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the Grizzly branding portfolio


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the Grizzly branding portfolio

  1. 1. Irina Posmereka portfolio The Grizzly interective logotypes, branding, posters, editorial design, package
  2. 2. Rate architects identity Warmth identity, booklet
  3. 3. Lily of the Valley identity, package Stan Motors logotype Nowl logotype
  4. 4. 20-25 festival concept Kennedy Sr. bar identity
  5. 5. Tender Post logotype Museums catalog editorial
  6. 6. HFS media co. identity Rate architects v.2 identity Jam Studio logotype
  7. 7. Beriev’s aircraft annual report concept Warmth v.2 posters, identity
  8. 8. Pencil case identity, package Ray in Bruges printed blog
  9. 9. SFEDU Science Festival identity, posters was developed with Alexander Lohmatov
  10. 10. Ac Auto identity Vkusno Rjadom logotype Thanks for watching all made by Alexander Yaguza