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Heart disease


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Griswold’s Christopher Kelly MEd, Director of Learning & Development, Dianne Kelly, RN Cardiac Cath Lab Assistant Manager, and a person living with heart disease discuss the nature, causes, symptoms, treatment and impact of heart disease in older adults. This interactive webinar recognizing February as National Heart Awareness Month will also provide a Fight Heart Disease toolkit that provides tools and resources to improve care and quality of life for people with heart disease and their family caregivers.

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Heart disease

  1. 1. The Griswold Solutions Series TM Older Adults and Heart Disease Getting to the Heart of the Matter © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  2. 2. American Heart Month Proclamation 2014 “Maintaining a strong heart is key to a long and healthy life. The number one killer of American men and women, cardiovascular disease is responsible for one out of every four deaths in the United States. During American Heart Month, we renew our fight, both as a Nation and in each of our own lives, against the devastating epidemic of heart disease.” President Barack Obama © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  3. 3. The American Heart Association reports that the number of Americans with heart disease has increased to an estimated 16.3 million, more than half of whom are 65 or older. 16,300,000 © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  4. 4. Our Goals for Today • Learn about the nature and impact of heart disease in older adults • Understand how to diagnose and treat heart disease in older adults • Learn from the stories and experiences of an experienced cardiac nurse • Access a Fight Heart Disease Toolkit that offers innovative tools/resources for clients and their family/professional caregivers  © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  5. 5. Presented by: Dianne J. Kelly, RN Cardiac Cath Lab Assistant Manager Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center Chris Kelly, MEd Director of Learning & Development Griswold Home Care © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  6. 6. Thank you for your courage, energy, and dedication! Healthcare Providers Professional Caregivers Family Caregivers Older Adults Living with Heart Disease © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  7. 7. Orange Arrow Button: Minimizes or expands the GoToWebinar control panel. BRAIN WRITING Solutions Brainwriting is… • a fun, engaging way to brainstorm • sharing as many ideas as possible within a short timeframe Brainwriting Process • Listen for our questions • When prompted, enter your solutions using the webinar chat function • Don’t overthink or agonize…There are no right or wrong answers Brainwriting Outcomes • Peer-to-peer learning and sharing • A publication that benefits others who are living with heart disease Important • Avoid sharing any information that you would not want others to see © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  8. 8. About Heart Disease “The Silent Killer” © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  9. 9. Learn about Heart Disease • Heart disease – also called cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease is a term used to describe several conditions • The most common cause of heart disease is plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries of the heart Normal Artery Normal Blood Flow Artery Wall Narrowed Artery Artery Wall Abnormal Blood Flow © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  10. 10. Other Forms of Heart Disease • Heart failure • Arrhythmia – or irregular heartbeat • Heart valve problem © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  11. 11. Heart Disease Risk Factors High cholesterol diet High blood pressure Smoking Being physically inactive Tool: Diabetes Being overweight Having a family history of early heart disease Age (55 or older for women) NIH Heart Disease Risk Factors © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  12. 12. Watch, Learn and Live Heart Attack Heart Failure - Lou Gehrig © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  13. 13. Recognizing Heart Disease © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  14. 14. Symptoms of Heart Failure Shortness of breath (also called dyspnea) – especially while lying flat Waking up tired Feeling anxious and restless Persistent coughing or wheezing Swelling of the legs (also called Peripheral edema) © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  15. 15. Symptoms of a Heart Attack Chest pain (also called “angina”) Pain in jaw, arm, back and/or neck Shortness of breath Pallor (gray or pale skin tone) Breaking out in a cold sweat Indigestion or nausea © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  16. 16. Diagnosing Heart Disease Echocardiogram (ultrasound of heart) A Physical Exam Exercise Stress Test (or treadmill) Imaging: Chest X-ray, CT Scan Cardiac Catheterization Blood tests An Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) a medical device that makes a graphical record of the heart's electrical activity. © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  17. 17. Treating Heart Disease © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  18. 18. Medical Treatments Medication Aspirin (thins blood) Beta blockers (control heart rate/blood pressure) Statins (Lower cholesterol) ACE Inhibitors (control blood pressure) Angioplasty/Stent (Insert a balloon in blocked artery and metal “scaffold” to keep it open) Diuretics (prevent excess fluid in the body) Calcium channel blockers (control blood pressure/rhythm) Nitrates Anti-Platelet (prevents platelets from clumping together Surgery Coronary artery bypass (fixes multiple blockages) © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  19. 19. Non-Medical Treatments Eating healthy foods Stress reduction Staying active Smoking cessation Tools: AHA Nutrition/ Stay Active Center © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  20. 20. Heart Health Care Team Cardiovascular/ Radiological Technologist Cardiologist Cardiothoracic Surgeon Exercise Physiologist Nurse Practitioner (NP) Cardiac Rehab Therapist Physician’s Assistant (PA) Dietician Cardiac Nurse Non-medical home care © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  21. 21. Cardiac Rehab for Older Adults Excerpt from the “Secondary Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults: A Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association.” “Despite clear benefits of Cardiac Rehab in older adults…the vast majority of older patients do not participate…the cumulative effect of these factors is abysmally poor Cardiac Rehab use rates among older adults.” Source: © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  22. 22. About Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiac rehab can … • Help people recover from heart attacks/surgery and heart procedures such as stent and angioplasty • Provide education and counseling services • Help people to stay active and fit • Reduce cardiac symptoms • Improve overall health and quality of life • Reduce the risk of future heart problems Tool: What is Cardiac Rehab? © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  23. 23. Living with Heart Disease Fight Heart Disease Action Plan and Toolkit © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  24. 24. Living with Heart Disease Heart disease in older adults can cause: Emotional challenges (anxiety, depression) Physical pain, discomfort and fatigue Isolation Fear of death (“Walking time bomb”) Financial challenges due to medical bills and lost wages Family stress © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  25. 25. Fighting Heart Disease Action Plan Work with your care team Keep your appointments Join a support group Ask about cardiac rehab Follow treatment plan as prescribed Get involved (Advocacy) Eat healthy foods Quit smoking Relaxation (Tai Chi, Meditation, Massage) Stay active © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  26. 26. Open Q&A 1. Click to expand if necessary 2. Type questions here © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  27. 27. Key Takeaways It is important to recognize and treat heart disease in older adults Surround yourself with an expert, supportive cardiac care team Emotional issues are common but can be overcome through education, support and advocacy Lifestyle changes and treatment can prevent worsening symptoms Get involved, and fight back! © 2014 Griswold International, LLC
  28. 28. Brought to you by: Griswold Home Care offers access to affordable non-medical care options to assist your loved one. CareAssure Screening System™ The Griswold Golden Rule: We only approve caregivers we would trust in our own homes. Extraordinary Home Care at Affordable Rates Since 1982 QuickCare Placement™ We give each family access to the most experienced caregivers available. ValueCare Commitment™ Simple Rates. Unmatched Value. Our allinclusive rates are among the most affordable. National 24x7 Care Line: 800-GRISWOLD © 2014 Griswold International, LLC