N0'#$3!B#O!>!,!CD+! 7,4)!P,!7&7'(,0!$0-,$!2&0!$%-!+0,*<)#<.Q! ! ! You Help Us and You Win Too! We will send anyone who emails us with their favourite family recipes their own Groovy Grandma Apron. Send your recipes to: editorial@groovygrandmas.com.au Put the words “Cooking Competition” in the subject line. If possible please include a photograph of the finished dish. Include your full name and postal address so we can send you your prize. Whether Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and everything in between, Desserts, Cakes and Canapes every recipe will win a prize and all will be published on the GG website. Entries close 9th August 2009 !
  4. 4. Yet another example of out-of-control and potentially misleading portions 750ml milk drink too much for one serve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
  5. 5. Call for Baby Boomers Debate Australia Needs a Referendum on Euthanasia My friend and fellow Baby Boomer Brian Murphy is also the editor of BONZA (Boomers Of New Zealand and Australia) and he believes it is time to consider a referendum about Euthanasia in Australia. I recently received this media release from him: Euthanasia campaigner Dr Nitschke spoke in Perth last month about the importance of Australia considering that euthanasia is not only for terminally ill people but those who believe that they are past it or just don’t want too grow old. BONZA wants the subject debated and offers practical support for Dr Nitschke’s campaign. Editor Brian Murphy believes that a referendum is the answer and Baby Boomers would want such a vote. “Whether he is right or wrong, our generation needs to feel they have some control over our future. Bonza’s feedback supports that.” “We all want to live forever and be positive about life at the same time but the realities of life mean that we are aware that our future is not pretty as we age and our numbers will be a burden on society in health, age care and benefits.” “We deserve a chance to debate and vote on the subject more than any over generation because it affects us so allow us a referendum.” “Maybe the X (30-44), Y (15-29) and Z (0-14) generations will be happy to get rid of us through such a vote.” “Seriously though, it is a highly emotive subject and has been debated many times but Dr Nitschke deserves support from those who euthanasia will affect the most in the coming decades, the Baby Boomers”. “We are intelligent and well educated and we like to make our own decisions about our future. We have never accepted that the beliefs of the minority should rule our
  6. 6. lives.” “A referendum is a good way of making a decision that is good for all. Allow the debate and then allow a fair vote.” “Many of us have been there for our parents when they died in pain or languishing in a bed in an aged person’s home and unable to communication. It breaks your heart and scares the heck out of us.” “We want a choice on how we die so I am calling on the Rudd Government to consider a referendum within the next term of office.” “Euthanasia will be inevitable anyway when our numbers start stacking up as there are over 5 million of us.” I would personally like to know our Groovy Grandma members thoughts on this. *Please send your thoughts and opinions pro and against about euthanasia to editorial@groovygrandmas.com.au *We do intend to publish any letters received so if you prefer to remain anonymous please let us know. All published letters will receive a prize so please remember to include your postal address on your email. !