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Presentation of eestec


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Presentation of eestec

  1. 1. EESTECLearn, Meet, Share, Commu nicate
  2. 2. What is EESTEC? Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association Non political, non profit International Student Organization Several international projects Presence in 30 countries, 56 universities, 45 Local Committees (LC’s)
  3. 3. Activities International Workshops  T4T (Training for Trainers) Exchanges  TM (Trainers’ Meeting) IMW  Gtoc (Grant Team Congress Operational Conference) ECM  ITsprint  ESS (EESTEC SummerSchool)  Competition
  4. 4. Activities Local Trainings  Motivational Soft Skills Academy weekends Conferences  Contests JobFairs  Leisure activities
  5. 5. International Workshops High quality academic lectures
  6. 6. International Workshops Several case studies and big practical part
  7. 7. International Workshops Cultural experience in a foreign European country Encourage European mobility
  8. 8. International Exchanges Cultural exchange Plenty of leisure activities  Great time and night- long parties  More bonding
  9. 9. InternationalExchanges
  10. 10. International IMW International Motivational weekend Lots of enthusiastic EESTECers Weekend full of soft skills trainings Crazy parties
  11. 11. International Congress Statutory meeting held annually Gathering of all EESTEC bodies and Committees
  12. 12. International Congress trainings ,seminars and workshops discussion about the operation of the organization
  13. 13. International Congress Open Day Fair organized for one day during Congress Information exchange New ideas Opportunities
  14. 14. International ECM EESTEC Chairpersons Meeting Trainings Working sessions Strategy of EESTEC
  15. 15. International ECM Edu Day Educational opportunities Exchange ideas Round table discussion
  16. 16. International T4T Training For Trainers Annual event where newtrainers are educated
  17. 17. International TM Trainers’ Meeting Meeting where trainers gather and develop new training tools and techniques Advanced trainings
  18. 18. International GToc Grant Team operational conference Event organized to train EESTECers how to write grant applications
  19. 19. International ITsprint Gathering of IT Team for the purpose of working on EESTEC’s site
  20. 20. International ESS EESTEC Summer school Annual conference oriented event High academic quality
  21. 21. International Competitions Applying theoretical knowledge in practical simulations/constructions Work with a team and distribute tasks Share your ideas and produce an innovative result All costs covered!
  22. 22. Local Trainings Soft skills Several attractive topics - Leadership skills - Communication/Presentation skills - Creative thinking - Team management Technical skills
  23. 23. Local Soft Skills Academy Event organized to train students from several faculties Improvement of soft skills for career Trainings from professionals in companies and EESTEC trainers
  24. 24. Local Conferences Academic conferences provided by well-known professors and distinguished personalities in EECS
  25. 25. Local Jobfairs Presentations from international companies Interviews
  26. 26. Local Jobfairs Link between companies and students Career opportunities
  27. 27. Local Motivational Weekends Soft skill trainings Team building Leisure time
  28. 28. Local Contests Raising academic and creativity level of EESTEC members Promotion of its LC in local level
  29. 29. Local Leisure activities More bonding  Motivation Team building  Activation
  30. 30. Lykeion Online portal Communication channel with companies, universities, students CVs, jobs, internships Interesting articles from high-tech companies
  31. 31. Why is EESTEC so great? Soft skills -Project management -Personal contact with partners -Teamwork Technical skills Professional experiences Great team of friends, with whom you work, have fun and pass through great experiences
  32. 32. Why is EESTEC so great?
  33. 33. International collaborationsIEEE Euroavia -Memorandum of -Memorandum of understanding understanding -Joint events -Joint projects -Local cooperation -Local cooperation
  34. 34. International collaborations  European STudents of Industrial Engineering and Informal Management Forum of International Student  European Medical Organisations Students’ Association
  35. 35. International collaborations
  36. 36. How to contact us? For more information: Our official site: Official channels in most popular mass media (facebook, youtube, twitter) Contact us in board [at] eestec [dot] net