Gro wnc cultural resources workgroup meeting march 2012


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Gro wnc cultural resources workgroup meeting march 2012

  1. 1. Cultural Resources Workgroup Meeting
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives• Come to understanding of common goals• Select nominations to Steering Committee
  3. 3. Goals Discussion
  4. 4. Cultural Resource Goal Summary From Adopted Plans
  5. 5. Cultural Resource Goal SummaryFrom Blue RidgeHeritage Local Plans
  6. 6. Goals- All 5 Counties• Historic Preservation• Cultural Preservation• Preserve Natural Resources
  7. 7. Goals- 4 out of the 5 Counties• Establish and promote events and festivals• Promote local artisans• Link cultural and historic sites• Increase cultural tourism• Preserve natural environment• Promote and preserve national forests & parks• Heritage museums• Rural mountain history• Preserve & restore historic sites• Promote small town culture and economy• Promote farmer’s market• Promote local food economy• Promote agri-tourism• Promote active local farming
  8. 8. Goals 3 out of the 5 counties• Promote musical heritage• Create greenways to promote cultural tourism• Open space preservation• Engage and educate the local community• Preserve historic corridors
  9. 9. Goals from the WorkgroupVISION• The region is locally and nationally recognized for its creative placemaking, unique historical resources and craft heritage and the creative economy is embraced as a cornerstone for the region.
  10. 10. Goals from the WorkgroupEducation, Advocacy, Awareness• Would like to see more field trips for students that are based on embracing historical resources. This can help them to embrace their place and better understand who they are.• Improve advocacy, involvement and engagement in cultural arts.• Bring arts and culture curricula back to the K-12 classroom• Create a state regional history museum in WNC
  11. 11. Goals from the WorkgroupArts & the Economy• Community leaders recognize arts and culture as a key industry and provide support- creating the cornerstone for future growth in the industry• Create an innovative model supporting the arts and culture industry that can be shared and recognized nationally• Build a statistical inventory “Americans for the art’ for economic prosperity
  12. 12. Goals from the WorkgroupData based Policy Making• Build a statistical inventory “Americans for the art” for economic prosperity• Create “one voice” for the arts and culture community in WNC• Research studies (such as Barret Value Study) to determine if people are actually inovled in/support arts and culture or if it is just something they say
  13. 13. Reality Check # 1• One meeting in each county• Open House Style• ‘Stations’ facilitated by Workgroup and Project Team members• Objective: – Introduce pubic to the project – Get public feedback on Goals & Objectives
  14. 14. Additional Discussion Points• How do we message natural resources to the public?• Cultural Resource metrics• Ideas for separate complimentary projects• Examples of places/projects that do/do not exemplify the goals• Project advocacy
  15. 15. Summer Work session• Groups fully integrated• Goal-centric• Alternatives modeling