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Passionate about perennials


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Perennial Varieties that do well in the Mountain west.

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Passionate about perennials

  1. 1. Passionate about Perennials Griff Sprout Owner Sprouts Greenhouse
  2. 2. Welcome Presentation available on Slideshare
  3. 3. Lets talk about Passion  Our hearts desire  What we love  Creates a sense of excitement  A longing for and want desperately  A time and a season  Willing to put effort and work for desired results when we have it Nothing will fullfill that like growing a perennial garden.
  4. 4. What is a perennial?  Plants come back year after year and give and give beauty without any effort and give a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment with no work, magically choking out all weeds and flowering from spring to fall, and if we are lucky even in winter.(Ha Ha)  If you want less effort grow annuals  If you want more enjoyment grow perennial  If you want to learn to love plants and become a passionate person watching perennial will give you a world of enjoyment!!!!!!
  5. 5. Lets talk basic-Soil  Soil  Needs to have organic material in it but does not need amended like annual bed.  Best suggestion is light amendments in the beginning with something like soil pep. Heavy clay soils are the hardest to deal with.  Best advice is work with what you got
  6. 6. Fertilizer  Don’t go crazy!!  They are deep rooted and are going to get most of what they need out of the soil.  My favorite is bone meal!!! Naturally a time release fertilizer  Some perennial sometimes need iron supplimentation  Never granular fertilizers-liquid, liquid liquid……………
  7. 7. When to plant?  Whenever you can  Spring/fall best, but can be done anytime  Fall naturally best time to divide
  8. 8. WATERING  Deeper less often  What does that mean?  It is all about you soil and what kind of plants that you are planting.
  9. 9. Now lets get to it!  Tried and true  Hot sun lovers  Part sun lovers  Shade lovers  I have not seen you before?  Griff’s favorites
  10. 10. What zone am I?  A zone is a generalized statement about a plant saying how harsh of a climate it can withstand. Range from 2-10. We are around 2-4, sometimes five.  You quite possibly might be about 3  Zoning is not an exact science  Recognizing plants in area that you are at is biggest clue to a plants hardiness
  11. 11. TRIED AND TRUE
  12. 12. Columbine Daylily
  13. 13. German Iris Double Hollyhock
  14. 14. Silver Mound Aster
  15. 15. HOT SUN LOVERS Bee Balm
  16. 16. Rudbeckia Purple Coneflower
  17. 17. Dianthus Gaillardia
  18. 18. Hen and Chick Penstimon
  19. 19. Oriental Poppies Russian Sage
  20. 20. Salvia Sedum
  21. 21. Shasta Daisy Yarrow
  22. 22. PART SUN LOVERS Basket of gold allysum
  23. 23. Campanula Jacob’s Ladder
  24. 24. Lupine Speedwells
  27. 27. HOSTA
  29. 29. I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE SILVER SPIKE GRASS Achnatherum calamagrostis
  30. 30. KANNAH CREEK BUCKWHEAT Eriogonum umbellatum v. aureum 'Psdowns'
  31. 31. BLONDE AMBITION Bouteloua ‘Blonde Ambition’
  32. 32. JOE PYE WEED Eupatorium purpureum 'Gateway'
  33. 33. GRIFF’S FAVORITES Zauschneria garretti ‘Orange Carpet’
  34. 34. Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walkers Low’
  35. 35. Echinacea ‘Sombrero Salsa Red’
  36. 36. Dianthus Ideal series
  37. 37. Euphorbia polychroma ‘Bonfire’
  38. 38. Castilleja integra
  39. 39. Geranium Johnsons Blue
  40. 40. Trollius 'Golden Queen’
  41. 41. Festuca valesiaca glaucantha
  42. 42. Echinops ritro
  43. 43. Stachys byzantina lanata
  44. 44. Asiatic Lilies
  45. 45. Whestcountry Lupines next year LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Tequila Flame’ Introducing our premium line of Westcountry Lupines. Great news! We are excited to introduce a new series of incredible lupine from W estcountry breeding in the UK. These are disease-free tissue culture varieties that create a spectacular show of magni ficent colors never dreamed of until now. We recommend planting our 72-cell liners into finished containers in the late fall and vernalize over the winter . Vernalization is the key to larger blooms (and more of them) in the spring. W e’ll send a culture sheet with every order to ensure success. The quantities are limited this year , so please contact your growers and get their order into us as soon as possible. As a valued customer and experienced grower , we feel you should have the first opportunity to grow these specimen plants. We’ve brought in the two purple/violet varieties in greatest numbers as they are truly new and dif ferent than any lupine we’ve ever seen. Because the flower spikes are so large and impressive we suggest using these in mixed pots or as focal points in the garden. They’re more expensive then normal lupines so you will need to give them the featured space their color display demands. W e know this series will create a buzz at any retail store; the color palette and flower power of this series is unlike any other perennial on the market! In addition to the lupine we suggest you seriously look at selling perennial geraniums (such as Geranium ‘Rozanne’) in the fall. These geraniums will have the best show of color when vernalized over the winter in their final pot. Other perennials that should be on your overwintering list are: Aquilegia, Armeria maritima, Aubrieta, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Doronicum, Iberis, Lithodora, Phlox paniculata and Phlox subulata. All of these need bulking to give a good display of color that will fully cover the pot the following spring. Aquilegia also must be past a juvenile stage to flower properly. Ordering today will insure you have the best plants possible for your retail and wholesale customers. W e will have vernalized 2 ½” pots of many of these varieties available for spring sales as well, but we urge you to plant in the fall for best results, particularly for gallon or larger pots. We are looking forward to another great season working with you! Please contact your favorite broker salesperson or call us today , and we’ll get you set up with the new Westcountry Lupines and other perennials to start this fall. LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Terracotta’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Gladiator’LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Desert Sun’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Beefeater’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Manhattan Lights’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Towering Inferno’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Red Rum’ LUPINUS Westcountry ‘Masterpiece’ 72-cell Tray • 32-cell tray Westcountry ‘Beefeater’ Westcountry ‘Red Rum’ Westcountry ‘Desert Sun’ Westcountry ‘Tequila Flame’ Westcountry ‘Gladiator’ Westcountry ‘Terracotta’ Westcountry ‘Masterpiece’ Westcountry ‘Towering Inferno’ Westcountry ‘Manhattan Lights’ Westcountry Lupine Varieties great news for perennial growers!
  46. 46. Salvia nemorosa ‘Plumosa’-My all time favorite