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greytHR Attendance System


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With the Cloud based attendance system, tracking attendance is now an easy task. See who is in, who is yet to come and the late comers in real time. Get a complete view of employee attendance with data from swipes, leave records, holidays, etc.
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greytHR Attendance System

  1. 1. Cloud Based Attendance System Get a smarter system that gives you a complete picture of employee attendance with real time data.
  2. 2. Highlights Security: Role based access control for any number of roles and users. Easy to set up: Define the Business rules as per your organization. Centralized Data Management: Track, monitor and manage all employee attendance records using a single platform Employee Empowerment: Employee access to attendance and paydays. Enabling supervisors track and manage team data Get alerted with Reminders: Event based mail alerts and reminders, pending tasks, acceptance of requests and many more Save reporting time: One click MIS reports with HTML as well Excel output. Powerful report building tool to design own reports
  3. 3. Cloud based attendance system What is in for you? • Track employee in and out times and maintain Attendance muster • Specify shifts and attendance exceptions • Process attendance for accurate salary calculations
  4. 4. Employee Attendance Information • See the attendance details for the month • Track details for previous months
  5. 5. Attendance Muster Export attendance data from attendance muster to excel for further calculations Check the total working days per employee
  6. 6. Manual Override In cases as Onsite work Admin can override attendance for an employee
  7. 7. Shift Schedule Shift timings/schedule can be added for specific employees or all The date of shift can also be specified
  8. 8. Employee Swipes Data Track in and out of an employee for any date . See who is more efficient
  9. 9. Attendance Exception Employees can be marked in attendance exception in cases as on site or work from home The duration and reason for marking exception can be set
  10. 10. Process Attendance The attendance can be processed for Salary calculation Attendance can be processed on any date/month
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