Learning Common Spanish Phrases


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Learn the most common Spanish phrases. These are very useful for traveling and/or getting directions. Discover the easiest way to get started with your Spanish.

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Learning Common Spanish Phrases

  1. 1. Learning Common Spanish Phrases<br />Many times when you translate common Spanish phrases from English to Spanish, the literal translation may have a very different meaning or may not be the correct way of saying these phrases in Spanish. <br />These lists contain the most popular Spanish phrases and Spanish words translated into English. They will be useful for beginning speakers of Spanish and help to avoid misunderstandings.<br />You're welcome - De nada<br />I'm sorry - Lo siento<br />Sorry or excuse me - Perdón<br />380047567945It doesn't matter - No importa<br />What is your name? - Como se llama?<br />My name is ... - Me llamo ...<br />I am American - So americano<br />I am Canadian - Soy candiense<br />I am Irish - Soy irlandés<br />I live in Scotland - Vivo en Escocia<br />I live in America - Vivo en América<br />I live in Canada - Vivo en Canadá<br />See you soon - Hasta Pronto<br />Good morning - Buenos días<br />Good afternoon/evening - Buenos tardes<br />Good night - Buenos noches<br />Goodbye - Adiós<br />O.K. - vale (pronounced ba lay)<br />How are you? - Que tal?<br />I'm very well - Estoy muy bien<br />Please - Por favor<br />Yes please - Sí por favor<br />Thank you - Gracias<br />No thanks - No, gracias<br />Spanish, just like English is a language where a long list of common Spanish phrases can come in handy. Sometimes you don't need to learn a lot and become fluent in a language, you just need some basics. <br />Asking Directions<br />Excuse me, please... - Oiga, por favor...<br />Where are the toilets? - Donde están los servicios?<br />Where can I change some money? - ¿Dónde están los servicios?<br />Where is the cathedral? - ¿Donde está la catedral?<br />Can you tell me the way to the airport? - ¿Puede decirme por dónde se va al aeropuerto?<br />Is it far? - ¿Está lejos?<br />Can you walk there? - ¿Se puede ir caminando?<br />Where do I get a bus for Burgos? - ¿Dónde hace consigo un autobús para Burgos?<br />Where is the post office? - ¿dónde está la oficina de correos?<br />Is this the right way to the albergue? - ¿Voy bien por aqui para el albergue?<br />Is there a youth hostel near here? - ¿Hay un albergue juvenil cerca de aqui?<br />How long will it take to get there? - ¿Cuánto se tarda en llegar?<br />Where is the city centre? - ¿Dónde está el centro de la ciudad?<br />I am looking fo the tourist office - Estoy buscando la oficina de turismo<br />I am lost! - Me he perdido!<br />How far is it to León? - ¿A que distancia está León?<br />What is the best way to Santiago? - ¿Qué es la mejor manera a Santiago?<br />Keep in mind that some common Spanish phrases may have a different meaning in other Spanish-speaking countries. <br />It can be useful to try to add a few more phrases into your repertoire if there are some in the list that you haven't seen before.<br />