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Grokking: Data Engineering Course


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Brief information about Grokking data engineering course.
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Grokking: Data Engineering Course

  1. 1. Grok It Yourself Data Engineering Course
  2. 2. Tech Companies Engineers Analyze big and fast- growing databases Problems Eager to learn about data engineering No real-world opportunities to build data platform
  3. 3. Develop juniorVietnamese engineers on data engineering skills Grokking wants to… Fill the gap
  4. 4. Experienced seniordata engineersInstructors Time Build a data pipeline infrastructure for consumer- driven tech companies COURSE 8 weeks, 2 classes/week Goal
  5. 5. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Build a real-world simulated data pipeline Learn the data engineering mindset and tools SQLs, Python/Ruby, Postgres, Redshift, Hadoop/Spark, Kafka...
  6. 6. Good computer science concepts Experienced with a production- environment programming language Junior backend engineers, 1-3 years experiences Who we lookfor
  7. 7. In case you’re interested