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Smart Grid Market Transformations


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Do you want to know how intelligent buildings, smart cities, and the Smart Grid fit into the M2M sector? Do you want to know the most significant impact that Smart Grid technologies will have on consumers? View this presentation to learn the answers.

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Smart Grid Market Transformations

  1. 1. The Smart Grid and Market Transformations Christine Hertzog Managing Director, Smart Grid Library June 2012
  2. 2. Transformational consulting Major publicationsand analysis for clients Smart Grid Dictionary (English and Chinese) Market & Competitive The Smart Grid assessments Consumer Focus Strategy Entry strategies/Business Smart Grid Dictionary Case development Plus Weekly syndicated Partner strategies blog Go-to-Market Featured in Thought Leadership The Energy Collective ElectricityPolicy.comFocus on Smart Grid and IEEE Smart Grid NewsletterM2M Intelligent Utility Daily Grid: Distribution to Greenbiz/Verge consumer edge European Energy Review Contact centers and SAP Gamechangers consumer experience Industry ezines Disruptive technology impacts and risk mitigation
  3. 3. 20+ years intelecommunications hardwareand software thought leaders Customer-facing roles: product Smart Grid proven management, marketing, partner knowledgeable management, sales/sales engineering management, consulting pragmatic flexible B2B and B2C M2M strategic results-driven experts Startups to global multinationals contact centersSmart Grid consulting partners teamwork Startups: Network management insightful systems, data analytics, mission-critical hands-on consumer applications, energy responsive success storage quality value Energy service providers
  4. 4. M2M (Machine to Machine) definition: Wired or wireless IP-based communications between fixed and mobile devices that can transmit and/or receive data, and can optionally take actions without human intervention. From a Smart Grid perspective, communication between devices in a grid that could range from simple condition-based sensing to complex condition-based participation in markets.Sensors and Controls for Building EnergyManagement Systems in North America and Europeto Top $4 Billion in 2020 (Lux Research 2012)M2M devices are a $12B market by 2013 (HarborResearch)M2M Market is a $7B market by 2015 (Yankee Group) 35% is connected energy
  5. 5. •Energy •Transportation/Logistics M2M •Retail •Security •Healthcare •Network/Communications •Industrial Automation •AMI •NASPInet projectSmart Grid •Energy Management Systems •Hybrid Grid/Network Management •Energy Markets •Demand Response •Substation/Distribution Grid Automation •Vehicular Flow Control •Intelligent Street LightingSmart Cities •Environmental Monitoring •Parking Enforcement •Infrastructure Response Management •MicrogridsIntelligent •Energy Management •Consumer/Prosumer participation: OpenADR •Water Management Buildings •Local Generation/Energy Storage: Microgrids •Energy-efficient building materials
  6. 6. Bell wouldn’t recognize today’s communications networks. Edison would recognize today’s power grid. Generation Transmission Distribution Centralized Electricity, gas, Traditional planning and and water – supply chain control sparse data6 Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. Investments across value chain but focused in distribution Generation Transmission Distribution Consumption Conceptual Proliferation of Proliferation of transformation: distributed energy data value chain resources7 Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. Dynamic supply/demand interaction at point of prosumption Generation Transmission Distribution Prosumption Conceptual transformation: Transactive retail Monetization of data consumer to energy market prosumer8 Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. An individual
  10. 10. A building Energy Market participation = Demand Response EnerNOC, Comverge, and others Time-shifted consumption Energy efficiency Building envelope Occupant comfort/safety Local gen/cogen + energy storage Time-shifted generation
  11. 11. An asset aggregation like a microgrid
  12. 12. Participation in the Electricity Market Both Negawatts and Kilowatts Negawatts KilowattsDemand Response Distributed GenerationEnergy Efficiency Smart ChargingMicrogrid Islanding Microgrid Generation None of the above
  13. 13. For additional information and actionableinsights, contact: Christine Hertzog