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  • Two colors of blue and green represent growth, prosperity, hope and optimism.Simple, text driven logo.Tag line represent working together to create the future.The O in Gro has potential to convey the different study areas.The W and arrow hint at economic development
  • GroWNC Overview

    1. 1. Land-of-Sky Regional CouncilGroWNC:Western North Carolina’sLivable Communities Initiative December 15, 2011
    2. 2. Project Overview
    3. 3. What:• The creation of a regional vision and Overview strategies for economic prosperity, quality growth, sustainable developmentHow:• Build on existing plans and strategies and ensure extensive public involvement• Recognize that choices related to land use, energy, natural & cultural resources, health, housing and transportation support the vision.Who:• A Consortium of local governments, economic development entities, non-profits, businesses, and other organizations will guide the processWhere:• The five county region of Western NC that includes Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison & Transylvania counties.Why:• So that Together, We Create Our Future.
    4. 4. Project Goals• Develop future scenarios and alternatives• Gather widespread, unprecedented community input on future scenarios and existing, combined plans/strategies• Ensure that planning for transportation, housing, jobs, energy, land use, health, and cultural and natural resources is integrated• Seek implementation opportunities throughout the process• Ensure that the Regional Plan is a “living document”
    5. 5. Project Outcomes• A regional plan that can be a platform for elevating local strategies and needs to a regional level• A coordinated regional vision for economic prosperity, quality growth, and sustainability that allows the region to achieve more by working together than can be accomplished separately• Coordination of needs/planning across various subject areas so that limited resources can be used more effectively• Positions the region well for future funding opportunities (through Preferred Sustainability Status or by qualifying for funds contingent upon completion of this process)
    6. 6. Project Team
    7. 7. Consultant Team• LandDesign, Lead Consultant• Allison Development Group, Public Engagement & Outreach• UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling & Analysis Center, Scenario Modeling & Outreach• The Little John Group, Housing• BBP, Economic Development & Job Growth• Martin Alexiou Bryson, Multimodal Transportation• ERM, Energy & Natural Resources
    8. 8. Land-of-Sky Team• Joe McKinney, Executive Director• Ron Townley, Director of Local Government Services• Carrie Runser-Turner, Senior Planner - GroWNC Project Manager• Linda Giltz, Senior Planner - Land Use & Growth Management• Karen Kiehna, Senior Planner - Community Development
    9. 9. Project Logo
    10. 10. GroWNC Process
    11. 11. Steering Committee Meeting Process Overview Work Group Meeting Public Meeting 2 months 3 months 4 months 2 months 3 months 2 months Phase Two: Phase Five: Phase One: Phase Three: Phase Four: Policy Phase Six: Project Data Collection Alternatives Framework and Production of Initiation & Initial Analyses Modeling Implementation Final Plan Assessment Strategy•Project •Data Collection •Housing •Definition of •Policy •Land-of-Sky/ Orientation •Mapping •Economic Alternatives Framework •Consortium•Kickoff Meeting/ Regional Development •Selection of •Implementation Review Draft Study Area “Snapshot” Job Creation Indicators Toolbox •Final Regional Tour •Plan Evaluation •Transportation •Alternatives- •Action Plan Plan •Draft Goals & •Energy Development & •Executive Values •Natural & Testing Summary •Business- as- Cultural •Technical •Regional Plan Usual Concept Resources Memo: Land Presentation •Technical •Health & Use Model •Maps and GIS Memo: Existing Wellness Results Data Conditions •Land Use Public Engagement Process
    12. 12. Communications & Outreach Strategy • Messaging & Talking Points • Frequently Asked Questions • Meeting Protocols • Record Keeping Protocols • Communication Tools • Templates • Graphic Standards
    13. 13. Communications & Outreach Strategy
    14. 14. Consortium, Workgroup s and Steering Committee
    15. 15. GroWNC Governance Structure Consortium LOSRC staff Steering Committee support (14 Voting Members, 3 Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members) Consultants 1 representative 5 1 per workgroup Workgroups Local City ofGovernments Asheville Housing Transportation Energy Jobs/Economic Development Natural & Communications Land Use Health & Cultural & Outreach Wellness Resources Federal & State Partners (3 Ex-Officio (non-voting) members, one from each NCDOC, NCDOT, NCDENR)
    16. 16. Workgroup Launch • Agenda: – Large group: Project overview and update, review workgroup tasks – Small groups: form initial workgroups, participate in facilitated worksession, review input from kick-off meeting
    17. 17. Discussion