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Video marketing take your biz to the next level


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How to use video online to increase your bottom line.And your exposure to your target market.

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Video marketing take your biz to the next level

  1. 1. Griot’s RollFilm Production & Service, Inc.
  2. 2. Rules For A SuccessfulSmall Business Advertising Campaign.• You only need one message.• Make your message creditable.• Test and re test your campaign.• Give your message to your target only.• Create Curiosity.• Give them a call to action.
  3. 3. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million!
  4. 4. Benefits of Using Video• Increase sales revenue• Make a good first impression• Build relationships with customers• Convert visitors to customers• Generate increased excitement about your product or service• Build credibility through a TV image: Be the “Expert”• Create a more compelling message• Keep current customers excited
  5. 5. How Much Video Is Being Viewed?
  6. 6. Who Is Watching Online Video?
  7. 7. How Are Business Using Video on the Internet?• To educate: talk about your product or services,unique selling points.• To entertain, and inspire: Don’t just talk about what you selling, what do you believe what does your company stand for.• To introduce: people like doing business with people they feel they know.• To speard the word:video can be post eveywhere online,fackbook,twitter,you tube , tube mogul,etc.
  8. 8. What types of video work?• Educational video: Teach me something I don’t know.• Documentary video: Tell me something I don’t know.• Montages video: Show me who you are quickly.• Interactive video: Let me chooses what I want to know.
  9. 9. What Are The Keys To Video Marketing?
  10. 10. What Is The Goal of my Video Marketing Campaign?• To create traffic to my website.• To convert viewers to sales.• To educate.• Come up with a plan of action.
  11. 11. A Powerful Example of Using Video
  12. 12. 11 Simple Steps inProducing an Effective Video• Develop script and setting• Establish the cast• Set the date• Setup the location for taping• Roll the tape, several takes• Edit the raw video• Include music and graphics• Have a strong video marketing plan• Convert to file• Post to web• Count your profits
  13. 13. Any Questions Please Contact Us•• Blog:• E-mail us at:• or call (212) 281-2286