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Why should your company3


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Griot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc. (Griot pronounced gree-oh, gree-oh, gree-ot means storyteller in west African culture) is a video marketing company, that provides video services for businesses, non-profits, corporations, city and state agencies looking to demonstrate a product, educated their target market on their services or organization looking to improve their presences on-line using video. Griot's Roll creates the on-line video for our clients, as well as helps our clients create a marketing and advertising campaign surrounding the video. We then track the campaigns success through the uses of video analytics, and other tracking and data software's.

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Why should your company3

  1. 1. Why Should Your Company UseGriot’s Roll Film Production & Service, Inc.
  2. 2. Table of Contents1) Who are we, slide 3?2) Why is video marketing an effective advertising tool, slides 4-8?3) Griot’s Roll case studies slides 9 -13.4) Griot’s Roll capabilities slide 14.5) Client History slide 15.6) Griot’s Roll services slide 16.
  3. 3. Who We Are?• Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. is a video marketing company specializing in video production and promotions for – corporations, small-businesses, government agencies, and non- profit organizations looking to demonstrate a product or educate a target market on their services, or – organizations looking to improve their on-line presence using video-based campaign and marketing strategies.• Griot’s Roll creates an on-line video presence for our clients, as well as a marketing and advertising campaign surrounding the video. We then track the campaign’s success utilizing video analytics and various data tracking software.
  4. 4. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million!
  5. 5. Video is Transparent Video can be use with: – Social Media – Email – Mobile – any online marketing campaign you can think of When used effectively you can: – Engage – Educate – Entertain – Evaluate your targets interests This builds a relationship and loyalty from your target, creating advocacy for your business
  6. 6. What methods are you using to reach your target? In the marketing matrix, your goal should be to reach a large number of your prospects, in order to get repeat business. So what are some solution to do this?
  7. 7. Griot’s Roll’s solution for effective marketing• Use online video to brand.• Create loyalty between the consumer and your brand – video is great at connecting people.• Use stories that are relatable to your target market – video is the best marketing tool for this.
  8. 8. Verizon Wireless case study Challenge: Verizon wanted to build a relationship with African American business owners and introduces new Verizon Wireless products. Solution: Griot’s Roll created a video that presents Verizon Wireless products including new products through new media like online video and social media.
  9. 9. Maverick Education Partnership Case Study Challenge: Maverick Educational Partnership created a new website for it’s principal network to view information about the organization as well as find out information on current events as they happen in the educational system. Maverick Partnership had an ineffective e-mail system which did not explain their brand ID effectively and didn’t connect the principal network to Maverick Partnerships new website. Solution: Griot’s Roll created a video e-mail campaign using Com F5 e-mail marketing services and created the design for the e-mail using it to highlight Maverick Brand I.D. We also made it easy for the principal network to connect with any website on MEP site. Griot’s Roll created a video for the MEP site featuring the director of Maverick Partnership. The video was created to invite new principals to join the MEP organization.
  10. 10. Video E-mailing Campaign For Maverick Education Partnerships resultsStatistics Snapshot.E-mail Subject. Forward this to a principal you know.Contact List Maverick Emailing ListStart Sending May 20 2011, 7:10 amFinished Sending May 21 2011, 3:46 amSending Time 20 hours, 36 minutesSent To 1,420 of 1,420Sent By Derrick GuestOpened 301 Total Opens / 148 Unique OpensOpen Rate: 10.42%Click-through Rate: 7.18%Bounced 51
  11. 11. Black Business Works Case Study Challenge: • Black Business Works Inc. was founded in 2009 to introduce the concept of "Networking over Breakfast" to more minority business professionals. The founder wanted to provide a better alternative to building business contacts. Black Business Works only had two chapters – one in Queens and the other in Harlem. Knowing their success had to be built on turnout to their events, BBW hired Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. to help with their marketing. Solution: • Griot’s Roll created a target market portfolio for BBW. We targeted African American business women between the ages of 30 – 50, as well as the social networks that the target market frequented. Griot’s Roll then created a video using that target in the video to peak interest from the potential target. Griot’s Roll used analytical sites such as Tube Mogul and others sites to track responds to the video campaign. This helped increase turnout to BBW Events by 20 percent. BBW’s membership numbers increased. The networking group now has chapters in all five boroughs and in New Jersey.
  12. 12. Attendees to networking meetings increased We saw an increase of attendees to networking meetings due to videoVideo analytics tracking views from views on video platforms like YouTube,Tube Mogul from Sept –Oct 2010 Yahoo, and Blip TV during these months. 25 20 15 Attend 10 5 0 Sept Oct
  13. 13. National Sales Network NJ/NY Chapter Challenge: National Sales Network NJ/NY Chapter is one of the National Sales Networks oldest chapters and one of the NSN’s 18 chapters nationwide. The NJ/NY chapter goals are to increase its low membership and sponsorship dollars and gain reward from the National organization for it’s increases in membership. Solution: Griot’s Roll helped create a Ning site as well as create a social media campaign targeting sales recruiters, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking careers in sales. We targeted social sites such as Ning, LinkedIn , and FaceBook. Griot’s Roll found out through our analytics tracking of the NSNNJNY Ning social site where to target our efforts. This helped the NSNNJNY chapter to grow from 35 members to 120 members as of July 2012 and increased sponsorship dollars, which puts the chapter on track to win chapter of the year.
  14. 14. NSNNJNY Campaign Strategy• Create a custom social site from• Connect custom social site to other social sites that potential NSNNJNY Members would frequent.• Track what social sites were more popular to potential members by monitoring traffic to Ning site on Google analytics.
  15. 15. Griot’s Roll vs. our Competitors• Griot’s Roll Capabilities • Competitors1. We are a one-stop shop (marketing, 1. Some of our competitors do not editing, and production). provide both production and editing.2. Griot’s Roll conducts market research 2. Some of our competitors use for the most effective video marketing marketing partner tools (e-mails, social strategies – researching the networks) with the videos they create, most frequent activity of a target they dont research behaviors of the market’s behavior pattern. target audiences or what would be the3. Griot’s Roll creates campaigns for most effective way to reach them. clients (video, e-mail, social network 3. Our competitors track video only. pages, etc.). We help our clients 4. Our competitor’s prices range from determine who they want to reach and $3,000 - $10,000 for a three-to-six where they want to reach them. month campaign.4. Griot’s Roll tracks everything – video, social network, website, etc. – for effectiveness.5. Griots Roll offers great service at an affordable rate – $3,000 - $6,000 for a three-to-six month marketing campaign. (depending on difficulty)6. Griot’s Roll offers 5-7 business day turnaround for project completion. (contingent upon project and scope)
  16. 16. Client HistoryClient: National Sales Network of New York & New Jersey – Present 2012Project description: On-line social media marketing. Creating and building membership and on-line presencesContact: Adrian Hawkins, Chapter Director.201-207 4446adrianhawk@aol.comClient: New York City Housing Authority April 2011, May 2011, May 2012Project description: Talent show filming, Production, Post-ProductionContact: Juan Santiago, Contract Verizon Wireless May 2011Project description: Production and Marketing of Verizon new products onlineContact: Mike Warner, Chief Operating OfficerEgami Consulting Group, Inc.646-500-7904mike@egamiconsulting.comClient : Maverick Education Partnership Children First Network (Non-Profit) January 2011Project description : Building on-line presences by providing production & post-production help organization build a video email campaign for a division of the New York Department of Education.Contact: Varleton McDonald, NETWORK Coler & Goldwater Specialty Hospital & Nursing Facility June 2009Project description: Industrial video, Production, Post-Production, DVD DuplicationContact: Ronald Becker, Director of Therapeutic
  17. 17. • Production BenefitsDeveloping ScriptCrew HiringEquipment including lights, camerasSupplying insurance for video shootSet up and break-down of filming equipmentWeb ready video• Post-Production BenefitsEditing videoGraphics and menu placed on videoFormat video for on-line useDuplication services: DVD, CD-ROM (500 units)Rough cut for editors notesFinal cut placed on two DVDs• Marketing BenefitsUpload edited video on websiteUpload video on marketing sitesTrack videos (i.e. see who, what, where video is being observed)Tracking demographic report3 - 6 month campaign on social media sites or other marketing websitesVideo consultation on marketing videoMaintain e-mail campaigns (interaction on social media site while tracking video)Connect on-line marketing to off-line marketing